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5 Fastest Soccer Players in the World

fastest soccer players

Speaking of athleticism, we cannot go without discussing the world’s fastest soccer players. The game is undeniably fierce in nature and has undergone a drastic switch in recent times. It is a demanding sport indeed and requires the players to deal with bludgeoning strategy and solid counter-attacks. This is when the speed of the athlete kicks in. Speedy players thrive and survive.

While attacking and defending, the player’s pace is a huge advantage on a football pitch. It certainly comes naturally to the athlete, but it is also a factor that can be worked upon. The player’s ability to move from one end to another creates collective challenges for the opposition team.

Watching your favourites expedite at a blistering speed is a real treat. Let’s talk about the nippiest football players and how they make news with their moves.

5 Fastest Soccer Players in the World

  • Alphonso Davies

A whippet-like soccer star has some serious speed demons and is evidently the best of the lot. He helped Bayern Munich win the Champions League in 2020 and has not dropped a beat ever since then. His style of play and speed have made him win many accolades. The 21-year-old man can definitely run! A top speed of 36.5 km/h makes him the fastest soccer player in the world.

Besides his stand-out ability of high speed, Davies has some remarkable technical abilities that played in favour of his national team Canada to qualify for the 2022 World Cup. Incredible sprint, agility and the fastest defender. No wonder why his teammates address him as ‘The Roadrunner’.

  • Achraf Hakimi

The man surely has a certain va-va-voom and je ne sais quoi. The man is magnificent with his dribbling abilities, tactical awareness and dynamism. Paris Saint-Germain tried to snatch the Moroccan speedster from the Italian giants and paid €60 million to get him. In the world of football, Hakimi had the most remarkable counter-attacking style.

A star of the future with a top speed of 36.48 km/h paces very intelligently and has the most deadly full-back runs. The right-back player shocked the crowd with his six goals last season and an astonishing 22.67 mph on his counter-attacking run down. The 23-year-old lad scored his first goal in 2016; since then, there’s no stopping.

  • Erling Haaland

22 years old and super promising talent. He has won the world with his profuse performance in front of the goal. Haaland is not just one of the fastest soccer players but also a fearless striker. He can cover the ground in seconds, and that’s not his only talent. A top speed of 36.04 km/h and impressive talent for outrunning the defenders. He’s an absolute bully on the ball and has stumped the troupe with his stupendous records. 

During the 2019-20 season with Salzburg, Erling Haaland was the first teenager to score in five consecutive UEFA Champions League matches. The Norwegian professional footballer is a breathtaking asset for Borussia Dortmund and created a world-breaking record in the win over VfB Stuttgart. His claim to fame was his spectacular sprint against PSG in the Champions League.

Besides all his professional achievements, his physical profile and tall stature make it easy for him to dominate the field.

  • Kylian Mbappe

Lightning speed and dribbling reflexes are his USPs. He was a nightmare for defenders across Europe, with a speed of 22.41 mph at the age of 21. Paris Saint-Germain’s young superstar is far away from an easy journey. World Cup winner at the age of 19 and the highest goal scorer in the French Ligue 1 for three consecutive seasons.

Paris Saint-Germain’s young superstar Kylian Mbappe is well known around the soccer world for his lightning speed and dribbling reflexes. At a young age, he has been a nightmare for defenders across Europe. The world-class player is highly skilful and versatile in attacks.

His devastating speed was at its highest during a 2019-2020 match. With a blistering pace, a top speed of 36 km/h, graced the football pitch and let him breeze through the players. The French player is highly capable of creating key chances in every game. Standing at 1.78 meters, the brisker has got the world at his feet. Stationed at number 4 on our list of fastest soccer players.

  • Kyle Walker

Manchester City’s Kyle Walker is one of the fastest full-backs in the world of football. Walker has recorded a top speed of 35.71 km/h and is Man City’s most reliable player on the right side. The 32-year-old athlete is one of the fastest soccer players in the English Premier League and shows no signs of slowing down. He is a modern full-black player in every sense.

Kyle Walker is adaptable in his defence and attacks. He’s absolutely invaluable on the counter-attack and has the potential to cover a large ground only in a few seconds. His unorthodox running style, power to knock the ball past and burst of pace have set new records for aspirants. The English man set some of his sky-scrapping speed records while marauding down his favoured right flank.

One Last Thought:

Wing-backs and central defenders are making statements with their impressive speed, and teams are sprucely outpacing the opposition defenders. While jutting out the fastest soccer players in the world, some much-deserved mentions like Leroy Sane, Kingsley Coman, Mohamed Salah, Adama Traore, Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are highly skilled and distinctive in their traits. 

Watching these footballers flex their muscles on the field is a treat. Watch this space for more.