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How to put on a basketball net without a hook

How to put on a basketball net with or without a hook-Unsplash-Ian Simmonds

Like some other players, you probably have a reason for your active interest in how to put on a basketball net with a hook or without hooks. Whatever the reason, this basketball net installation guide can get you from where you to completely ready net for your enjoyable game.

It is true, you can play basketball without a net. But have you tried it? It can be very disappointing: not to hear the “swish” sound once a shot has been made. Besides, a basketball net is much more important for the game and the hoop.

For instance, when the ball goes through the hoop, the net slows it down. First, this allows you to see that the basket has been made. Two, the net adds to the functionality and aesthetics of the game. Instead of letting the ball bounce around the court, the net feeds it straight to the ground.

Thus, how to put a net on a basketball hoop is a necessary skill for any basketball player. Whether you want to know how to put on a new basketball net or make a netball net replacement, the instructions are pretty much the same. But first, you need to choose the right net.

Getting the right net for your basketball hoop

There are many different nets in the market. You want to select one that is durable. Hence, pay attention to the weight of the net. The more the weight the more durable it is. Also, ensure that you pick a net that will fit the size of your basketball hoop.

Most nets are made to fit regular rims, but it will not hurt to be sure. Lastly, check the quality of your net. The best nets are made from synthetic fibers that are tightly woven since they can withstand harsh weather.

Once you have your net ready, you will also need a ladder and a pair of scissors. The scissors are only necessary if you are making a netball net replacement. Also, place your new net on the ground so that you can get a clear view of the net’s different diameters.

The smaller diameter is the bottom of the net and the larger diameter is the part that you will attach to the hoop. Here are the netball net instructions on how to put on a basketball net.

How to put on a basketball net step 1:

The first thing that you should do is set up your ladder. A ladder is especially important if you do not have an adjustable hoop. Ensure that your ladder is centered under the front of the rim. Do not stand on the top rung.

Instead, make sure that the ladder is tall enough for you to reach the hoop easily. Then grab your net and climb on the ladder until you are level with the hoop.

How to put on a basketball net step 2:

after you set up your ladder, here is the next step to take.

If what you want to know is how to put on a new basketball net, you can skip this step. Otherwise, remove your old net by carefully cutting the old net near the hoop. Once you are done, pull the remaining net loop net off the hooks of the basketball hoop.

How to put on a basketball net step 3:

Once the hoop is clear, grab one of the net loops of your net. Ensure that the loop is between your thumb and index finger. Squeeze the loop and push it through the hook of the rim. Start from the inside of the basketball hoop and move towards the outside.

How to put on a basketball net step 4:

Then, open up the net loop that is hanging on the hook on the outside part of the basketball hoop. Ensure that the loop is open enough and loop it around the front of the rim hook. Use one hand to hold the net loop in place and use the other hand to pull the net loop from the inside of the hoop. Pull until the loop is tight and firm inside the hook.

How to put on a basketball net step 5:

Use the same method to hook the remaining net loops on the hoop. Usually, a standard rim will have 12 hooks. Therefore, ensure that you hook the remaining 11 loops without skipping a hook or a loop.

Additionally, try and ensure that none of the net loops are entangled in the process. Try and maintain them in a straight position throughout the attachment process.

How to put on a basketball net step 6:

The final instruction on how to install a net on a basketball hoop is very simple. All you have to do is hold the bottom of the net firmly. Then, pull the net downwards. This will make sure that all the loops are attached to the rim. It will also straighten and stretch the basketball net.

However, you might find that your basketball hoop does not have any hooks. This is a problem for many people that have tried temporary solutions like cable ties, duct tape, and electrical tape. So, if you want to know how to install a basketball net without hooks, these are the netball net instructions to follow:

Use daisy chains

A daisy chain comes with enough zip ties to let you fit the edge of the net loops easily. The first thing that you should do is roll up a neat cloth around the middle of the zip tie daisy chain. The zip tie should be open.

Then, use tiny zips to make sure the rolled cloth is tightly held in place. Using at least four zips is ideal for fastening the cloth. Press the nose of the captive to open and inject the part of the cloth. Once done, tighten the string at the back of the end.

Make sure that the zip tie loop is secure where the edge is smallest so that it does not loosen after a period. The final instruction on how to install a basketball net without hooks is to transfer the smallest circuit that moves around the back of the end and through the mouth over the nape of the neck.

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Basketball Net Installation Guide: The FAQs

Who makes the best basketball nets?

When you use some basketball nets but you didn’t get the value you hoped for, there is a chance you’ll begin to look for a better replacement. That’s why some often start their search with queries like ‘ what is the best basketball net to buy? Below are some of the brands that had stood the test of time.

Best Basketball Net Makers

  • Ultra Sporting Goods
  • ProSlam
  • Amble
  • Champion Sports
  • Silverback
  • ProGoal WayBelieve
  • FateFan
  • Spalding
  • Cannon Sports
  • Goalrilla

Are metal basketball nets good?

Whether you have used the nylon type or not, you might be wondering whether this type of basketball net is any good at all. Most times, it depends on your preference and specific needs at the moment. However, many people who are deeply into outdoor basketball often find this type to be the best option. For one thing, the lifespan is always longer.

Are basketball nets the same size?

For almost any stage of the game, from high school to NBA, the rim is usually the same which is about 10 feet of the ground while the diameter stands around 18 inches. Most backboards are usually the same size when it comes to standard basketball games.

How much does a good basketball cost?

Some brands are sold as premium products while others can be seen as everyday commodities. Regardless of the features or other factors you may have in mind, most basketballs are priced between $30 and $70. However, it is important you check the return and replacement policy in case of any defects.

Should I get chain basketball?

Most chain basketball nets are made of metal. This is why it is considered a great option for outdoor basketball lovers. Based on its capacity to withstand harsh weather conditions, you can expect to get a longer lifespan on this type of net. For people interested in learning how to put on a basketball net, this may be the easiest one to handle.


Now that you have your net secure, the final step is to take your ball and start shooting some hoops. Remember, selecting a heavy-duty net will allow you to enjoy your games for a long period without needing a replacement. Regardless of your choice, installing a basketball net is a fairly simple process. Therefore, do not hesitate to give your hoop a new life by adding a new net.

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