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Nike Vs Adidas Indoor Soccer Shoes

nike vs adidas

When it comes to athletic shoes, Nike vs. Adidas is always the debate. The two brands have established themselves at the helm of sportswear, and it is still a hustle to make out which of the two is the better brand with better products. And if you are looking for some nice pair of indoor soccer shoes, you are likely to be sucked into the battle, Nike vs Adidas indoor soccer shoes.

You will realize that in your bid to acquire a pair of indoor shoes, there is not so much of a difference between the existing brands. Even in the Nike vs. Adidas indoor soccer shoes battle, it is hard to get a winner. The shoes, by all brands, are designed for optimized play-ability in indoor fields. So let’s look at the best from the two brands and draw some comparisons.

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Best Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes

If you are looking for top Nike indoor shoes, the following should be on top of your list:

  1. Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory VIC Indoor Shoes 
  2. Nike Hypervenom X Finale II Indoor Shoes 
  3. Nike Tiempo Indoor Soccer Shoes 

Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory VIC Indoor Shoes

The Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory VIC Indoor Shoes are arguably the best Nike indoor soccer shoes. And whenever you are checking Nike indoor soccer shoe costs, these are considered among the most cost-effective shoes available. The shoes not only flaunt an appealing, classy look but also come with a collection of amazing features. The upper is purely smooth synthetic leather that will give you a soft, comfortable feel in the soccer field.

Even better, they have an internal cage-like holding that keeps your feet comfortably in space. This way, you can effortlessly make those cuts and movements in your play. Their outsole is non-marking rubber that comes in handy to provide you with maximum traction and grip on the field. The midsole, on the other hand, has a contoured sock liner with a textile cloth to cushion your feet. They come in over ten different colors.


  • Effective non-marking rubber
  • Multiple colors


  • Poor traction in dusty indoor fields
  • Not the best fit for wide fit

Nike Hypervenom X Finale II Indoor Shoes

This shoe is another example of top Nike indoor soccer shoes that should be on top of your list. These shoes come with an aesthetically appealing design and some outstanding features to optimize the play. The upper is made of a breathable mesh and an asymmetric lacing system that provides a perfect surface for better ball contact.

The shoes adopt Flywire technology in the midsole to provide stability and excellent control. They have Zoom Air units that not only optimize comfort but also cushion your feet accordingly. Even better, a neoprene collar holds your feet in place while offering flexibility.


  • Impressive asymmetric lacing system
  • Flywire technology
  • Neoprene collar to keep your feet comfortably in place


  • They run narrow
  • Not the best for wide feet

Nike Tiempo Indoor Soccer Shoes

The Nike Tiempo Indoor Soccer Shoe is arguably the most durable of all Nike indoor soccer shoes. In the Nike vs. Adidas indoor soccer shoe endeavor, it is only right to have Nike Tiempo Indoor vs. Adidas Copa comparison owing to their close remembrance.

The Nike Tiempo Indoor shoes come with a durable genuine cow leather upper and a full-length Phylon midsole. Moreover, there is a die-cut EVA sock liner to hold your feet in place. The outsole is pure rubber with a pivot point. This shoe might not feature in the cheap indoor soccer shoe list, but for its top feature, it is a good bargain. Most top Nike indoor soccer shoes cost a fortune, but this is very affordable.


  • It’s overly balanced for top performance
  • Very durable
  • Eye-catching color


  • Not breathable
  • Susceptible to grains

Best Adidas Indoor Soccer Shoes

  1. Adidas Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoes 
  2. Adidas Copa Indoor Soccer Shoes 
  3. Adidas Nemezis Indoor Soccer Shoes 

Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoes

These are not the best Adidas indoor soccer shoes available, but they are among the group’s cheap indoor soccer shoes today. Even better, they are the epitome of durability owing to their full-grain upper leather. They further flaunt a die-cut EVA insole that offers comfort.

Their non-marking gum rubber comes in handy to provide an excellent grip on indoor playing surfaces.


  • Durable full-grain leather upper
  • Maximized grip


  • Heavier than others
  • Not very comfortable

Adidas Copa Indoor Soccer Shoes

This shoe is another highly durable indoor soccer shoe option by Adidas. These shoes come with a synthetic leather upper with a synthetic lining for comfort. Moreover, there is an extended tongue to optimize your ball touch as well as a Die-cut EVA insole for lightweight comfort.

The midsole is pre-molded EVA to provide comfortable cushioning while the TRAXION outsoles are molded with little studs for enhanced grip on the field.


  • Offers excellent first touch
  • Very durable


  • Not perfect for concrete surfaces
  • May feel big on your feet

Adidas Nemeziz

Adidas traditionally did not emphasize style, but the Adidas Nemeziz is among the brand’s class statements. The Zebra patterned shoe has a classy look as well as top features. It has a laceless Polyurethane upper with overlapping agility bandages that enhance ball touch.

This shoe discredits the Nike vs. Adidas indoor soccer shoe battle on account of its design. For instance, a Nike Tiempo indoor vs. Adidas Nemeziz comparison is unbecoming. Adidas also appears in the list of cheap indoor soccer shoes.


  • Offers excellent ball touch
  • Appealing design
  • Multi-use


  • Tears easily
  • Susceptible to loosening

Nike Vs Adidas Indoor Soccer Shoe Comparison

Nike Vs. Adidas Indoor Soccer shoe battle is a tight one, but apparent differences can be established in the following features:


Should you compare Nike Tiempo indoor vs. Adidas Copa, you will notice a difference in the outsole. Nike uses sculpted rubber outsole while Adidas mainly adopts classic low-profile gum rubber for their indoor soccer shoes.

Upper Construction

In its upper construction, Nike majorly uses Flywire technologies, while Adidas mainly uses EVA technology. However, there are always some exceptions. For instance, if you compare Nike Tiempo indoor vs. Adidas Copa, you’ll realize Nike uses Eva technology for their sock liners.

Shoe Design and General Construction 

Nike adopts NikeSkin Technology and All Condition Control Technology to enhance its shoes. On the other hand, Adidas uses TRAXION technology for stability and balance.

Adidas traditionally did not pay much attention to style but focused on performance while Nike thrives on style. However, in modern times Adidas is also making stylish products. For instance, in the comparison between Nike Tiempo indoor vs. Adidas Nemeziz, fashion is a highlight of both products.


It is hard to say that Nike indoor soccer shoes cost less than Adidas ones or vice visa. Any indoor soccer shoe’s cost significantly depends on size and features.

Nike vs Adidas Indoor Soccer Shoe Comparison: The FAQs

What should I wear for indoor soccer?

Buy a sporting, flat shoe with a rubber sole and multidirectional pattern. With this option, you’ll be able to prevent slipping while maintaining speed traction, and mobility at the same time.

Where can I buy the best indoor soccer shoes?

You can buy some of the best indoor soccer shoes on Amazon. Inside this reputable online retail site, you’ll find the top-rated soccer shoe brands in the world. Whether you are a brand loyalist who is always interested in high-end shoes or not, you’ll find great models within your current budget. With some of these shoes, playing indoor soccer promises to be a source of great fun.

What is the difference between Nike and Adidas soccer cleats?

Brand reputation and popularity aside, these companies make some of the best soccer cleats in the market. Besides the price differences, Nike uses microfiber that has a dimpled effect while Adidas is made with durable synthetic upper. In most cases, the mesh material used in making the indoor soccer cleat is rarely the same.

How much is Adidas Samba Classic?

Depending on where you look, the price of Adidas Samba Classic differs slightly from one retail outlet to the other. You can follow the link in this post to find out the current price.

What are the best Adidas indoor soccer shoes with rubber outsole?

  1. Adidas Men’s Goletto Turf Soccer Shoe
  2. Adidas Performance Mundial Turf Shoes
  3. Adidas Freak 3 Indoor Soccer Shoe
  4. Adidas Predator 19.3
  5. Adidas Super Sala


The battle between Nike vs Adidas indoor soccer shoes is a tight one that might last a long time. However, it is right to conclude that both brands have great products. As such, any form of comparison, Nike Tiempo indoor vs. Adidas Nemeziz, for instance, might be a misplaced endeavor. After all, everybody has their preferences.


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