5 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes For Women in 2021

Want to play indoor soccer for women, here are the best shoes!

indoor soccer shoes for women

Ranking of the best Indoor Soccer Shoes For Women

Not only is indoor soccer popular for men, but the sport is fast gaining popularity for women too. Playing this sport well requires indoor soccer shoes for women. These shoes are very different from those used for outdoor soccer.

Good indoor football shoes will protect your feet from injuries when making sudden movements. Let’s check out some of the best indoor soccer shoes for women that are available now.


Adidas Wmns F5 in W-W

adidas Women’s F5 in W-W

These indoor football shoes are lightweight, and if you’re looking to improve your game with speed and precision, they are ideal for you. The upper, made from synthetic material, is excellent as it gives you a more significant surface area for powerful kicks. Built for comfort and confusing your opponents on the pitch, it’s got a comfortable insole and additional anti-microbial padding.

The outsole is made of gum rubber, which makes it an excellent fit for indoor surfaces as the wearer doesn’t risk sliding on the court. The shoe comes in a wide range of metallic colors, and if color is a priority for you, you’re in for some fun. Hands down the best indoor soccer shoes for women, these boots will take your game to the next level.

Diadora Wmns Indoor Soccer Shoes

Diadora Women’s Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes

These indoor/outdoor shoes are designed for those who need or prefer wider indoor soccer shoes for women. The outsole of these shoes is multi-sided, which is a great feature that provides excellent traction on indoor surfaces. The upper of these women’s indoor soccer shoes are manufactured from polyurethane, which is a synthetic material.

The insole, on the other hand, has excellent shock absorbing qualities from the EVA foam and fixed cotton. This shoe shows superb artistry, and the quality is outstanding. You don’t have to order a size up or down with these boots since the size is right to fit.

PUMA Women’s Evospeed 4.3 Indoor W

PUMA Women’s Evospeed 4.3 Indoor W

These soccer indoor shoes for women are far from being considered drab. They come in a white, snorkel blue and fluorescent yellow upper. Featuring a rubber sole, they’re great for preventing slips on the court.

The only downside to these indoor football shoes is that they’re not true to size, and the narrow design on the upper makes it necessary to buy a shoe size up. These women’s indoor soccer shoes are very comfortable and durable, and the broad upper will provide you with a sufficient surface for ball control and kicks. If you’re looking for comfortable soccer indoor shoes for women that’ll dazzle your opponents, you’ve got yourself the right pair.

Nike Mercurial Indoor Soccer Shoes

Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 IC Indoor Soccer Shoes

The upper of these Nike blue indoor soccer shoes for women will wrap around your foot like a glove once you’ve got them on. These women’s indoor soccer shoes feature a collar that links your lower leg and your foot. Your ankle is also protected from sudden movements or stops while playing.

The best indoor soccer shoes feature inner foam for extra cushioning, and these boots do not disappoint on that front. The Nike blue indoor soccer shoes for women also come with a rubber outsole that’s ideal for indoor surfaces. There’s no fear of tripping accidents as the outsole provides enough friction and traction for you to engage in sudden movements.

Adidas Samba Indoor Soccer Shoe

adidas Performance Samba Millennium Indoor Soccer Shoe

Even though these sambas were designed to be men’s soccer boots, a lot of women feel they’re ideal soccer indoor shoes for women. This is because these boots have a snug-fitting and just like the Nike blue indoor soccer shoes for women, they’ve got a very comfortable rubber sole.

With an upper made of full-grain leather, these indoor soccer shoes for women provide players with maximum ball control. The bottom sole gives excellent traction, and they’re very comfortable for a training session indoors.

Your Essential Guide to Buying Indoor Soccer Shoes for Women

Indoor soccer is fast becoming a popular sport in the USA. Even though it’s got many regulations that are different from other games, one thing remains constant: It’s necessary to have the right indoor soccer shoes for women, just like these many indoor soccer shoe reviews suggest. When selecting the right boots for you, there are many factors to take into consideration. Here they are:


The choice of the material that’s used to make indoor soccer shoes for women is critical. Materials such as pure leather and synthetic leather are often used because they provide durability, breathability, and flexibility.

Soccer boots made of pure leather are expensive, though, but a great alternative to them is synthetic leather. The one downside to synthetic leather is that it’s less flexible than genuine leather.

The Fit of the Shoe

Indoor soccer shoes for women should be the right fit. If they’re too big or small, then the person wearing them risks injuries to their feet because they won’t have the correct type of support. The right soccer boot will fit like a glove without hindering your ability to play or your general movement.

If your shoes are too tight, your feet can become painful during the game, and you won’t be able to play correctly. Buying your shoes at the end of the day is an excellent idea as it’ll always give you a real feeling of your shoe size when playing.

The Shoes Design

Your indoor soccer shoes for women shouldn’t have cleats attached to them. The design of the boots should be simple and allow you to make the most movement when playing. Functional soccer boots provide you with comfort, stability, and support while playing.

Apart from the design of the shoe, the construction of the soccer boot is fundamental. The shoe outsole should have a shallow profile because it’ll be used in indoor games. Some people have very wide feet, and this should be taken into account when purchasing indoor soccer shoes.


The shoes that you wear play an integral role in the success of your game. Before you decide on one brand of boots, it’s vital to try on a variety of brands and styles. You must get the right fit and design that matches your movement and your play.

Try on several boots and figure out which one is the right one for you. Remember that the right boots have to be lightweight, breathable, and flexible enough to allow movement.