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Top 10 Best Windbreakers for Men

best windbreakers

The most popular and best windbreakers for men

If you’re asking the question,” what is a windbreaker?” You should know Windbreakers are practical items of clothing that you should have. After all, the best windbreakers keep you warm and dry.

A windbreakers inner layer is made softer while the outer layer is made windproof. Some windbreakers, such as some Patagonia windbreaker designs, come with removable hoods. Even though many Patagonia windbreaker designs are worn during the warmer months, some can be layered on in the cold season. There are great windbreaker reviews but this one has top Amazon products.

Here is a list of ten of the best windbreakers you can find on Amazon:

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Brixton Water Repellant Jacket: The Best Windbreaker In The Market

This is one of the best windbreakers you can get yourself. It can also serve as the perfect gift for a friend. It features a zipper closure that will keep you warm. You can also use Brixton as a great light jacket with a modern yet timeless look.

If you’re looking for a nylon windbreaker, you cannot go wrong with this one because it has the perfect feel and fit. Made of 100% nylon and brushed tricot lining, this windbreaker is sure to give you excellent protection from chilly weather or light showers.

Because of the lightweight material, this windcheater allows you to layer underneath without getting too hot. The quality of this men’s light jacket is excellent: it ensures durability.

Calvin Klein Jacket

Even though this men’s windbreaker is not exactly light, and ranges from medium to lightweight, it washes up well. It features two interior pockets, one on each side where you can fit a small notebook or cell phone. It also has outer pockets on the chest area, which look very trendy and fashionable.

You don’t have to layer up too much in cooler weather as the interior material is quite warm and snug. Also, this light jacket offers a tighter fit in much colder weather because of a double zip. There’s one zip on the outside and a hidden inner one that provides a more airtight seal against the weather.

Under Armour Jacket

This windbreaker jacket features an outer shell made from UA Storm technology that is waterproof and breathable. The inner taffeta lining is designed to keep you from the cold by using a soft, heat conductive inside lining that absorbs heat and allows you to retain your body heat. It features an audio chest pocket that will enable you to use headphones.

The most significant advantage of this men’s light jacket is that it is adaptable. It is a 3 in 1 jacket that can be used as a light jacket during the windier months and as a winter jacket when temperatures are not too cold. Additionally, the size of the hood of this jacket is excellent, and when in use, it will not block your vision.

Even though the outer pockets aren’t too warm, they’re useful for putting your gloves in as they are big enough. This is hands down one of the best windbreakers because of its multi-functionality.

PUMA Windbreaker Jacket

At first glance, you can tell that this men’s windbreaker is quite stylish with its embroidered chest graphics. The zip-up closure and faux fleece lining on the hood are guaranteed to keep you warm in a drizzle. Don’t be fooled by the fleece, though; it can be considered a men’s light jacket because of the material, so you know that you won’t be too hot when it gets warm.

The outer zip-up pockets are a great size and guarantee safety for your cell phone as long as you keep the pockets zipped up. Puma did quite well on the quality of the jacket. This is one investment to make if you’d like a windbreaker jacket that you can use in-between seasons.

Nike Windbreaker Sportswear

In 1978, when Nike was popularly known for its footwear, the predecessor of this jacket became the face of the company. Its material is breathable and has excellent weather resistance. If you prefer a rooming feeling, it is better to get a size bigger.

Featuring roomy, zippered outer pockets, this lightweight jacket for men is ideal for carrying a wallet or phone if you’re out for a walk. It is water-resistant and will protect you and your inner garments from light and heavy drizzles.

Columbia Surge Jacket

Columbia manufactures the best windbreakers that you can use for your outdoor walks or fishing excursions. This nylon windbreaker is made with Omni-Tech technology, which ensures breathability while also guaranteeing water resistance. This allows you to be comfortable and dry regardless of the weather.

Perfect to wear for fishing excursions; you are sure of protection from unexpected storms and ocean waves. It is an all-weather jacket that can be worn in any season. Speaking of convenience, the PFG Storm Surge jacket can be packed into its hand pocket.

This allows you to remove it and carry it easily whenever you want without feeling like you’re carrying extra baggage. The quality on this jacket is on expert level, and you are guaranteed of a durable product when you purchase it.

The North Face Men’s Apex Canyonwall Hybrid Hoodie: The Best WindBreaker of All Types of Weather

Excellent water resistance provided by this windbreaker will protect you from light showers, and the thin layer of fleece on the inside will keep you warm on a windy day. Even though it is not an ideal windcheater for cooler temperatures, this jacket is excellent for layering, and you can add layers of warmer clothing inside on a more relaxed day.

The hood of this jacket is not detachable, but the more extended neckline provides added protection against wind. If you have a longer neck, this jacket would be perfect for you.

Since it is lightweight, it’s the ideal piece of clothing for cycling, walks on the beach, or short hikes.

Tommy Hilfiger Windbreaker Jacket

This windbreaker has an excellent shell that is made of lightweight material, is water-resistant, and breathable. If you have a small waist or prefer a tighter fit around the neck, then you’re in luck. Unlike other windcheaters, this lightweight jacket for men has adjustable chords that you can draw for added comfort.

It has Kangaroo pockets on the lower patch, which is big enough to fit a small booklet or a smartphone without dropping. It is made from 100% Nylon hence the lightweight quality and the quarter zip-adds comfort during colder weather.

Global Blank Windbreaker Winter Jacket

This windbreaker features zippers with rubber tabs, a scuba neck for extra protection during colder weather, and a tightening band at the waist for added comfort. Not only is this windcheater an excellent barrier against the weather, but it is also very stylish and is perfect for all fashion-conscious men. It looks excellent, paired with shorts, jeans, or water sports apparel.

Whether you’re going for a relaxed look or about to engage in physical activity such as hunting hiking, or other outdoor activities, this is the best lightweight jacket for men.

Columbia Flashback Windbreaker Jacket

This jacket is an excellent everyday staple and can be worn for all seasons. The design of the shell keeps you warm and cool on cold mornings. It features a frontal zipper and outer pockets with ample space.

This jacket is designed to protect you from the elements with a hood that fits snugly and traps warm air around your head. Excellent workmanship on this jacket is noticeable, which in turn reflects durability.


The Ideal Buying Guide for Purchasing the Best Windbreaker

Purchasing a windbreaker is not a complicated process. There are, however, a couple of factors that are essential to finding the best one for you. Here they are:


The outer shell of most windbreakers is made of nylon or polyester. They are then strengthened with a different material to make them tear resistant and improve flexibility. Choosing the right material for your windbreaker is an essential factor to consider if you want to make a durable purchase.

Some windbreakers are also more comfortable than others, so if you value comfort, this is one of the factors you should consider.


This is an essential factor you should consider before you purchase a windbreaker. Don’t let cheaper prices fool you because they may be made from poor quality material and come apart in a few uses. You can spend a bit more for a more durable and functional product.


Not only is a windbreaker supposed to be functional, but it is meant to suit your style as well. Some are tight-fitting around the waist. These will block off more wind and also keep you significantly warmer than the loose ones.

Some windbreakers can be packed into their own pockets for easy storage. Therefore, you should choose the windbreaker that works best for you.

Extra Features

Consider extra features that a windbreaker may have. Finishing touches such as adjustable hoods, extra pockets, and chin collars make a massive difference during the cold weather.


Even though windbreakers are designed to protect you from the wind and light showers, there’s only so much they can do to keep you warm in the coldest winters. They shouldn’t be used as coats because they’re designed to be light and thin.