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NBA Top Shot Challenges: What Is It?

NBA top shot challenges

The NBA top shot challenge is a collaboration between the NBA and Dapper lab studios that provides an opportunity for lovers of NFTs, basketball, and collectors to trade virtually. It involves collecting different clips of videos of basketball and other information and packing them together in an online card called moment. If you have the moment, you can participate in the NBA top shot challenge. Winning the challenge may be easy or difficult based on the number of collections in your moment.

NBA top shot challenges allow participants to earn moments, packs, and other numerous prizes through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Moments differ in value, and the number of series contained in each pack is not the same. However, for beginners, NBA provides moments at a small cost and other gifts to help you master the game’s tactics.

To trade well in the NBA top shot challenge, you need to know more about the moments, the different types of challenges, the cost, and the reward to be received in these challenges. This article offers valuable information about the NBA top shot challenges.

About NBA Top Shot Challenges

In 2020, the NBA collaborated with the Dapper Labs studios, which focuses on producing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through blockchain technology. Jointly, they have released an online merchandise card platform that uses definite NBA highlights as its non-fungible tokens.

To participate in NBA top shot challenges, you must create an account and buy moments online, which are sold through packs or the top shot marketplace. Note that the moment’s price varies depending on the pack chosen and the number of series it contains. However, beginners are at liberty to enjoy the collection of packs that consists of three series and two base moments at only $9.

In the NBA top shot challenge, winning or losing after buying the moments of play depends on your moment’s scarcity. Scarce moments have a higher value than the common ones. To determine moments of higher value, check on the mint numbers in the NBA top shot marketplace to help you understand the ranks.

Note that perfect 100/100 numbers and typically low numbers (1-99) always yield a higher value. Understanding these codes lets you know the ranking within the NBA top shot challenges and can help you to choose the right moments to generate profit.

NBA has recorded a positive increase in the number of traders that enter the market and buy cards online. 1.1 million people participated virtually online, with some investing up to $800 million in 2021.

How Does the NBA Top Shot Challenge Work?

NBA top shot challenges permit users to purchase, sell, and gather the NBA and NFTs that display influential moments on the flow of the blockchain. Moments are produced in packs just like any other physical marketing card. The collections consist of series whose timeline runs simultaneously with the NBA game.

Moments are released weekly, and the users are given information eight hours before they are produced. However, sometimes you may realize that the moments that have been released are not in your interest, and trading in the market may be difficult. If that happens, you don’t have to worry; the NBA top shot challenge provides you with trade tickets.

With the trade tickets, you can participate in the challenge and acquire exclusive packs that are the same as they would have been in the moment. Note that one trade ticket equals one moment regardless of the rarity of the moment.

How to Purchase the NBA Top Short Moment

Making money is not only limited to the players in the NBA. If you have an online wallet, you can make huge money by participating in the NBA top short challenge. Below are the steps you need to know to participate.

Establish an NBA account

Visit the website and sign up by connecting to your google account or through your email. You will be provided with a one-time code for activating your account. Keep the code safe, but for future references, record the code somewhere you can use to retrieve your account.

Do not save your security for the automatic opening of your account during login.

Purchase a wallet (not mandatory)

Go to Dapper’s website and purchase a wallet. You may need to store your non-fungible tokens for a little longer; to do this, choose a strong wallet that cannot be hacked. Check for the cost of moving money on each wallet since their rate differ. Some wallets on the Dappers website offer rewards and incentives to clients. However, consider a wallet that can keep the non-fungible tokens safe. One of the best wallets is the cryptocurrency wallet; It offers a low cost in moving money and has strong security.

Ethereum wallet is not good since the NFTs are on the slide blockchain, and hacking may be easy.

Purchase a piece from the collection

You can buy two types of moments: a rising star pack or a base set. A base set only costs $9, while a rising star pack costs $199. However, the rising star pack gives you more collectibles than the base set.

Buy eligible moments only. You can buy moments from the marketplace online and ensure that the moments are for the present slot. Go to the collectors’ page and choose the complete challenge history. Here you will get the eligible moments.


The NBA top shot challenge has been in the limelight for releasing the best packs and moments for the participants to enjoy. Joining the challenge is simple as you only need to have an account with them. The account is opened freely; after that, you only deposit the limited amount that can buy moments for the play. Gifts and other offers are won by participants who complete the challenge before the specified time elapses.

The tallest player in the NBA challenge is Bonan Morjanovic, with a height of about 7.8 feet. Lebron James is among the most famous players in the NBA in 2021 and 2022 and is listed among the best in the league. In basketball, tall and heaviest NBA players perform best when they play the center position.