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15 Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners

    best tennis racquet for beginners

    How to choose the Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners

    The task of picking the best tennis racquets for beginners could sound like complicated, but it is fact really simple. Sports aren’t all that complicated from an outside-looking-in standpoint. Most often, what we wonder about a sport is how one would score and/or win. At our most cerebral, we might even consider the rules.

    When it comes to a certain activity though, there can be just some complicated matters to think about. If you are serious about learning how to pick the best tennis racquets for beginners, then you want to read this post to the end as it talks about the best type of tennis racquets for a beginner and the best tennis racquet size for beginners.

    Tennis is an inherently detail-oriented sport. Still, tennis players don’t obsess over the same details as, for example, soccer players. This is an individualistic sport – once the match starts, you’re on your own. Consequently, it’s all about getting things right with yourself as an athlete. Everything boils down to an individual tennis player’s preference. So, finding the best tennis racquet for beginners is really an important task when starting playing.

    One such often discussed detail is whether or not you’re using the best tennis racquet. So, to be able to find the best beginner’s tennis racquet is for sure important when starting off with the sport.

    From those of us who are just getting started with this sport to the advanced players, this process can prove to be tricky. To know which would be the best tennis racquet for you involves multiple personal considerations. As a digestible way of understanding the process of selecting the best tennis racquet for beginners, we’ve broken the main points down into three key factors: weight, string pattern, and head size.

    Head Tennis Racquet

    When starting out in tennis, beginners tend to favor the racquets that allow them to hit faster and with a little more pop. However, it’s worth considering that these characteristics can often clash.

    Hitting with power does depend on what racquet you use, but not in the way you might think. A heavier racquet might seem like the best option for more powerful swings, but that’s not the case if you have power in your arms already. If you’re a stronger player anyway, you’ll want a lighter racquet as the heavier ones will absorb much of your natural strength. This Head racquet has to be one of the best beginner tennis racquet available to buy.

    HEAD Beginner Tennis Racquet

    The lighter racquets are great for beginners that are just starting to develop some sort of arm strength. Unlike a heavy tennis racquet, they swing nicely through your motion and provide little if any resistance. Additionally, the lighter options are usually more exciting as they offer more opportunities to add interesting spins!

    For head size considerations, beginners will find the best tennis racquet in those that have bigger heads. These are the sort with the larger sweet spots and are thus easier to get optimal hits with. This means more power and a more satisfying feel when striking the ball.

    Oppum New Graphene Ultra Carbon Pro Tennis Racket

    Oppum is one of the best tennis racquet sizes for beginners with a good performance and handling, which is a function of graphene carbon fiber material it is made of.

    The entire frame is composed of graphene carbon material, which makes the Oppum new graphene ultra-carbon pro tennis racket to be very strong and light with a new technology that provides maximum stability.

    Additionally, the spin grommets of this best tennis racket for beginners give room for more string movement and this results in a powerful trampoline effect at each ball stroke. The Graphene Tennis Racket is an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate players, especially those who need more strength and ball control.

    Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners: additional picks

    Babolat Boost Drive Pre-Strung Tennis Racquet

    Babolat Boost Drive Pre-Strung Tennis Racket is yet another excellent option when shopping for the best tennis racquet for beginner adults. The racket is designed with a 100% graphite frame with an oval shape, which gives it a wide handling appeal to beginner adults.

    With only a total weight of about 260g, the Babolat boost drive seems to be the perfect option for beginner adults that need a racket that is powerful, forgiving, lightweight, as well as something that is easy to maneuver.

    Built from a design inspired by the renowned Pure Drive, the Babolat Boost Drive Pre Strung Tennis Racket remains the perfect choice for adult beginners recreational players with an eye for a high-performance racket that is pretty easy to use.

    Champion Sports 21-Inch Plastic Tennis Racquet Set

    The Champion Sports 21-inch plastic Tennis racquet set is an ideal option for youth and beginners in tennis games. These rackets are easily one of the best types of tennis racquets for a beginner since it can be used in playing a variety of plastic or foam balls.

    With its 21 inches, the Champions sports tennis racket comes with a lightweight plastic material that makes it very easy for tennis newbies to handle and maneuver with little or no stress.

    Another outstanding thing about this beginner tennis racket is the fact that it comes in a set of six colors: Green, Royal blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, and Purple, and this makes it very handy for beginners who may be choosy about color.

    MACGREGOR Mac Recreational Tennis Racquet 4-3/8″

    Macgregor Mac Recreational Tennis Racquet is another handy and the best tennis racket for beginners with a unique design that makes it very comfortable to use. The racket is made of aluminum and graphite fused shaft and head with an O-Beam frame design that is accompanied by a PU grip.

    The PU grip design is one of the most fascinating features that makes the Macgregor recreational tennis racket to be a top pick for most tennis beginners as it gives them a firm grip without exerting much energy.

    Babolat Aero G Tennis Racquet

    This racket is yet another creative design to give tennis beginners and intermediate players smooth sailing in tennis games. The Babolat Aero G Tennis Racket is one of the best tennis rackets for junior beginners with a design inspired by the Pure Aero range.

    It is made with 100% graphite material, which makes it an ideal racket for every beginner and intermediate tennis player in need of a racket that gives maximum ease to add spin at each stroke.

    Its 275g weight and a 660cm2 head give it an edge and help players perform excellently as it strikes the balance between spin, forgiveness, and power.

    HEAD Instinct Junior Girls’ Tennis Racquet

    For people who are skeptical about how to pick the best tennis racket for beginners, the Head Instinct Junior Tennis Racquet Range is one of the best tennis rackets for beginners, and it is specially tailored for kids with the desire to try out tennis for the first time.

    The extreme lightweight of this tennis racket makes it the perfect choice for even female beginners between ages 8-10. Additionally, its headlight balance feature helps to boost stability as well as reducing vibration when hitting the ball by a beginner.

    Another important thing to note is that this racket is made with solid and durable aluminum material which makes it long-lasting, and can potentially serve kids until they outgrow them.

    Babolat Aero Junior 26″ Tennis Racquet

    Babolat Aero Junior 26″ Tennis Racket is generally regarded as one of the best tennis racquets for junior beginners. This, in part, is due to its aluminum head and graphite throat, which makes it provide maximum power and maneuverability to players during a competition or recreational sporting activities.  More so, the lightweight design is well-curated to match the grabbing strength of junior players between the ages of 8 and 12.

    HEAD IG Gravity Jr Tennis Racquet

    HEAD IG Gravity Jr Tennis Racket is another innovative beginner racket series that is specially designed to give kids a perfect kickoff into the amazing world of tennis.

    Unique about this racket as one of the best tennis rackets for beginners is the lightweight graphite composite materials that give this tennis racket the best weight and advantage that kids between ages 8-10 can use with ease.

    In addition to its lightweight, this racket has a headlight balance which is a handy feature that helps to reduce vibration as well as boosting stability for children whenever they hit the ball.

    Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids

    Another top tennis racket size for beginners is the street tennis club junior racket. This tennis racket for kids is well-designed to help aspiring kids build their skills in tennis as they grow. The premium aluminum design of this tennis racket makes it very durable, lightweight, and easy for young tennis player to control their ball stroke with ease.

    Another outstanding thing about the Street Tennis Club Tennis Racket for kids is the gauge strings feature that helps the user to have better contact with a tennis ball, and the firm grip design which is perfect for smaller hands.

    The Street Tennis Club Tennis Racket comes in various sizes such as 17, 19, and 21-inch. Similarly, the kid’s tennis racket comes in a variety of colors and smiles that gives it a sleek look with some sight of fun while playing on the court.

    To top it all, the atmosphere of fun with which the kids learn how to play tennis using the Street tennis club tennis racket is a fun video game that comes free with the racket for the kids to play even in the driveway.

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    Becoming a top tennis player begins with having the right kits, which a tennis racket is a big part of. Choosing a tennis racket that is lightweight, with a headlight balance is one of the best ways to have the best kickoff as a beginner tennis player.

    If you have been considering buying one of the best tennis rackets for beginner-intermediate players, the products discussed in this article are durable and long-lasting, and thus are a good place to begin.