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Top 8 Best Kids Snowboard

best kids snowboard

What is the best snowboard for kids?

If you are looking to raise an esteemed Olympic level snowboarding professional, you have to train your kid early enough. However, getting them the best kids snowboard is the initial step to such a feat. The right snowboard is not just anything you go pick up at the store and bring home to your kid. There are many factors you have to put into consideration.

When getting your kid a snowboard, the following are among the best you can get in the market:

1. Geospace Original LED Ski Skooter: The Best Kids Snowboard

Like most other kid’s snowboards, this is not a real piece but a snowboard-inspired toy. However, it is an incredible small kid’s beginner snowboard hence the appearance in the list of best. You can use it to inspire and usher your little kid into the world of snowboarding.

It features a LED light with a flash strobe light that, of course, will impress your little kid. While it is best used on snow, your kid can use it to slide down dunes of sand or even on wet grass. It is arguably one of the best kids beginner snowboard.

This piece is impressively portable, and you can bring it along for your winter vacation if you intend to teach your kid or help them learn more. The handle can be folded for packing, and its entire lightweight feature makes it even easier to carry. Its tough but flexible polyurethane build also contributes to its portability.


  • Very affordable
  • Comes with a handle for balance
  • Among your starter snowboards options


  • It is a toy snowboard
  • Some pieces come with no LED lights.

2. Lucky Bum Kids’ Beginner Plastic Snowboard

Lucky Bum Kids’ Beginner Plastic Snowboard is another great option worthy of a place in the list of the best kid’s snowboards. This piece comes with a list of impressive features that will contribute to your kid’s snowboarding skills development. It features sturdy bindings and is available in two sizes, 95 and 100. Even better, your kid gets to choose from a variety of colors, from blue, pink, green to red.

Its bindings are easy to handle and compatible with almost any certified kid snow boot. It flaunts some strong ratchet straps for a more secure fit to ensure your kid is all safe and comfortable. Its plastic build makes it light in weight so your kid can travel with it as they please.

Lucky Bum’s major downside is that it does not have a metal edge to support steering and turning lessons. Its sizes are also quite limiting, while the plastic build can be susceptible to cracks. Nevertheless, it can be the best snowboard for a 10-year-old boy or below.


  • Very affordable
  • One of the best kid’s beginners snowboard
  • No need for dedicated boots


  • Has no metal edge
  • Bindings can be the wrong size.

3. STAUBER Summit Snowboard & Binding Package

STAUBER Summit Snowboard & Binding Package is arguably one of the best snowboards for teens. If you have an already established snowboarding teen or a beginner, this is one of the best options you have in the market. This piece comes in different sizes, 128, 133, 138, 153, and 158 according to your kid’s size, and you have both matte and gloss finishes available.

You can acquire this piece on its own but is often accompanied by a strong ratchet-strap binding alongside other relevant hardware. You could also buy it with a green or black wheeled strapped snowboard bag and bindings.

This twin-directional snowboard is beginner-friendly and offers incredible value for its price. It features a camber-rocket-camber profile and a 100% real wood core with easy to install light bindings. Although it might not be among the ideal best snowboards for 12-year-olds and below, it is the perfect selection for beginner teens.


  • It is twin-directional
  • It is not a toy snowboard
  • Light
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Relatively expensive than other kid’s snowboards
  • Demands usage with dedicated snowboarding boots

4. Burton Chopper Boys Snowboard

Burton is an esteemed snowboard brand with pieces across many ages and in different varieties. Their Burton Chopper Boys Snowboard is one of the highest-rated kids’ snowboards in the market and is considered one of the best snowboards for teens.

It’s one of the most engaging pieces available, and your kids can learn multiple snowboarding tricks and skills with it. Its twin shape, for instance, will allow your kid to switch back and forth or spin comfortably. Its flat top rocker makes it easy to ride on rails and speed up hard-packed snowfields.

Burton Chopper Boys Snowboard features an FSC Certified Fly Core with two different woods to complete a sturdy yet light piece. Its extrude base is also very durable. This snowboard’s flex is relatively soft, making it very easy to handle. It is suitable for both beginners and established snowboarding teens.


  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Good value for money
  • Durable
  • Easy to handle


  • Not appropriate for smaller kids

5. SledsterzGeospace Snowboard, Assorted Colors

If your kid has been snowboarding for some time and you think they have gained some experience, a SledsterzGeospace Snowboard could be a great update. This piece is undisputedly the best snowboard for 10-year-old boys or above.

It features a durable polymer build that can withstand the harshest of snow conditions. The board size is relatively short but thick, with the following dimensions 10.8 x 3.4 x 40.2 inches. One of its highlights is the fact that it does not demand the use of dedicated snowboarding boots or binders; with any warm boots, your kid will be just fine.

It boasts of incredible balance and is ultimately built to maneuver hilly snow grounds with speed. Your kid can choose from a variety of colors, red, blue, or green. This is one of the most affordable pieces, especially if you are running on a low budget but still want to get something for your kid.


  • Fast and easy to handle
  • Different color options
  • Very affordable
  • Durable


  • Limited to snowy hills

6. Kids Plastic Starter Snowboard & Binding

Flexible Flyer Avenger Kids Beginner Snowboard appears in the list of your starter snowboards. This is not only the ideal kids beginner snowboard for little kids who are getting introduced into the world of snowboarding but also among the best kids snowboard available in the market today. If you want your kid to one day feature in competitive snowboard games, this is a great start.

It features a lightweight plastic build that even the weakest of kids can easily handle or control. Even better, it comes with adjustable bindings dropping the need for dedicated snowboarding boots. Your kid can wear their warm snow boots and step on it.

It is very durable with a guarantee of good service life to your kid. It has no harmful metal edges that could hurt your kid. The bright color is also quite appealing. Kids Plastic Starter Snowboard & Binding is one of the best snowboards for 12-year-old kids or below.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to control


  • Limited to beginners

7. Burton After School Special Kids Snowboard W/Binding

Burton After School Special Kids Snowboard W/Binding is another amazing Burton brand product in the list of the best kids snowboards in the market today. This product is inspired by Burton’s belief that kids should play outside and not be locked up inside watching cartoons after school.

This piece features a super soft flex that offers optimized stability with ease of control and a twin shape to furnish your little kid’s snowboarding skills. Your kids can ride forward or backward according to their skills. Even better, it has a flat profile that offers a comfortable riding experience.

Its build is quite durable and can withstand chippings and other harsh riding conditions. Its classy doodle design will make your kid proud in front of his peers. This is arguably the best snowboard for 10-year-old boys or above.


  • Very durable
  • Twin shape
  • Easy to control


  • Not the best quality available

Best Kids Snowboard Buying Guide

Buying the best kids snowboard for your loved one is more than going to the store and picking any snowboard available. Before hitting the store, you need to know what is best for your kid; what will serve them accordingly. When buying your kid’s snowboard, it is imperative to consider the following factors:

1. Size

Most kids are mostly small in size; hence will always need small-sized snowboards. A small piece is easy to handle for small kids; they can control and maneuver it easily. Getting your kid a big adult-sized snowboard could be the recipe for an accident.

Furthermore, snowboards for 12-year-olds cannot be the same size as those of teens. The general rule of snowboards limits kid’s snowboards to a maximum of 130 cm. It is important to match a kid’s size with that of their snowboard.

The kid’s sizes concerning the size of their snowboard can be projected in the following table.

Kids Height Kids Weight Snowboard Length
40 in / 101 cm 30 – 40 lb / 13 – 18 kg 31 – 35 in / 80 – 90 cm
45 in / 114 cm 40 – 50 lb / 18 – 23 kg 35 – 39 in / 90 – 100 cm
50 in / 127 cm 50 – 60 lb / 23 – 27 kg 39 – 43 in / 100 -110 cm
55 in / 140 cm 60 – 80 lb / 27 – 36 kg 43 – 49 in / 110 – 125 cm
60 in / 152 cm 80 – 100 lb / 36 – 45 kg 49 – 53 in / 125 – 135 cm
65 in / 165 cm over  100 lb / 45 kg 55    – 59 in / 140 – 150 cm

2. Binding Style

Binding style and size are critical to your kid’s safety and the function of the snowboard. Kid’s snowboards come with differently-sized bindings hence the need to identify the right size for your kid. If your kid has been on the field for some time, you can always promote them to regular bindings. Regular bindings are smaller in size but will strap them to the board accordingly and ensure he is secure.

However, if your kid is a beginner and is still small, simple straps work just fine. These attach to the board with a single strap, and your kid can effortlessly slip in and out of the board as they please. This is, however, not considered the best for more control or optimized performance.

3. Cost

Cost is another important factor to consider when purchasing a snowboard for your kid. Of course, the most expensive pieces are always considered the best quality available. However, there are lots of affordable yet high-quality boards in the market. Your starter snowboards do not have to be the most expensive around.

Your kid is constantly growing, and the snowboarding needs will advance with age. While the idea of buying a new piece each year might not be appealing, the advancement of your kid might prompt you to buy a new piece. Consequently, there is no need to spend a lot of funds on a board that will soon be useless.

In the list of the best kids beginner snowboards, for instance, when you are looking for the best snowboard for 10-year-old boys, you can always go for the most affordable yet quality product. This will ensure you do not spend too much in the long run.

4. Material

Snowboards are carved from different materials, and the best is made from the best material. Woodcore snowboards are made from wood with aluminum edges, while Fiberglass boards are carved out of wood with glass fiber or carbon. There are also cheap and low-quality Foamcore boards made from foam. A Foamcore could be one of the best snowboards for a 10-year-old boy and below or beginners. On the other hand, Fiberglass and Woodcore could be the ideal snowboards for teens.

5. Type of Kids Snowboards

Snowboards come in three types; FreeStyle, All Mountain, and FreeRide. FreeRide boards are a little longer than the rest and the fastest, while FreeStyle options are shorter and slower. FreeStyle options may feature in the list of your starter snowboards and best kids beginner snowboard category.

Best Kids Snowboard Comparison: The FAQs

What is a good age to start kids snowboarding?

There is no standard age requirement. But the thing is that your child needs sufficient physical and mental stamina for safe snowboarding. The recommended minimum age is 7 years. Please note that starting earlier than this age might be risky for you and your child. But then, a younger child with strong motivation might be able to get into snowboarding slowly without any risks.

How much are the best snowboards for kids sold?

Regardless of the brand, you can find a good number of affordable kids snowboards selling between $20 and $50. Within this range, you are sure of finding affordable snowboards within your budget. Assuming you want to buy snowboards online, do not forget to check the return and replacement policy before placing an order.

How do I choose a snowboard for my child?

The most important factors to consider are height and weight. Conduct some research and read through some kids snowboard reviews like the ones contained in this post. Then consider the recommended weight and height for each product when you are looking into the best snowboard comparison. The last thing you should be looking at is the price of kids snowboards. In case you need a plastic snowboard with handle, you can find lots of affordable options on Amazon.

What is the best kids snowboard helmet?

  1. Wildhorn Spire Snow & Ski Helmet With Goggles for Kids

  2. Retrospec Traverse H3 Youth Ski & Snowboard Helmet

  3. Giro Launch Kids Snow Helmet Goggle Combo

  4. Giro Launch MIPS Combo Pack Kids Snow Helmet

  5. Giro Launch Plus Youth Snow Helmet

Is a longer snowboard better for beginners?

When you are just getting into snowboarding, you may find yourself thinking through a comparison of longer vs shorter snowboards. Perhaps, here is the thing worthy of note. Longer snowboards are harder to control. Hence, they are not the best options for beginners. If you are buying for a child who is also a beginner, consider getting a shorter snowboard with adjustable bindings.


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