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25 Best Tennis Balls

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    Top 25 Tennis Balls

    If you are considering joining the game of tennis or intend to introduce your kids into the beautiful game, it is imperative to have some information on tennis balls. The game is more than a tennis ball and a racket. Each of these components comes in varieties, and each type is suited to different levels of players.

    There are tennis balls suited for beginners, kids, recreational players, and pros. While there are multiple types of tennis balls available in stores, the following appear on top of the pile.

    Best Seller:

    Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Balls

    These are arguably the best tennis balls, hence the honor of being used in the official US Opens games. They are made of high-quality wool twisted to form a thick, dense feel, which makes them very durable.

    They are heavy-duty and can be played on both hard and soft surfaces but are best suited for the hard courts. Even better, Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Balls flaunt a premium Text/Tech texture that makes them consistent and contributes to accuracy.

    Wilson WRT1073CS US Open Regular Duty Balls

    This is another top-quality Wilson tennis balls brand. Like the US open extra duty, they have a Tex Tech Felt, which makes them significantly flexible as well as durable. This quality also makes them more playable and consistent on the court.

    These balls are best suited for indoors and clay courts but can also be played on hard surfaces. You can also play them in high altitude courts since they have a unique felt perfect for such.

    Penn Tennis Balls

    Penn tennis balls are a favorite for professional players since they are of high quality. The Penn 521190CS ATP World Tour Reg Duty Tennis Ball is made of a top-quality rubber core that gives it a perfect bounce on most types of courts.

    These tennis balls flaunt a Smart Optik Felt that makes them brighter than other types and more visible even in poorly lit courts. Moreover, they can generate an extra bounce with more spins and optimized accuracy due to high visibility.

    Slazenger Wimbledon Official Tennis Balls

    The Slazenger Wimbledon Official Tennis Ball is one of the most durable and reliable tennis balls available. Not only does it have high bouncing qualities, but it also offers excellent visibility. They are, however, not suited to tournament levels but are an excellent selection for recreational plays.

    The ball is made of patented hydro guard technology, which makes them 70% water-proof, which is better than other standard balls.

    Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty Tennis Balls

    Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty Tennis Balls are arguably the most durable tennis balls you can ever buy. They adopt Penn’s Encore Technology that gives them an optimized playing experience and longevity.

    These balls are regular duty and are most ideal for soft courts, but they can also be used on hard courts. They use Optik felt, which increases not only their visibility but also their accuracy.

    DUNLOP Hard Court Balls

    A DUNLOP 602157USCS Grand Prix Hard Court Ball is an epitome of top performance and durability. The ball has a MaxGlo felt, which makes the ball brighter and improves its visibility. It is a regular duty ball but has a hard court version that is abrasion-resistant and perfect for clay and indoor hard surfaces.

    This ball is approved by both UTSA and ITF and can feature in tournaments and league games.

    Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls

    The Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball is among the finest balls available. It is specially built for hard courts with a heavy-duty Dura-Weave felt. This felt makes them very durable as well as suitable for top performances. Furthermore, the Dura-Weave felt is water repellent and bright to increase visibility.

    These balls are known to feature in top tournaments such as the US Open, Australian Open Grand Slam Championship, and NCAA Tennis. They are, however, very expensive.

    Dunlop Championship Tennis Balls

    A Dunlop Championship Tennis Ball meets the standards of both professional play and recreational play. They offer top performances on almost all types of courts and are popular for the Durafelt cloth technology that boosts their durability.

    This technology can withstand the abrasions of hard courts yet optimize play on soft courts. The ball is approved by both the USTA and ITF for professional engagements. Most pros love them for the little faster serves they offer since they bounce more and spin the best.

    Wilson Championship Regular Duty Tennis Balls

    A Wilson Championship Regular Duty Tennis Ball is another epitome of durability and top performance. Even better, they can be played both on hard and soft surfaces. Their durability and high performance can be attributed to their Dura-Weave felt.

    Wilson Championship Regular Duty Tennis Balls are ideal for competitions and recreational plays. They are approved by both USTA and ITF.

    It is UST, and ITF approved to be played in Championships and other leagues and are ideally perfect for high school and recreational players.

    Penn Championship Tennis Balls

    This is an extra duty ball that falls in the category of cheap tennis balls. However, its affordability does not mean inferior standards. It is suctioned by USTA and ITF.

    The ball flaunts a natural rubber core that gives it a nice consistent feel. It further has interlocking wool fibers that optimize performance and elastic seams that help to dampen cracking. It is ideal for hard courts, outdoors, asphalt surfaces, and concrete.

    Penn Championship Regular Duty Tennis Balls

    This is among Penn’s most affordable tennis balls available and America’s best selling tennis balls. It comes in several versions; regular duty, extra duty, and extra duty high altitude. Most people consider it one of the most playable balls in the market.

    It boasts of an exclusive fiber release that offers consistency and a natural rubber feel that optimizes performance. Like other Penn products, it flaunts interlocking wool fibers that prevent abrasions.

    Tourna Pressureless Tennis Balls

    A Tourna Pressureless Tennis Ball is a pressureless tennis ball that can also serve as a dog toy. They are premium balls, and their pressureless aspect allows them to maintain their bounce for long, making them very durable. They can be used on any type of court, hard or soft.

    Even batter, these balls are made of non-toxic material, making them ideal dog toys for your pets. They flaunt the standard tennis ball size.

    Penn ATP Regular Duty Tennis Balls

    The Penn ATP Regular Duty Tennis Ball is the official ATP Master Series ball. It can be played on all types of courts without loss of control or abrasions on hard surfaces. Even better, they come with the typical Penn’s Smart Optik felt, which optimizes visibility and accuracy.

    Wilson US Open Regular Duty Tennis Ball

    This is another top Wilson tennis ball available in the market today. The ball features in the famous Wilson US Open Tournament. It is made of premium top quality wool woven into a durable thick felt.

    The felt makes the ball more consistent and offers a great playing experience. It is best suited for clay and indoor courts.

    Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls

    Dunlop has established itself at the pinnacle of the world’s top tennis makers over the years, and among their best tennis balls is the Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls. This ball is approved for top competitions due to its Durafelt technology. The technology comes in handy to maximize durability as well as prevent abrasions on hard surfaces.

    The ball comes in both regular and heavy-duty forms, making it playable on hard and soft courts. It offers more speed and enhanced performance for excellent playing experience.

    Penn Pink Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls

    This is a Penn product with an attached humanitarian purpose. For every purchase, a significant amount goes to cancer research. Nevertheless, the ball flaunts championship qualities such as Optik felt and can be used in top competitions.

    These balls are very water-resistant and are made of premium wool, which significantly contributes to their durability.

    Penn Practice Tennis Balls

    This is another popular selection for top quality practice. Penn’s pressureless balls help slow the game down for those just learning how to play. The  balls are packed in a reusable plastic bucket with handle for easy transport and storage.

    The best-selling tennis ball in America, Penn is the standard by which all others are measured. An ideal tennis ball for those looking for a casual practice session, Penn Pressureless Tennis Balls are great for players looking to fine tune their game. Long-life pressureless cores offer extended play value with Penn quality you know you can trust.

    Dunlop Grand Prix Hard Court Ball

    This particular tennis ball brand is famous for its secret rubber core formula. The core is made up of 14 ingredients, which makes it very durable. The bounce of the ball cannot easily be worn off. Its felt is woven to give a unique feel for the users. MaxGlo Technology makes the ball 14% brighter than ordinary tennis balls, giving the player faster reaction time.

    Wilson RF Legacy All-Court Tennis Balls

    This is a Roger Federer’s legacy all-court ball made by Wilson. The ball’s speed, control, and playability are approved by the legendary player making it a worthy purchase for you. Even better, it can be played on all types of courts.

    Wilson Prime Tennis Balls

    If you are looking for a decent and affordable ball for recreational purposes, Wilson’s Prime all-court balls are the best bargain. They might not be so high-performing but are a guarantee of solid standard performance. They have a Duraweave felt, which significantly enhances playability and can be played on all types of courts.

    Penn Pressureless Tennis Balls

    Penn’s Pressureless Tennis Balls are an excellent choice for beginners as well as an excellent practice selection for pros. They are relatively cheap but come with a set of impressive features.

    Made of natural rubber and polyester felt, Penn’s balls have a high performance and long life span. They also have elastic seams that prevent cracking and vivid neon green colors that boost visibility.

    Viking Extra Duty Platform Tennis Balls

    These are the official game balls of the APTA National Events and among the top tennis balls in the world. They are made with an impressive advanced flocking process that gives them the ideal felt for optimized ball spins and control. Their rubber compound further gives them the perfect bounce even on the hardest of courts.

    Babolat Gold Championship Balls

    A Babolat Gold Championship Ball is among the most playable and durable balls available. It is ITF approved and can be played on all types of courts. Moreover, it is a match to all levels of players, from beginners to pros. Even better, when they have lost their playability, you can turn them into tennis balls for walkers.

    Gamma Sports Bucket of Pressureless Tennis Balls

    This is a set of pressureless tennis balls most ideal for training and recreational purposes. Like other pressureless balls, it is very durable. Moreover, it can offer high performance on any type of court, making it the ideal selection for personal training.

    The ball can absorb impacts from hard courts and still give consistent flawless bounces on soft courts.

    Dunlop Stage One Green Dot

    A Dunlop Stage One Green Dot ball flaunts an average tennis ball size and is considered one of the best beginner and kid balls available. They are very durable but have a significantly slower bounce rate than other balls to accommodate learners. They can be played on almost all types of courts.

    Tennis Balls Buying Guide

    tennis balls
    tennis ball

    Buying a tennis ball is more than just dropping at the stores and randomly picking some. There are some things that you have to put into consideration. Such could include the following:

    Best Tennis Balls for You: Recreational, Championship, or Professional?

    There are levels of tennis balls that you can buy as per your skills. You can purchase either recreational, championship, or professional level tennis balls.

    Recreational balls can be used for practice levels as you train with a tennis machine while the championship balls are a step higher and can feature in competitions such as league games. The professional level tennis balls are purely for pro-level players and are the highest quality you can get in the market.

    Types of Tennis Balls: Pressureless or Pressurized?

    This is another aspect of these balls that you have to be on the lookout for when you go shopping. There are two types of tennis balls you can buy; pressureless and pressurized.

    Pressureless balls are best for beginners, practice, or recreational purposes. They are made of a rubber shell that gives them the bounce, unlike the pressurized types that achieve the same from the air on the inside.

    Pressureless balls do not lose their bounce and guarantee a long service life. They are, however, considered heavier than the pressurized ones and harder to play with.

    Pressurized balls, on the other hand, are mainly used for professional purposes. They have internally trapped air that provides them with a more exceptional bounce, spin, and speed. These aspects, however, quickly fade in a short span and have a lifespan of at most two weeks.

    At professional games, pressurized tennis balls serve a single match. While they are of the highest quality, they offer little service life.

    Regular Duty vs. Extra Duty

    Playing courts also determine the type of tennis balls you should buy. You can purchase regular duty or extra duty, depending on your field of play.

    If you have a clay court or an indoor court, regular duty balls are the best option. This type has a thinner skin, which reduces the amount of clay that could be absorbed upon impact with the surface.

    Extra duty balls are best suited to hard courts and grass surfaces and have a thicker felt that is most appropriate for such surfaces.

    High Altitude

    Altitude is another constant you have to keep in mind when buying tennis balls. If you are playing in a high altitude area, pressurized balls are bound to travel faster and bounce significantly higher than in low altitude areas. This can be a problem for players, even pros.

    For altitudes above 4,000 feet, you should consider buying specialized high-altitude balls. These are made with unique qualities that come in handy to minimize the above issues and restore normal conditions in a court.

    For Beginners and Kids

    If you are buying practice tennis balls for your kids or you are a beginner, there are also recommended balls for you. Different balls have different speeds, and each level of players is suited to different speeds. Pros are comfortable with high speeds, but beginners and kids may not be suited to fast-speed balls; slow-moving foam balls are the best for these groups.

    The following are the best balls for beginners:

    Stage 3 (Red)

    These are the lowest-level balls suited to young kids below ten years. They are easy to handle and come in handy to help kids develop skills, coordination, and gain confidence. They are most appropriate for 30-foot courts.

    Stage 2 (Orange)

    This level of balls flaunts more speed than the red level but is still a match for beginners and kids. They are played on a 60-foot court and are perfect in developing skills.

    Stage 1 (Green)

    This is the last stage of balls before a beginner is considered fit to handle a tournament tennis ball. They come with a lower bounce and are played on a 78-foot court.


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