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Kendrick Blackshire Bio: Age, Net Worth, Career

    Kendrick Blackshire

    Kendrick Blackshire is not your typical teenage football or soccer player. However, his tactics and appearance make him look like a 10 years veteran on the pitch. His impressive, powerful body is excellent in giving him the edge to be the best player.

    Kendrick has an incredibly short life history, surrounded by agility and determination. Read this article to learn more about an upcoming footballer.

    Kendrick Blackshire Biography

    Full Name: Kendrick Blackshire
    Occupation: High School Footballer
    Religious: Christian
    Nationality: American
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Black American
    Famous for: 2021 Alabama Crimson Tide Football Team Member
    Sexuality: Straight

    Kendrick Blackshire from Duncanville, Texas, is a young rising star who’ll take the football arena by storm. He’s one of the nation’s intriguing prospects due to his ability and swiftness to run sideline by sideline.

    In 2019, the 6-inch and 2-foot-tall, 233 pounds player clocked a 4.57 40-yard dash. The big-bodied inside linebacker has excellent instincts and mobility. He’s a 4-star recruit by all major sites, and he plays running linebacker and back.

    Early Life

    Kendrick was born and raised in Duncanville, Texas, and initially attended Duncanville High School. At this level, he joined the Alabama Crimson Tide football club. As a junior, he was rated no.124 player on the Rivals250 list and No.8 inside backer.

    In 2017, Kendrick was selected as the Co-Defensive Newcomer of the year. He finished his prep career at his former high school, where he was under the mentorship of Reginald Samples. Blackshire is committed to the Crimson Tide and has over 30 offers.


    Kendrick began his freshman season at the Alabama Crimson Tide football club. Unfortunately, his ACL injury made him miss all of his junior campaigns. But in 2017 and 2018, Kendrick combined 180 total tackles. The SIAA believes Blackshire is the best upcoming linebacker at defending the run. He has worked on special, elite teams against the Bears. He has also contributed to special teams against the Bulldogs.

    What He’s Good At

    Blackshire is a tall, big-bodied American footballer with well-defined muscle mass. He already looks like a veteran NFL linebacker. His athleticism is quite enthralling. Fredrick is a high-cut runner who can flip his hips swiftly and transition through coverage responsibility efficiently.

    He flashes speed with momentum and shines best at the point of contact. However, he missed the 2019 season due to an ACL injury. Besides, he’s comfortable in the box and has unrivaled redirection skills.

    As a second-and first-year student, Kendrick was an efficient downhill run-through with incredible pop-on contact. Functional in space but shines the brightest as an additional pass rusher. He beats blocks with impressive power, speed, and awareness.

    The natural navigation ability with good play diagnostics makes Blackshire play effectively between hashes. In addition, he’s decisive with natural skill playing laterally.


    Kendrick Blackshire is among the top football stars playing the linebacker position for his Crimson Tide football club. LB is the most versatile and essential position in football. It’s part of the defense and requires agility and athleticism, which Kendrick has.

    As a linebacker, Kendrick is responsible for stopping the pass and the run. He’s big enough for the running attack and athletic to play the pass. Linebackers often confront offensive linemen, and they must disengage to tackle runs. The main job is to stop the run, control the football game, and clock.

    Linebacker is a difficult football position that requires a rare skill-set. The defensive linemen are smaller, quicker players who cover wide receivers. And as linebackers are expected to defend against the pass, they need to be swifter than defensive linemen.

    Leadership is another excellent skill a linebacker should possess. For a good reason, linebackers are often called “quarterbacks of the defense.” Kendrick Blackshire’s physical and leadership requirements make him the top-rated linebacker.

    Besides, he’s an excellent communicator to ensure the rest of the defense stays on the same page.

    Kendrick Blackshire Family and Relationship

    Kendrick is a Black American born and raised in Duncanville, Texas. Unfortunately, there is no information about Kendrick’s siblings or parents. But it’s most definitely that he has black American parents. Kendrick is straight but not in any known relationship, at least for now.

    Kendrick Blackshire Height

    Kendrick has a sensual appearance with dark brown eyes. He has kinky, black hair with a well-built frame. Kendrick stands at 6.2 ft, an ideal height for an American footballer.

    Kendrick Blackshire’s Net Worth

    Kendrick’s net worth is not yet known. However, he has signed deals and has several offers. The 4-star recruit committed to the University of Alabama in 2020. With his agility, he’s likely to get more endorsements as he builds his career and wealth.

    Kendrick Blackshire Social Media

    Kendrick is relatively active on his Twitter account, with more than 10k followers. However, he seems not to have Instagram and Facebook accounts.

    Kendrick Blackshire Playing Tactics

    Apart from quick feet, best football cleats, and upper body strength, other requirements are needed to succeed in football. Kendrick is young but has mastered gaming techniques. So it’s no wonder various companies have discovered his talent, and he currently has over 30 offers.


    Being strong is the most required trait, especially when playing the linebacker position. Kendrick is well-built to defend his team against defensive linemen. He’s also strong to stay on his feet when tackled.


    Kendrick is strong enough to defend and has impressive speed. Football is a fast game involving constant running and swiftness. Fortunately, Blackshire has coordinated and quick feet for excellent performance.


    This is where Kendrick shines the brightest. Toughness is fairly equal to strength. The ability to knock someone down is equally important as the ability to get back on your feet.

    Hand-Eye Coordination

    Linebackers are often called skilled players. They have excellent hand-eye coordination and grit to catch, swat, and intercept passes. Kendrick is a sharp player and understands the sophisticated details of the game.


    Kendrick Blackshire plays the most demanding football position but has mastered the skills. Developing football IQ can take years of study, experience, and practice. But surprisingly, the youngster is already ahead of his time, helping his Crimson Tide club conquer various matches.