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Top 8 Best Basketball Shoes

    best basketball shoes

    The best basketball shoes often come from the big brand names. But then, brand popularity or loyalty isn’t the only criteria to determine the best suitable basketball shoes for your specific foot shape or size.

    Practically every shoe in the market can claim to be the “best” in the field. Nowadays, markets are teeming with an embarrassment of choice footwear trotted out by big-name brands and endorsed by some of the game’s most serious ballers who are only too happy to lend their names for branding.

    Nike and Adidas are great models in the game, dab-hands at delivering world-beating products. And newcomers to the market such as Puma, Under Armour, New Balance, etc., are increasingly finding their feet, giving the old hands a run for their money.

    How to decide which shoe is a “bit of you” can be a trial. Is it the pair of Air Jordan’s? An ever-present symbol to the legendary Michael Jordan that never lets sneakerheads down or goes out of style.

    Or is it a pair of LeBrons? The Superstar’s signature shoe, which can’t help being the must-have shoe of the season, so on-trend and in-style. Not to mention, sported by the Lakers’ starlet himself each and every season while he dazzles fans and chases top NBA accolades.

    Or is it another signature shoe? An Adidas Harden? Under Armour Curry? Or any number of other kicks in the market?

    Choosing a shoe comes down to the intended purpose in most cases. For basketball players, the position played  – point guard, center, power forward, etc. – can be the deciding factor. Here quality reigns supreme, encompassed in traction, support, durability, comfort and lock-down.

    For fashionistas, it may amount to nothing more than personal taste. What look is dope and what look is wack. In these cases, as well as in others, price is also likely to be a factor all buyers will consider.

    Here are eight of the best shoes in the market currently to spot, in no particular order of favor.

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    Best Basketball Shoes

    • Air Jordan 34 

    Air Jordan’s have never been so light. This installment of the Jordan Brand is a great all-round performance basketball shoe,  underscored by great balance and traction. Game perfect and suitable for players in all positions.

    • Under Armour Curry 3Zero

    Point Guards typically prefer a light shoe and this signature Stephen Curry product is feather light. It strikes an unassuming and minimalist pose and features outstanding traction, support, and cushioning that allows a point-guard to really unload.

    • Adidas Harden Vol. 3

    One of the best shoes for Shooting Guards, the Adidas Harden can also be a great performer for players of all positions. Great springy cushioning, impact resistance and top-notch traction make this a responsive shoe.

    • Nike LeBron 16

    The LeBron James range of signature shoes features the LeBron 16, a great shoe for powerful wing players like the King himself. It has solid support, traction that adapts to any surface, and the kind of impact protection players in a physical position need.

    • NIKE PG 3

    The Nike PG 3 is a versatile option that suits players in all positions. While it ticks many boxes in traction, support, and cushioning, its best asset may be its friendly price tag.

    • Nike KD 12

    The Nike KD 12 is a well-rounded shoe that features great cushioning and works for a wide array of players.

    • Nike LeBron 15 

    Another LeBron James installment with solid impact protection for the physical player. Thick cushioning, shock-absorbing, great ankle support, are just some of the many features that make this a great shoe for centers.

    • Adidas Harden Vol. 4

    For the twinkle-toed, light-footed guards, the Adidas Harden Vol 4 is a great option. With its light design and low-to-the-ground silhouette, it’s made for speed.


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