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Ranking: Best Tennis Shoes

Whether you’re playing in a competition or a friendly match, the best tennis shoes will help you move around swimmingly. The tennis sneakers you choose to wear will make a big difference in your game and help you win against your opponents. Even when you’re playing doubles, the best shoes for tennis will improve your performance on the court and compliment your style of play.

When purchasing tennis shoes for men and women, you’ve got to consider where you’re going to play. For instance, clay courts and hard courts require different types of tennis sneakers. If you don’t consider this, even the most famous tennis shoes will let you down.

Here are some of the best shoes for tennis available on that are sure to take your play to the next level and leave your opponent’s mouths agape at your mastery of the game.

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Adidas Tennis Shoe 

adidas Women’s Gamecourt Tennis Shoe

If you’ve been wondering what the best tennis shoes are that’ll take your game from good to great, these are the real deal. It’s no wonder Adidas tennis shoes are first on this list. At a glance, these shoes are hot!

They come in either white or blue tint. The only downside to purchasing these tennis sneakers is that you’ll have to buy a size smaller because they have a big fitting. Otherwise, everything else about them is perfection. These Adidas tennis shoes for women feature a rubber sole that’ll give you the flexibility you need to reach high or wide balls.

The Adidas women’s game court shoes feature breathable material and a comfortable cloud foam midsole that helps to keep you comfortable, whether you’re on or off-court. If safety is your first choice on the court, you’ll be pleased to see the Adituff around the toe area, which will protect you from any kind of movement resistance on the court.

Adidas Men’s Tennis Shoe

adidas Men’s Courtjam Bounce Tennis Shoe

These Adidas shoes for tennis are for serious players. But if you’re only in the game for some entertainment, these tennis shoes for men are lightweight, so your feet will be comfortable throughout the game. They’ve got excellent bounce properties, which ensure shock absorption and reduction of related injuries.

The breathable mesh upper is not disappointing either as the material ensures that you’ve got increased breathability. If you’re a bit on the heavier side, you need not worry. These tennis shoes for men come with an extended outer sole, which will give you maximum stability on the court.

They also come with additional padding on the ankle area that will give you a comfortable fit when you’re active. The Courtjam bounce shoes for tennis are perfect for you if you’ve got wide feet as you’re guaranteed great midfoot support with these sneakers. When it comes to flexibility, these shoes have got it right with the rubber sole that’s abrasion-resistant and allows you to make sudden movements when playing.

Nike Men’s Tennis Sneakers

Nike Air Zoom Max Wildcard Mens Tennis Shoe

These lightweight Air Max Wildcard Nike mens tennis shoes allow you to hit the court hard while still experiencing a lot of comfort. They are the best shoes for tennis if you’re looking for foot stability with extra padding and support around the ankle. The Air Max unit in the midsole will take in the curves of your feet and increase your comfort while ensuring the durability of the shoe.

In the league of popular shoes for tennis, the new balance tennis shoes must incorporate anti-abrasion features. These Nike mens tennis shoes provide just that and will protect you from injuries in case you slide.

ASICS Women’s Tennis Shoes

ASICS Women’s Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes

These are the best shoes for tennis if you’re working on your backhand. They’re also some of the most popular tennis shoes if you’re just starting in the game or playing for recreational purposes. If your feet get tired fast, these are the best tennis shoes to wrap them in as they feature a gel cushioning that’s a signature of ASICS tennis shoes.

The midfoot provides excellent cushioning and stability while the upper mesh features synthetic materials that offer breathability, support, and comfort. The outsole, made from rubber, delivers superior traction and is excellent to play with on any surface.

ASICS Men’s Tennis Shoes

ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes

Just like the Nike Mens tennis shoes, the Mens Gel-Challenger is one of the new balance tennis shoes that are available on Amazon. They feature a lightweight midsole, and the shoe offers extra durability and comfort. The front and back part of the shoe has an excellent cushioning system that absorbs shock and allows you to make multiple movements during play.

If you’ve got medical issues, the sock liner can be removed and replaced with a medical orthotic. You don’t have to worry about the footwear retaining its structural integrity because its design caters for such replacements.

How to Choose the Best Tennis Shoes

By now, you’ve figured out that the best mens tennis shoes will provide you with extended durability and comfort. While trying to figure out what the best tennis shoes are for you, it’s vital to realize that some factors will come into play. Let’s look at some aspects of the best tennis shoes that should be important to you.

A Lightweight Vs. Durable Shoe

When it comes to tennis and other sports, shoes should be lightweight enough to allow you to move without affecting your stability. A lightweight shoe will guarantee that you’re faster or jump quicker on the court. However, most shoes that are light with no added durability will not last long.

Enhanced durability on tennis shoes will allow them to last longer. Longer lasting shoes are essential for seasoned players who are used to moving quickly, or playing and training often. Even if you’re a pro, it’s just not worth it having to buy new shoes for your training sessions every three months.

Manufacturers of the best tennis shoes know that it’s important for shoes to last longer. Therefore, they add more material that makes the shoe more durable. Even though the shoe ends up a little heavier, it doesn’t affect stability or overall play much.

Stability Vs. Flexibility 

Stability in tennis footwear depends on the support it gets from a higher profile around the ankle. With a raised profile, you’ve got more support and cushion in the upper to help you stabilize if you hit the court hard. Not only does stability help with pain, but having a shoe with excellent support will keep you from injuries on the court.

If you’ve had injuries or pain before, then stability and support will be vital to you. Also, if you’re an amateur just starting to play tennis and looking for the new balance tennis shoes, then you’re better off training with shoes that provide excellent support and stability. Tennis is a sport played on hard surfaces that can take a toll on your joints, so you should be extra careful.

Injuries or pain while playing any sport can be a bummer. However, if you’re in this position, don’t try to figure out what the great shoes for tennis are on your own. Get in touch with your physician and see if they can help you find great tennis shoes that’ll offer you the right support.

When it comes to professional players, getting a shoe that will guarantee flexibility should be a priority. Most advanced players try to keep themselves in good shape, and as a result, they aren’t as prone to injury as amateurs. Pros make quick and sudden movements all the time. Therefore, footwear that provides flexibility is an excellent fit for them. If you’re very flexible, then a flexible shoe is right for you.

Value of the Shoe Vs. It’s Quality

When trying to figure out which are the best men’s tennis shoes for you, you’ve got to think about the essential aspects of your purchase. Just like with many other types of shoes that you buy, you should determine if the quality of a shoe is vital to you. If you’re a professional player, you should watch out for the flexibility, support, and performance of the shoe to ensure the quality of a tennis sneaker is essential.

However, these aspects may not be a determining factor if you’re an amateur in need of sneakers that you will only use a few times every month. In this case, it may be more logical for you to purchase shoes that provide better value.



If you’re new to tennis, you should know that it’s a game that’ll require you to master control so that you can play well. The right footwear will not only make you look formidable, but they’ll protect you from injuries while allowing you to perform well. The best mens tennis shoes should provide you with enough traction to prevent slips inside the courts, support you, and cushion you against any kind of shock.




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