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Ranking of the best tennis shoes for wide feet available now:

The story is the same for most people looking for the best tennis shoes for wide feet. You’ve found a pair of sneakers that you love, and you buy them. The only downside is, they don’t fit perfectly, and they’re a little tight. Even though you know deep down, you’ve made a mistake; you try to convince yourself that after you’ve broken them in, they’ll be better.

What you don’t know is, breaking in the footwear you’ve purchased could damage your feet and puncture your skin. Lucky for you, it isn’t impossible to find shoes that’ll fit your wide feet perfectly. Here are some of the best tennis shoes for wide feet that made it to our list.

Adidas Men’s Wide Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men's Wide Tennis Shoe

adidas Men’s Barricade Court 3 Wide Tennis Shoe

These sneakers will end your long search for Adidas wide tennis shoes for men. They fit so well that you’ll forget about them when playing. The footwear comes in white or matte silver, which is a perfect color if you’re trying to attain a crisp look while avoiding weird color combinations on footwear.

When it comes to tennis footwear, you know you’ve hit the jackpot when your Adidas wide tennis shoes have an upper made for maximum breathability. You’ve got to try these sneakers for yourself if you’re going to experience the superior cushioning and the Torsion System, which provides excellent stability. Most people with wide feet don’t get to experience durability with the footwear they purchase, but this is not the case with these Adidas wide tennis shoes.

ASICS Men’s Tennis Shoes

ASICS Men's Tennis Shoes

ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes

Finding the best tennis shoes for wide feet can be a hassle if you don’t already know what to consider. These Asics wide tennis shoes have everything you need to support your wide feet. They come with a round toe box that allows your toes to have a little more room to wiggle.

The design of these Asics wide tennis shoes is carefully thought out and provides you with the support and comfort you’ll need to get your best game on. It’s got excellent shock absorbers, and the sock liner is removable to make room for orthotics. With these Asics wide tennis shoes, you’ll be able to out-maneuver your opponents while preserving your stability even during the most extended games.

Brooks Men’s Running Shoes

Brooks Men's Running Shoes

Brooks Mens Addiction 14 Running Shoe

Who said you couldn’t use your Brooks addiction running shoes for a rejuvenating game of tennis? Even though these are for running, these Brooks addiction sneakers possess all the qualities that are present in the best tennis shoes for wide feet. They’ve got superior stability, excellent cushioning, and perfect motion control.

If you need specialized footwear, these brooks addiction sneakers are excellent for you. Sometimes, tennis shoes don’t require a label; you make the footwear you’ve got work for you.

Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV

Nike Men's Air Monarch IV

Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

These Nike wide tennis shoes are man-made, and they feature a leather upper that has overlays that provide support. They’re one of the best tennis shoes for wide feet because the upper has perforations, which allow maximum airflow. They’re very comfortable, and you can use them for training sessions.

If lightweight Nike wide tennis shoes are a priority for you, then you’re going to enjoy these sneakers. They feature a midsole made from foam, and the rubber outsole’s design provides you with excellent traction on different surfaces. Even though there’s a variety of Nike wide tennis shoes to choose from, these fit the bill of what makes the best tennis shoes.

How to Buy the Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet

You’re either born with wide feet or your feet grow wider because of weight gain, age, or, for women, pregnancy. Luckily, with sneaker reviews such as the one you’ve just read, you don’t have to keep wondering which tennis shoes are best for wide feet.

Finding the best tennis shoes for flat wide feet can be a breeze as long as you know what to look for in footwear. Here are some tips to consider the next time you go shopping for the best tennis shoes for wide feet.

Make Sure Your Shoes Have Removable Linings

Shoes that have removable insoles and linings will allow you to utilize space more and make your footwear more comfortable. The best tennis shoes for wide flat feet will always have an allowance to fit in your orthotics if you need to.

Only Buy Shoes with Closure

If you’ve got to choose from an array of sneakers, then you’re probably confused as to which tennis shoes are best for wide feet. Shoes that have got laces or Velcro straps allow you to adjust how the shoe fits. You can either loosen the shoe or opt for a tighter fit with your sneaker.

Opt for a Rounded Toe

Searching for the best tennis shoes for wide flat feet shouldn’t be an uphill task. One of the factors that’ll determine your comfort is the shape of the shoe box. The shoe box you want to look out for is more rounded and broad.

You want to avoid sneakers that have pointy toes as much as possible because your toes won’t have much space to move around.

Go for a Wider Sole

If you’ve got no experience in purchasing tennis sneakers, figuring out which tennis shoes are best for wide feet can be a drag. You may think that shoe size is the only thing that matters. But, when purchasing tennis sneakers, you have to consider the design of the upper and the width of the outsole as well. It should be sturdy rubber sole and durable shoes.

The outsole should have a broad base that allows for maximized stability. Also, the material that makes up the upper should be soft, with a breathable mechanism. The best tennis shoes should have insoles that’ll absorb stress and shock that you’ll encounter when playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How We Should Select the Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet?

To select the best tennis shoes for wide feet, it is important to consider the shoe’s width, arch support, and cushioning. Look for shoes specifically designed for wide feet and try them on in person to ensure a good fit.

Why is breathability Important in Tennis shoes for wide feet?

Breathability in tennis shoes for wide feet is crucial because it allows air flow to keep your feet cool and dry during long matches. This can help prevent discomfort and blisters.

What are the most comfortable shoes for wide foot?

The most comfortable shoes for wide feet will vary from person to person, but some top brands known for their wider shoe options include New Balance, Asics, and Adidas. It is important to try on different styles and brands to find the best fit for your individual foot shape.

How does the type of court affect the choice of Tennis shoes?

The type of court can affect the choice of tennis shoes as different surfaces require different types of traction, support, and durability. For example, clay courts typically require more grip while hard courts may need more cushioning to absorb shock from impact. It is important to consider the type of court you will be playing on when selecting your tennis shoes feature for wide feet.


Having wide feet shouldn’t be a reason to wear ill-fitting, drab sneakers on the court. But, when purchasing footwear, you should consider essential aspects of the shoe that’ll help to keep you stable and maintain your safety when playing. It is because high performance running shoes which are required for the Tennis Players.

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