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The 10 Best Youth Baseball Bats

On the 1st of January 2018, all the major youth baseball leagues in the United States adopted the USA Baseball bats standards. The aim was to ensure that the non-wood bats would perform the same as the wood bats at the youth level.

Now, several USA bats are available in the market. Hence, finding the best youth baseball bats can prove to be a challenge. This review gives you a list of the top ten bats in the market and why we think they are the best.

Easton ADV 360

EASTON ADV 360 -11 | -10 | -8 | -5 | USA Youth Baseball Bat | 2 5/8 inch Barrel | 2020 | 2 Piece Composite

The Easton ADV 360 is one of the best youth baseball bats for the money. Its name stems from the fact that the bat is both tuned in 360 degrees and advanced. The design on the bat is two-piece and all composite.

This Easton bat is one of the best youth baseball bats in the market because it provides a balanced weight that is preferred by many hitters. Its composite barrel also makes it one of the bats that has the most pop.

The bat manages to remain comfortable while it gives a powerful impact. The interlocking connection piece design on the bat is what provides this level of comfort as well as the added handle flex.

The bat also reduces vibrations by including a Nitrocell foam insert that isolates the barrel from the handle. Then, the power boost soft knob system reduces the sting on the bat. This also helps the player get leverage by incorporating a small flare at the bottom of the handle.

A 90 percent carbon fiber makes the bat handle, which improves the feel and strength of the bat. The Lizard skins grip adds cushioning and tack to the bat. There are no hot spots to find on the barrel.

At two and five eights of inches, the performance values of the Easton 360 bat reach the limit. Additionally, the barrel offers a no warm-up period, making it different from other bats.

While all the ADV 360 bats are amazing, the drop-11 is the best of them all because it incorporates the Ultra-Lite Launch Comp composite skin. The Easton 360 is one of the few all-composite drop-11 bats in the market, making it a must-have.

Rawlings Quatro Pro

Rawlings 2020 Quatro Pro USA Youth Baseball Bat Series (-12, -10, -8)

This Rawlings bat makes the best youth baseball bat on the market list because of its defining light swing weights. They are unmatched. The Quatro Pro stands out among the best youth wood baseball bats because of its redesigned Focused Flex connection collar.

This design is stiffer than the previous models, and as a consequence, it has eliminated the bat end drag. As a result, it has reduced the probability of the inside-out contact occurring.

Also, the reduction of vibrations that occur when using the bat is admirable. The barrel also has plenty of pop. Nevertheless, the real advantage provided by the bat is the length of the barrel section.

It is the longest and the lightest among all the USA baseball bats. The additional carbon discs placed strategically at the center of the barrel provide a baseball player with extra pop and strength.

The bat retains its very distinctive impact sound. Rawlings uses the Lizard Skins grip to add to the comfort of the bat. This has made the bat popular for its grip, unrivaled tack, and cushioning.

Even though the bat is expensive, it is worth every penny since it offers the lightest swing feel and the most massive sweet spot in the market. In fact, this is one of the best youth bats currently available.

Easton Fuze 360

EASTON FUZE 360 -10 USA Youth Baseball Bat | 2 5/8 Barrel | 2020 | 1 Piece Aluminum | ATAC Alloy | 360 Precision Tuned Increases Barrel

The Easton Fuze was popular in the World Series games in 2019 for a reason. As one of the USA baseball bats, it is highly sought out in the youth games. The aluminum bat looks mundane at first. But, it houses excellent features that compete with other composite bats.

For instance, the bat uses an ATAC aluminum alloy that gives it the thinnest walls among all the bats in the USA bat approved market. Additionally, the bat can tune consistently in 360 degrees around the barrel.

As a result, players do not experience dead zones or hot spots when using the bat. Easton also uses the Carbon core technology to further enhance the thin skin on the bat. Moreover, the composite end cap on the bat is extra-long.

The style increases the trampoline effect on the skin of the bat. The Fuze Easton bat is also very comfortable. To improve the leverage of the player when they swing, Easton uses the Power Boost soft knob system. This also helps to reduce vibrations from any low hits.

To complete the package, Easton uses a customized Lizard Skins grip design. The grips are part of the reason why the Easton bats make the best youth baseball bats lists. These grips offer an unrivaled tack as well as a good feel.

The bat has no break-in period. It also does not compromise on performance.

Marucci CAT

Marucci CAT -10 USA Baseball Bat (MSBC10USA)

Marucci is a trendy bat brand in the market. Therefore, it is no surprise that one of their bats makes the best baseball bats for the youth list. But this new USA approved bat is not typical. For starters, the bat has seven layers of thickness.

It also has a lowered trampoline effect and a very comfortable level. Second, this new bat uses the AV2 anti-vibration knob second-generation system that will forgive most if not all of the player’s mis-hits. Third, to further reduce the vibrations of a bad hit, the bat uses harmonic tuning.

This system also removes any stinging sensation that occurs during a hit. Forth, the grip on the Marucci barrel is not squishy. Rather, it is soft and micro-perforated. Together with the AV2 knob, the grip system makes the bat an overall comfortable bat for a player.

Besides, the bat is one of the best youth baseball bats for the money because it provides an exact balance. Hence, the swing from the bat is very fluid and even.

Mizuno B20-Hot Metal

Mizuno B20-HOT METAL – Big Barrel Youth USA Baseball Bat

Even though Mizuno is not highly recognized among the USSSA baseball, it is still the best youth baseball bat on the market. This is because it has the best value equipment in the market in the baseball category.

This bat is a one-piece aluminum alloy bat. It also houses an optimized end cap. Together, these two features provide balance as well as sound on the batted balls. Therefore, making a well-struck hit will reward you with one of the loudest notes.

Pricier bats have a better sweet spot than the one on the B20, but it is still awe-inspiring. The most significant feature on this bat is its durability. It has a compromise between cost and high technology. The walls of the aluminum bat have a variable thickness.

Nevertheless, it is not as high tech as its composite rivals. Also, the sweet spot on the bat is more extensive. Moreover, this is one of the best youth baseball bats since it makes hard to beat. At first glance, you will think the bat has no stand out features.

But do not let this fool you. The bat is better than many on the list with its barrel that can hit as far as its rival composite bats. All you have to do is find the comparative sweet spot for the bat. Besides, there is no need to break in work or worry about the breakage.

Another 5 Top youth Baseball Bats:

Louisville Slugger Select

Louisville Slugger 2020 Select 2 5/8″ USA Baseball Bat Series (-10, -8, -5)

This is a three-piece hybrid bat that is made specially to be a powerhouse in youth leagues that require USA approved bats. Its composite handle has the same performance as other competing bats.

The Slugger’s Vibration Control Connection System joins the carbon fiber handle to the barrel. This system also allows the handle to flex and absorb the vibrations as an all-composite bat would.

This slugger bat is one of the approved USA baseball bats because its ST 7U1+ aluminum alloy gives it a perfect reputation for durability and power. To lighten the bat, slugger uses the Speed Ballistic Composite endcap.

These two systems give the bat an overall even and balanced swing weight, further making this bat equal to the best youth wood baseball bats in the market. Additionally, the vibrations in the bat decrease because of the LS Pro Comfort grip, which also provides cushioning and tack.

Moreover, the system enhances the player’s grip. However, a player will be sacrificing a bit of the large sweet spots that composite barrels have. Nevertheless, the bat is perfect for any baseball player on the field.

DeMarini CF Zen

DeMarini 2020 CF Zen Balanced (-10) 2 5/8″ USA Baseball Bat Series

The Demarini is still one of the best youth baseball bats on the market. While it has retained most of its previous features, it has an upgraded paint scheme and end cap. Hence, the bat still has the all-composite construction and a two-piece set.

Aluminum indeed performs just as good as composite when it comes to baseball bats. But, no other alloy barrel competes with the CF zen that has a huge sweet spot. However, durability might be in question for this bat.

Nevertheless, the Paraflex Plus composite barrel design on the bats’ barrel makes it one of the best youth baseball bats in the list. The barrel also provides an extensive and responsive sweet spot.

The DeMarini has a carbon design that is both classic and has a pop. However, the bat does require a hit turn and hit break-in period. When you first buy this bat, its long handle will seem odd. But this design is intended.

The design ensures that the bat balance is improved. The bat’s length and weight are then balanced to ensure that hitters have excellent plate coverage. A player will also have more flex, which in turn absorbs more vibration and gives more power.

However, there are competing bats in the market that have a lighter and larger sweet spot than DeMarini. Nevertheless, the bat is rated highly as one of the best bats in the market for youth players.

Louisville Slugger Solo SPD

Louisville Slugger 2020 Solo SPD (-13) 2 1/2″ USA Baseball Bat Series

The slugger solo bat is two and a half inches in barrel size. This makes the bat the best baseball bat for smaller youth players. Hence, it is perfect for undersized and younger children. The bat also makes the swing lighter for the players.

Light bats usually have a higher speed. This is advantageous because more speed results in more power. Additionally, the Slugger Solo bat uses the SL Hyper alloy system to make the thinnest skin in the aluminum bat market.

Also, the bat has a trampoline effect that is just as good as the other bats on the list. The solo bat is one of the best youth baseball bats on the list because it provides a balanced swing weight. Additionally, the Speed Ballistic end cap makes the swing smoother.

The bat is made cooler by the end cap design making it perfect for younger kids. Also, the grip uses the LS Pro Comfort Grip system, which reduces the vibrations that result from weak hits.

Rawlings Velo ACP

Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP USA Youth Baseball Bat Series (-10, -5)

If you are looking for the best youth baseball bats for their speed, then look no further than the Rawlings Velo. Known as one of the best-selling aluminum bats in the USA leagues, you will get value for your money with this item.

The primary technology used on the Velo baseball bat is the Accelerated Carbon Composite end cap. It extends into the end of the bat at 2 inches. Apart from this carbon part, the rest of the bat is ultimately aluminum.

In its drop 10 form, the bat competes highly with other aluminum bats. It has a laser-etched pop 2.0 groove that gives the player an extra punch. The drop 5 version of the bat is slower than the drop 10 version.

Nevertheless, it is still among the best youth baseball bats for the money because it allows players to hit stronger than their usual preference. Also, both of the bats on drop 10 and drop 5 have a handle that reduced the vibrations on damping.

Another great feature on the Velo bat is its aesthetics. The dark paint and the graphics on the bat are very alluring. They fit well with the carbon fiber weave that is on the cap’s end. This bat manages to offer great looks without compromising on quality.

Axe Avenge One

Axe Bat 2020 Avenge One (-10, 2-5/8″) USABat Baseball Bat / 1-Piece Comp

CHECK PRICE ON AMAZONIf you want a baseball bat that stands for innovation, then choose the Axe Avenge baseball bat. The Axe brand is known for representing innovative thinking. The Axe Avenge bat represents leverage.

The bat will help any baseball player maximize their swing speed. More speed means more power. Besides, the added unique ax handle grip makes this one of the best USA baseball bats, especially when considered under the limitations of the best youth wood baseball bats standards.

The Axe grip is designed with an unusual angle that will only help a player transfer more energy into their swing. The bat also has an all-composite construction that ensures every bit of a player’s power is transferred to the ball.

Moreover, the material that makes the bat is lightweight, which gives the bat a larger and more effective sweet spot. Hence, together with the barrel, chances of contact with the ball will be increased.

Therefore, even a ball that is poorly struck will produce decent results. The carbon composite will absorb most of the vibrations if the player misses the sweet spot as well. But that is unlikely. After all, this is the future of baseball bats.

Best Youth Baseball Bat Buying Guide

best youth baseball bat

best youth baseball bat

If you are looking for the best baseball bats for youth in the market, there are several things that you should consider before you buy one:

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The work of the USA bat rules is done. The playing field has been leveled. But this has forced many companies to be innovative about their construction techniques. With bats like the Easton ADV 360 pushing the envelope, the baseball bat market will only get better. In the meantime, these ten top youth baseball bats will work magic for any baseball player on the field.

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Best Youth Baseball Bats: The FAQs

What size baseball bat should a 10-year-old use?

You should go for a 20 or 30-inch drop 10 baseball bat. The drop measures the numerical difference in bat sizes both in terms of length and weight. Most players playing in little league baseball find this bat size to be suitable. However, you should consider the bat weight before placing an order.

What is the best brand of baseball bats?

  1. Easton
  2. DeMarini
  3. Mizuno
  4. Rawlings
  5. Combat
  6. Victus
  7. Victus
  8. Tucci
  9. Combat
  10. TargetEvo

Is a baseball bat good for self-defense?

Under certain circumstances, a baseball bat can be useful for self-defense. Depending on the nature of the attack, a simple baseball bat can help to prevent injuries or losses that may result from an attack. Perhaps, you should consider the laws within your location before using a baseball bat for self-defense during or after a game.

Where can I buy the best baseball bat for youth players?

You can buy some of the best youth baseball bats on Amazon. Whether you want a big barrel bat or some other type, you can find inside one of the world’s largest online retailer. Meanwhile, you can also find some other affordable youth baseball bats from your local retailer.

What kind of bat does little league use?

Baseball bats are mostly the same in terms of specifications. However, most of the bats used in little league baseball are made to meet USA Baseball Bat Standard. When you are in the market looking for where to buy the best bats for youth baseball, you’ll see many brands indicating whether their bats meet this standard or not.

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