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What is the Best Sports Mouth Guard

sports mouth guard

Amid high contact sports, the difference between a happy photogenic picture day and a broken mug might come down to the protection inside your mouth. In that regard, it is imperative to have the best sports mouth guard in activities where you are likely to experience dental upheaval.

Combat sports, football, hockey, basketball, etc. In 2021, there is a bevy of the best mouth guard to protect teeth in sports you can purchase and wear. Some way or another, you need to pick the best Sports mouth guard as per your desires. These are some of the best sports mouth guard options to look out for in 2021.

Considerations For Selection

  • Personal style and preference.
  • Comfort and fit.
  • Safety Certifications.
  • Compatibility with your sport.

Battle Fang-Edition Mouth Guard

Perhaps the most famous mouth guard selections produced by Battle is the Fang version that grabs your attention immediately with its unconventional yet extremely helpful build. What’s more, this mouth guard is also accessible in different sizes for teens and grown-ups. You can sterilize this mouth guard by boiling if you need to utilize it once more. What’s more, it is one of the best sports mouth guard for braces.


  • Boiling the mouth guard helps with the molding.
  • Compatible with braces.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes.


  • Does not come with a protective case.
  • It is not effective when it comes to breathing and speaking.


SISU Mouth Guards Aero Mouthguard For Youth/Adults

SISU, a famous mouth guard product outfit, produces some of the best mouth guard for sports competitors of any age. Additionally, it has a thin build that upholds a specially customized fit at whatever size you want. Also, it additionally has a sleek finish since it is built in a manner to facilitate easy breathing and to talk. It sports a custom-tailored design that is suitable for all ages. Furthermore, it has a built-in safety feature with round edges and is available with a wide bite pad.


  • Custom-fit design
  • It is suitable for users at any age
  • The rounded edges are a safety feature
  • You can get one with a wide bite pad


  • You cannot mold it repeatedly
  • It is not available with a case


Under Armour Mouthwear ArmourFit

Under Armour comes with a good mouth guard for athletes with a strapless plan that can give solace to all. Furthermore, this mouth guard item is designed to standard explicitly for mouth security, and the material is also resistant to attrition from chewing and jaw action. Since it is produced using a delicate fabric, you can talk easily while wearing it without getting any challenges. Its soft, durable material build makes it compatible with braces.

Its delicate, strong material form makes it one of the best mouth guard for braces top and bottom.


  • The Under Armour Mouthwear perfect for you if you have braces
  • The mouth guard material is very durable and resistant to chewing
  • The mouth guard is designed to fit any adult teeth
  • Talking with the mouth guard is relatively easy and comfortable


  • It is not suitable for any ages
  • The design is not custom fit


OPRO Mouthguard

One of the more fit alternatives for the best mouth guard for sport goes to OPRO mouth guard that is explicitly intended for sports competitors to secure their teeth and gums. It has 13 indentations that entirely accommodate your gums and teeth without hampering ease of communication.

The cavities built into the dense base prove to be beneficial for teeth and gum insurance. It comes in different tones and does not stifle simple communication and breathing. It may feel somewhat cumbersome and without much variety in design, but it provides value with its max protection.


  • The OPRO mouthguard has cavities that protect your teeth gums and
  • It is made from a thick material
  • Available in various colors
  • You can still easily talk and breathe when wearing the device


  • After some time, the mouthguard starts to feel
  • It does not have enough custom mouth


ProDental Sports Mouth Guards

ProDental is another famous brand that additionally creates best mouth guard for sports. They have a reputation for producing and delivering some of the comfiest mouthguards on the market. What’s more, this mouth guard is also simple to wear since it is additionally accessible in a flexible design plan. Additionally, this mouth guard is suitable for all ages of grown-ups and children. Not just that, the material utilized is further thick with a straightforward plan that can give better shock resistance and security.


  • If you have kids above the age of 11, or if you are an adult, then this mouth guard is for you
  • The Mouth guard has a thick material special deisgned with better cushioning to provide absolute protection to the teeth
  • You can simply and easily mold it
  • ProDental offers a money-back guarantee if and when you realize the product does not satisfy you


  • You do not get a case when you purchase the mouth guard
  • This is not the mouth guard for you if you wear braces


Professional Sport Mouth Guards- 2 Pack

Teeth Armor could very well be the one of if not the most popular sports mouth guard brands accessible in the market. This mouth guard is explicitly delivered to fit in any mouth of a ballplayer or sports competitor.

With a twofold padding cushion design, it has better shock absorption and attrition resistance while securing your teeth. What’s more, it isn’t produced using Latex of hazardous elastic material; hence it can be worn safely.


  • There are no preservatives or additives in the Teeth Armor’s rubber material
  • The mouth guard is perfectly suited for both adults and youngsters
  • The double cushioning layers on the mouth guard provide excellent shock absorption properties
  • The molding process for this mouth guard is easy


  • Not suitable for persons with braces
  • You experience some discomfort in the mouth


Venum Challenger

Regarding full-contact sports, like MMA, karate, and boxing, experienced competitors are keen to utilize various individual protective gear. The Venum Challenger mouth guard has been built flawlessly in a joint effort with the UFC athletes.

The high-thickness elastic casing slows down the shock wave and disperses power across the jaw, mitigating the danger of broken or chipped teeth from hard impacts. The mouth guard is provided with a casing for protected transportation and better cleanliness.


  • It is affordably priced in the market.
  • Comes in a varied color palette.
  • It is equipped with a thick rubber frame for maximum protection.


  • Has a short lifespan.


LiteBITE Basketball Mouthguard

LiteBITE is a well-known brand that delivers a mouth guard for basketball players with its structural, functional, and minimalist plan. LiteBITE mouth guard is extremely lightweight, and it is ready to ensure both your gums and teeth are protected when playing ball.

Besides, it is built with adjusted edges which can maintain comfortable ease of communication and breathing. For a more bespoke design tailored for your unique dentition, you can mold it by simply wearing hot water after wearing it.


  • LiteBITE is the most lightweight mouth guard in the market
  • You can get one that had rounded edges which provide more comfort
  • You breathe and talk comfortably and efficiently
  • You can rest assured your teeth and gums are protected
  • Hot water customizes the mouth guard


  • Understanding how the fitting process works can take time


Redline Sportswear Custom Fit Mouthguard

Redline is a compelling mouth guard option you can purchase now. It has a reputation for a sleek twofold design plan that provides complete protection to your mouth. Since it is produced using suitable material, it weathers attrition from chewing and grinding and other shock activities. Furthermore, you can loan this mouth guard to your companions but not before sterilizing by boiling. The FRD endorses it; hence there are no compelling concerns regarding quality.


  • It has safety approval
  • It is available with a case
  • Provides adequate mouth protection with a twofold set design
  • Persons of all ages can use the mouth guard


  • Not exactly malleable when it comes to molding.
  • It can be uncomfortable breathing.


Shock Doctor Mouth Guard

This is the most quality-for-value proposition for sports mouth guards with its twofold dual padding shock absorption properties. This mouth guard is also very comfy and can stay so for a substantial period with zero discomforts.

Besides, since it is produced using gel, you can just fit it into your mouth with no issues, and it is appropriate for any classifications and ages. Moreover, the material is endorsed by the FDA as safe internal mouth protection. Also, it is accessible with a decent hygienic casing that encapsulates the silicone sports mouth guard.


  • It uses FDA approved material for safe use
  • You get a case once you purchase the mouth guard
  • You get ample protection because of the two cushioning layers
  • Persons of all ages can use the device because it has an adjustment feature


  • This athletics mouth guard is not comfortable on the sides
  • After wearing it for some time, it starts to feel bulky