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Top 3 Best VPN Services To Watch Sports

best VPN Services

If you love sports, then you know it has no bounds. So what happens if borders keep preventing you from watching your favorite international sport? You get the best VPN services (virtual private network).

A VPN for watching NBA will help you bypass any local or international restrictions and blackouts so that you can stream the upcoming game event. The VPN works by allowing you to pretend that you are in the country where the game is allowed to stream.

How Should You Choose the best VPN services?

You must note that any VPN will route your traffic through its servers. This means that the VPN provider can monitor and share your browsing activity with law enforcement. It also means that your online traffic will remain hidden through encryption from your internet service provider. Therefore, to choose a VPN that won’t monitor your online shenanigans, this is what you should look out for:

  • Logs: Get a VPN with a zero-logs policy because they will not monitor your online activities or store your connection metadata.
  • Disclosure: Check and confirm that your VPN service protects you from copyright trolls, court orders, and other copyright sharks. For instance, if your VPN’s jurisdiction is in a privacy-friendly location like Seychelles, you can rest easy knowing your data cannot be disclosed.
  • Security: You want a VPN that will not leak your private data. In that case, get a provider with an OpenVPN protocol with military-grade encryption: they often have a kill switch to protect your data.
  • Server Location: When sourcing for a VPN, ensure it has ample server coverage in the region you want to watch your sports from. For instance, if you wish to watch Australian sports channels, make sure your VPN serves cover that region greatly.
  • Speed: If you live streaming, your speeds have to be high to stop your sports event from buffering or pausing between games. Get a company that has broad server coverage so that you can get super speeds. You will know your provider has one when you see the optimized streaming server feature.

That said, here are some of the best VPN services to watch sports in 2021.

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The Best VPN Services To Consider

  1. VyprVPN

The best part about using this sports VPN service provider is that it operates in more than 60 countries. Therefore, you will be exposed to a variety of sports from different locations. Additionally, this VPN bypasses the hardest firewalls – including China firewalls.

This results from its proprietary Chameleon protocol that will protect your online traffic from any Deep Packet Inspection. Also, VyprVPN owns its servers, which means that the complete control of your data is under the protection of VyprVPN.

And if you are worried about your local authorities asking for your data traffic, the company has pro-privacy laws within the Swiss jurisdiction that ensures your protection. You can start using VyprVPN with its 3-day free trial offer on either your mobile device or computer since its app is compatible with both devices.

  1. Express VPN

Since it is available in 94 countries, Express VPN is a reliable VPN service for streaming sports. It also offers the excellent speed you can use to stream your sports in HD on your mobile or computer. Besides, you can have three simultaneous connections when using Express VPN.

Apart from giving you excellent speeds, Express VPN offers the best customer service in the VPN industry. This means that you never have to worry about setting up your favorite sports streaming service since you will get the directions from the Express VPN live chat.

And, if you choose to use Express VPN, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like their services.  The payments are versatile, too, since you can pay the monthly $13 in bitcoin.

  1. NordVPN

Are you looking for a VPN for watching NBA on multiple devices at the same time? Then NordVPN is your best bet. It allows six simultaneous connections. NordVPN runs across more than 60 different countries and is one of the largest networks of 3350.

You will also stream your sports in HD since NordVPN provides high speeds. It also ensures that your privacy will be protected at all times, with a kill switch kept ready if needed. NordVPN is based in Panama, where the no-log policy is strictly followed.

Therefore, the $12 per month cost for NordVPN is affordable, considering you have a 3-day money-back guarantee.

There are many VPN options in the market you can select from if you want to stream your sports online. Nonetheless, make sure you consider the factors named above so that you can protect your privacy and online traffic.


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