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The Ultimate Guide to Michael Jordan Baseball Cards

    michael jordan baseball card

    Baseball cards were first introduced in the United States in the 1800s, and since then, they have maintained their popularity. During that time, photography and baseball were gaining popularity in the US. So many baseball fans found themselves picking up baseball themes pictures on cardboard.

    While Michael Jordan was not known for being the tallest NBA player, he was known for his great success in basketball. He still is the greatest NBA player of his time. It was sad for everyone when Michael Jordan announced that he was quitting basketball to join baseball, especially because everyone was placing their basketball bets on him.

    The billion-dollar player had already had basketball cards made by upper decks products. The cards were successful and upper decks made an exclusive deal to make baseball cards for him. Other companies,including the Birmingham Barons, made Michael Jordan baseball caps.

    If you want to learn more about Michael Jordan baseball cards, here is the ultimate guide to help you.

    Top Rookie collection

    1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack Michael Jordan RC #170

    Well, Michael Jordan is not the heaviest NBA player and looking at the image in this card, you could tell. The card shows the fun side of Michael Jordan throwing a baseball ball. If you want your kids to love baseball, this card you could show them, especially if they already love basketball. Don’t be surprised if you find the card in one of their gym backpacks.

    Because the card is not one of the most popular Michael Jordan baseball cards, it may be difficult to track it down. You may find it on eBay.

    1994 Collector’s Choice Michael Jordan RC #661

    This is Michael Jordan’s rookie card that is popular because it is not only his rookie card, but the image depicts Jordan’s two favorite sports, basketball and baseball. Also, the image of Jordan shows his love for golf, a sport he is also very good at.

    It is amazing how one card can show the three sports loved by the billion-dollar player, basketball, baseball, and golf. The parallels have silver and gold facsimile signatures.

    The card made by the collectors choice is available for purchase on Amazon and eBay. The card is one of the low-cost collections of Michael Jordan baseball cards

    1994.Upper Deck Michael Jordan RC #19

    The card made by the upper deck shows Michael Jordan in action. He is shown tracking on the baseball field. Fans of Micheal Jordan will love to see the intensity he places on the game. His intensity in tracking an outfield hit can be seen.

    The card is also one of Michael Jordan’s baseball cards that won’t cost you so much. It also has an electric diamond parallel, meaning it is easy to find.

    Top Base/ SP

    1991 Upper Deck Michael Jordan #SP1

    The card was made before Michael Jordan announced that he was leaving basketball for baseball. Because of this, the card cannot be considered a rookie collection. But still, the card could tell the story of how Michael Jordan went on to play baseball, thus giving a future glimpse of the player.

    When the card was made, Michael Jordan, one of the tallest NBA players, was still playing basketball. The history of the card gives a chase to the collectors. It also reminds people who make basketball bets that situations can change.

    1995 SP Top Prospects Autographs Michael Jordan #14

    This is one of the favorite cards among all the collections because it has the coveted Michael Jordan’s autograph. The card is highly valid mostly because it is believed that there are fewer than 25 copies in existence.

    So if you have it, hold it in your gym backpack and never lose it because out of over 20000 cards signed by Michael Jordan, this is one that made it to the packs. The card is also pricy and valued at more than $799 on eBay.

    1994 Action Packed Scouting Report Michael Jordan #23

    the card shows Michael Jordan keenly concentrating on hitting the ball. His attention to the field has always been remarkable, depicted clearly in the card. The card also has two small baseballs on the opposite corners of the card with the billion-dollar player sandwiched in between.

    The simple design with a photo of Michael Jordan zoomed in makes the photo unique and special.

    1994 Collector’s Choice Up Close & Personal Michael Jordan #635

    The collection was based on features of the best players in the game. Michael Jordan was among those included. The card has two pictures of Michael Jordan. One is an up-close photo that shows him sitting down. The second photo is in the background showing him on the baseball field.

    The photos show the easy nature of Michael Jordan, with him smiling in one photo. The photo shows him wearing a sox uniform, during that time he was playing on the same team as Frank Thomas. Just under Michael Jordan’s feet, there is a black strip that is parallel to the silver signature.

    The card however has a silver signature and not the complementary silver strip and many still wonder why this error was placed on the card.

    The photo also shows the athletic nature of Michael Jordan. He definitely could not be term as one of the heaviest NBA players.


    Basketball cards are extremely desirable, but Michael Jordan baseball cards are equally desirable. Some of them are also quite expensive. Jordan’s decision to quit basketball and sign with the Chicago White Sox surprised many. His baseball career was not as excellent as his basketball career.

    Still, being the billion-dollar player and the best player of his time, he invited companies who looked forward to capitalizing on his fame. Many people had placed their basketball bets on him, and companies were hoping to have them buy Michael Jordan’s baseball cards.

    Because of his legacy, many people have held on to the cards and even kept them safe in their gym backpacks, so they are in top condition. Among the many Michael Jordan baseball cards, we have listed just a few.