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Spalding Basketball Hoop: Ultimate Review

Spalding Basketball Hoop

This Spalding Basketball Hoop is the second largest in the market. The largest is the 60-inch hoop system. The 54-inch hoop is very cost-effective, but it still has premium quality and a high-performance system. It will offer you excellent features.

As a basketball player, there are certain traits that you will be looking for in a basketball hoop system. They include rebounding effects, stability, quality level, and price.

Additionally, the acrylic material used to make the hoop system is very commendable. Therefore, while there are other better options in the market, the Spalding portable basketball hoop system will serve you well. This is why.


  • Amazing quality
  • Portable
  • Can be raised easily
  • Stable and heavy duty
  • The height is adjustable


  • The hardware is not labeled
  • Assembling time is at least 6 hours
  • The angle feature makes it difficult to move

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1. Backboard

This is a Spalding NBA 54″ portable angled basketball hoop with polycarbonate backboard. This 54 inch Spalding Basketball Hoop will give you many opportunities to get bank shots and more layups. The blackboard is also made of acrylic.

This makes the hoop system the best for middle-level players. The size of the board is 54 inches by 32 inches. It also has arena-style padding as well as a 16 inches offset. Therefore, the board will give you perfect rebounding effects. It also has very minimal wiggles.

The board has a 3.5-mm thick steel frame for protection. The only graphic on the board is the NBA logo, which will give you better sight when you are shooting your hoops. Also, the logo adds a professional vibe to the entire hoop system.

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2. Pole

The cost-effective nature of this Spalding portable basketball hoop already creates the perception that it is a three-piece pole. Nevertheless, the common feature of the pole is its 3.5 inch round pole that is also angled at 20 degrees.

The angled nature of the pole is more commendable than its straight counterparts because it offers more stability. Also, the angled feature makes playing easy. On the other hand, this feature also makes the system more challenging to install. Therefore, get someone to help you with the installation process.

3. Rim

This basketball hoop has an arena slam breakaway rim. Some of its parts are the springs that help protect the hoop when you make your flying dunks. However, after use for some time, the spring starts to sag.

Therefore, it might do you some good to learn how to install basketball nets and hoops. Also, this specific system is not suggestable for training. On the other hand, the white all weathered nylon net can be used over a long period because of its durability.

4. Height

The Spalding NBA 54″ portable angled basketball hoop with polycarbonate backboard has an adjustable height. It starts from 7.5 inches and reaches a height of 10 inches. You can also increase the height of the Spalding Basketball Hoop in 6-inch increments.

Therefore, this hoop system is made both for children and adults. Other features that the height of this system possess include a screw jack lift and a detachable handle.

5. Base

If you are looking for something that will save you some space, this might not be the perfect option for you. Compared to the wall-mounted and ground-type hoop systems, the Spalding Basketball Hoop comes in a broad base.

The advantage of using this Spalding portable basketball hoop is that it does not require the use of cement. Also, the system is portable; hence, it can be moved from one location to the other. For stability, you can use sand or water.

Since the filing hole is small, filling the pole can take time. The base is made with a 34-gallon capacity, which makes wiggling less when you are playing. The base also has two wheels that you can use to move the system.

6. Assembling

According to reviews given by other buyers, the assembly process for the Spalding basketball hoop parts is not an easy one. This is because the hardware is not usually labeled. Also, it is essential that you get someone to help you with the assembly. The entire process can be very long and tedious for one person.

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Before you put your clean basketball shoes on, you will require a playground and a hoop with a net. The Spalding angled 54 in portable acrylic basketball hoop makes the work easy for you by providing a portable Spalding Basketball Hoop system.

Besides, the cost-effective nature of this system that does not compromise on features and design makes it a worthy buy. Nevertheless, be wary of the identified cons.

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