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Cristiano Ronaldo Retirement: When Will He Retire?

Cristiano Ronaldo retirement

Early March this year, there were rumours that Cristiano Ronaldo retirement plan was underway. But the Portugal and Manchester United striker refuted the claims and said he plans to play football or soccer till his 40s. There were rumours that the soccer legend would retire after the Qatar World cup.

Cristiano told reporters he would decide when to retire from his Portuguese national team. Currently, he is 37 years, meaning he will be 41 years during the 2026 World Cup competition. When footballers get into their 30s, it’s not long before their vigour starts dwindling. Most cannot keep up with the mental and physical demands of dominating the field. But Cristiano crossed into his 30s in 2015.

Yet, despite the natural effects of ageing, the unrelenting striker continues to dazzle for his club and country. The striker started his career in 2003 and is the best player for his team and other international football teams. He was the first player to lift 5 UEFA Champions League titles.

How Long Can Cristiano Ronaldo Play?

Ageing, which spares no one, is catching up with Ronald, but it’s uncertain how long he’ll play for. But with ideal conditions, it’s not suitable that he could play meticulously until he’s 40. According to PFA, the average retirement for a footballer is 35 years. So a cynic may argue that Ronaldo is in the bonus territory. But he can say that there are high-profile examples of athletes playing even past 40.

For instance, Ryan Giggs remained a key influence in Manchester United up to 40. Paolo Maldini also played for AC Milan up to 40. Ronaldo is aware that time is not on his side regarding his career. But understandably, he seems reluctant to set the date. He admitted he could not promise many years of play but vowed to give his best for as long as possible.

How Can Ronaldo Prolong His Career?

Indeed, Ronaldo’s body will naturally change as he gets older. So being conscious and making the necessary adjustments will keep him at the top of the game. Given that the Manchester United striker is excelling well in his thirties, he needs to practice a few things, perhaps more than he did before.

Cristiano is a fitness freak who follows a specific, healthy diet. He consumes a high-protein diet with vegetables and fish. He also avoids sugary and high-starch foods. Besides, Ronaldo follows a personalized training regime with the best trainers. So he has to maintain the same routine to stay fit and healthy.

Playing many games increases the chances of injuries and can drain you mentally and physically. So while a player like Ronaldo plays full-time in every game, he’ll have to get used to playing less. He can skip certain games or have his time curtailed to protect his health.

Performing in Europe’s elite leagues or Champions League demands a high level of intensity. As he ages, he will not sustain the same energy. But he can play longer in a less demanding environment. Although it’s unthinkable for the football penalty king to drop below the elite level, he could stay healthy if he drops down leagues.

Playing forward has been Cristiano Ronaldo’s best role within his teams. But if the iconic player hopes to prolong his career, he must adapt to different football positions. The lung-busting runs he did early in his career are being phased out.

What Happens After Cristiano Ronaldo Retirement?

Ronaldo insists that playing football is still in his DNA strands. He works meticulously, and his unrelenting spirit keeps him at the top of the game. Not most players get to his age and still perform incredibly.

However, one day he will inevitably hang up his boots. His glory will live on, but the question is, what will he be doing once he retires? The Manchester United striker has hinted at various potential avenues to explore upon retirement.

Can He Join the Hollywood Arena?

In December 2019, Christiano revealed that he would challenge himself by getting on the big screen. He hopes to live long to learn and try new things. Acting in a movie is one of his ambitions. But this won’t be surprising since he’s not the first footballer to join acting. David Beckham and Vinnie Jones are the potable soccer stars who transitioned into acting.

Can He Advance His Education?

Ronaldo always seeks to challenge and educate himself. He believes studies answer many of the questions and open the thinking capacity. Severally, Ronaldo has said he would like to advance his studies. However, it’s unclear if he will pursue a university degree. But a man of his aggression and willingness can attain anything he wishes for.

It may be hard to picture Cristiano strutting through university life, but he’s not the first footballer to earn a degree. Many players have completed their college studies while still dominating the football pitches.

Maybe He’ll Focus on Business

Cristiano has a long queue of business ventures he has cultivated outside football. Many would have expected him to nurture a football team, but he seems to have other ideas. Ronaldo is a successful owner of Pestana CR7, a hotel that offers luxurious accommodations. He also has other hotels, one in Funchal and the other in Lisbon. Ronaldo is a fashion mogul and owns several gyms. With his accumulated wealth over the years, the iconic footballer has endless options in the business world.

Can He Go into Coaching?

Having the best ex-footballer as a coach or manager sounds excellent. But it’s uncertain if Ronaldo will accept such responsibilities. Coaching can be an ideal career for him where he would pass his football tactics to his team.


Retirement is inevitable for all athletes, and it’s something everyone looks forward to. However, Cristiano Ronaldo retirement rumors remain just that: rumors! He has affirmed that he will be in the field until he cannot do it any longer. He still has the agility and resilience to dominate in the field. But will he hang his boots in his 30s or 40s? Well, time will tell.


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