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Which 5 Shortest NFL Football Players have made BIG news?

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    A great height is not a sign of being an illustrious athlete. Not every football player is a beanstalk. He could be a 5 footer and still hustling through the field. Some shortest NFL football players defy logic and set new records by proving that height is just a number!

    They significantly dominate the field and make it evident that they are far away from being ‘underdogs’. They have created history with their major blows in the game. A short stature but are still sturdy. Their driving force can very well be reckoned with. The good news is that they live by the quote, ‘height doesn’t measure the heart’. These short athletes have become giants in NFL history without an incredible height. These one-off gladiators are definitely making a statement with their drill and grill.

    Who are the 5 shortest NFL football players?

    Trindon Holliday

    A former American return specialist and wide receiver, Trindon Holliday has managed to blow past everyone even with his small legs. Even now, Holliday is cited for his ferocious speed. He has taped the longest punt return touchdown in a playoff game. Quite, to everyone’s surprise, the NFL player made a name with some stupendous achievements, although he has been out of the NFL roster since 2015 but has not retired. Trindon outshined himself in the fourth quarter with another long kickoff return score. A college sprinter and wide receiver, Trindon Holliday made Sportscasting’s highest vertical jump list at 42 inches.

    Originally an LSU sprinter, Holliday is undoubtedly a natural talent. He was certified for the 2007 World Championship Athletics competition but did not go ahead with it. The 36-year-old athlete is only 5’5” but definitely one of the fastest on the field.

    Jack Emanuel Shapiro

    We cannot go without this name while talking about the shortest NFL football players. Jack stood at 5-foot-1 and weighed only 120 pounds but was super impressive about every move. Surprisingly, Shapiro has played only three games but is a living legacy even today. He’s a legend in every way and acted as a swash of influence for many. He stuck under the radar for quite some time but did not reach the magnanimous superstar level.

    Some of his noteworthy procurements include his game with Staten Island and a blocking back 34-0 victory over the Minneapolis Red Jackets. He was on the Stapletons roster for the regular season games and one exhibition game. Only his physical stature was not the talk of the town. Jack Emanuel Shapiro received recognition in the Guinness Book of Records for being the shortest NFL football player. The American gridiron football player had a significant achievement: a walk-on fullback for the football team at New York University and earned a scholarship there.

    Tarik Cohen

    Chicago Bears American footballer became a critical success with a speedy force in the NFL at the height of 5 ft 6 inches. Tarik Cohen managed to light up the NFL stage and became the shortest NFL football player to a touchdown pass in a century. He’s still a player for Chicago Bears and has been consistently thriving for them.

    In 2018, Cohen played in all 16 games, earning All-Pro honours and Pro Bowl. A constant threat for running and catching the ball, Cohen was a football star since his early college days. He received a football scholarship from Division I, and ever since then, there’s been no stopping him. In 51 career games, Tarik Cohen was 1,101 rushing yards, 1,575 receiving yards and 14 combined touchdowns.

    We call him the ‘Human Joystick’ as he’s an epitome of sharp vision, good patience and great skills. With the ball on his side, he’s super explosive and a great threat from the backfield.

    Deonte Harris

    Deonte Harris began his football journey at Assumption University in Worcester, Massachusetts and made a firstPro Bowl as a turner in 2019. He played high school football, where he letters in basketball and track & field. The talented wideout is as quick as a wink; you may just miss him by blinking. The 24-year young lad stands at 5’6” and is making a name for himself for the New Orleans Saints as a punt returner.

    Harris had an awe-inspiring 78-yard touchdown return against the New York Jets in the pre-season, with folks comparing him to opponents. Quite a bumpy journey, indeed. Deonte Harris was suspended by three games after a DUI arrest in July. Also, in the 2022 season, Saints put down a second-round restricted free agent tender on Harris.

    Deonte Harris earned a three-year contract with the New Orleans Saints and showed off his skills by scoring a put-return touchdown against Seattle. He is not just one of the shortest NFL football players but a star with immense abilities. His career graph loudly spells the most prolific returner in NCAA history.

    Darren Sproles

    Let’s end the list of the shortest NFL football players with a bang. Here’s a little guy with the longest working tenure. Darren Sproles is referred to as one of the most powerful players and has proven his calibre every time. Size means nothing; his actions say it articulately. Darren Sproles had a breathtaking 14-season journey in the NFL, and we are not surprised why the go-to short guy has a cult following.

    Sproles has created an unforgettable history by being the first player in the NFL to punt return and a kick for his first two touchdowns. Darren Sproles is also the first player in NFL history to make it to four different seasons (2008-2011).

    One Last Thought:

    While speaking of NFL, most people only relate to tall, relentless and sturdy players; we cannot discount the power and speed of the aforementioned shortest NFL football players. They are built to bring fire to the game; some of the names include Jacquizz Rodgers, Andrew Hawkins, Maurice Jones-Drew and more. These vertically challenged have made a mark on the field.

    Not every football player is a 6-foot-3 and 250 pounds; clearly, it doesn’t matter! These petite players have made some major blows in the game.