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10 Best Soccer Cleats

    best soccer cleats

    The Best Soccer Cleats Available to Buy Now:

    If you, like me, believe that the best soccer cleats make the player, then you’re not wrong. The best soccer cleats will not considerably enhance your game, but they will also provide traction, support, speed, stability, and performance.

    Check out these selections of the best cleats ever made, and select the ones most suitable for you.

    Adidas Performance Mundial Soccer Cleat

    These cleats are some of the best soccer cleats in the world. If you have a wide foot, you will benefit significantly from the full-grain Kangaroo leather that features a suede reinforced toe. They are very old-fashioned cleats and don’t look like soccer shoes, but they have some great qualities about them.

    The high-quality material used to manufacture these cleats promises the wearer comfort, and it doesn’t disappoint. Even though they are not lightweight, they do not overburden the wearer. The Mundial Team Turf has an excellent grip on the turf without necessarily being too clingy.

    The best soccer cleats do not require too much effort to maintain such as regular application of leather cream. If you’re looking for the best soccer cleats ever made, you’ve found them with this pair.

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    Adidas Men’s Predator Soccer Shoe

    Adidas is clearly at the top of their game when it comes to making the best soccer cleats in the world. If you are just starting on amateur football, be assured that these are the best soccer cleats for inter-school tournaments.

    These best soccer cleats for entry-level competitions will not disappoint. They are made from durable material and will, therefore, last a very long time. They feature frontal and side groves which provide maximum grip and traction on turf.

    These are the best soccer cleats ever made for midfielders even though they are slightly heavy. The frontal side of the shoe does not give a very powerful hit, but the side shoot is quite good.

    High school soccer will never be the same again if you decide to purchase these.

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    Nike Phantom VSN Academy DF FG Soccer Cleats

    It is not easy to find the best soccer cleats. However, once you answer the most fundamental question, you will discover cleats that suit your needs. So then, “what is the best brand for soccer cleats?” of course, Nike is one of them.

    The design of these cleats is unique. It features “Ghost laces”, a name that stems from the lace cover on the Phantom VSN Academy. If you don’t want your opponents to see you coming on the field, then these are the best soccer cleats ever made for stealth and staying below the radar in the field.

    With the ghost laces, players have a clean striking surface that offers a minimal distraction. It has excellent padding on the heels, and the grip is quite good. These cleats are very comfortable and feel quite soft to the touch.

    If you need cleats that don’t need a break-in period, you’ve found them.

    Adidas Women’s Predator 18.3 FG W Soccer Shoe

    It’s time women players stopped asking which cleats are best for soccer and got themselves a pair of these Predator 18.3 FG W soccer shoes. If you’re born to rule the soccer world, the grip these cleats provide will help you dominate everyone on the field.

    They feature a comfortable ankle collar which will not only ensure comfort for your ankle but also help you to be stable out on the field. If you have narrow feet, these should be great for you because you don’t need to worry about wearing double socks. Also, when you’re breaking in these clits, make sure you don’t tie them in too much.

    One of their best features is an upper mesh which adapts itself to the shape of your heel. The cleat has a strong forefoot and will help you with control. Don’t worry about comfort with this cleat because its upper is very comfortable and will enable you to control the ball no matter the speed.

    Nike Men’s Superfly 7 Academy Fg/Mg Football Shoes

    Even if you don’t know what the best cleats for soccer are, these shouldn’t be hard to sport. Featuring a synthetic upper that is soft to the touch and textured, these cleats, will give you excellent ball precision.

    These are also considered some of the best soccer cleats in the world, and once you have them on, they fit like a second skin thanks to the Superfly’s internal lining. The soleplate on the Superfly 7 is made for both artificial and synthetic grass surfaces which makes it a tremendous adaptable boot.

    This cleat also features a sockliner which provides unmatched comfort and great cushioning to take care of your feet.

    PUMA Men’s evoPOWER 2 Soccer Shoe

    There’s no break-in period for these cleats since they’re very comfortable to wear the first time. It is designed for increased stability and great soleplate flexibility. When it comes to power, a lot can be said about this cleat because it packs a punch.

    It is a high performing boot that concentrates its force on your focus. Even though the upper of this cleat looks very synthetic, you don’t need to give much thought to that because it feels very soft to the touch.

    Making or receiving passes will not be affected much by this cleat, and it has minimal effect on your dribbling. The studs will give you a nice grip out on the field, and they will not disappoint you whenever you need some traction.

    Adidas Adizero 8.0 Football Shoe

    Featuring a wide lacing system, once you put on this shoe, you will be ready to outshine the competition. Adidas, which is the best brand for soccer cleats, presents boots that fit like a sock with the Adizero 8.0. They come in a Primeknit upper and an outsole which provides players with the traction and grip they need.

    Adizero 8.0 is light, thus, enabling a player quick action if they need to make a split-second action. Even if they are a little narrow for players with wide feet, once you break them in, you’ll have your money-makers ready to spin the ball. If you’re looking for a stable boot that will enhance your gameplay, this is the pair for you.

    Adidas Men’s Copa Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

    Copa Gloro 19.2 is more toned down than its predecessor, the Copa. But, it will not disappoint you on the turf. It comes with an affordable price range and is excellent for players who prefer a classical touch to the modern approach.

    Made from calf-skin leather, the upper of this cleat will help you to gain maximum ball control and durability in its wear. Also, you don’t have to worry about your heels hurting because these cleats, which are best for soccer, come with a flexible soleplate. It not only guarantees stability on the turf but the distribution of pressure from your heel as well.

    PUMA Men’s King Soccer Cleat

    Looking for the best soccer cleats in the world for an indoor turf? Try the Puma King Allround soccer cleat. You don’t have to worry about pain on the balls of your feet after a hard session of training or a game with these cleats. The soft leather outer and the rubber sole work together to provide you with comfort that most payers can only wish for.

    Additionally, for your comfort, this pair comes with the ultimate inner cushioning that will protect your feet and ankles from unnecessary pressure. Even though they do not come in the typical cleat design, you are assured of great ground control while the leather outer helps to keep the ball steady while you dribble.

    Ultimately, it is a high-quality boot that is worth every penny.

    Adidas Men’s Nemeziz 19.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

    These are among the best soccer cleats for men. At first glance, you are going to love them because they look beautiful. The upper of the cleats support your ankle with a soft mesh which allows you to have great ball control even as your opponents advance towards you.

    These soccer shoes work best on firm ground, and the outsole enhances your speed, agility, and ability to make quick movements while out on the turf.

    Buying Guide to Purchasing the Best Cleats

    Why Wear Soccer Cleats?

    We’ve already discovered which cleats are best for soccer. Now, I’m sure the question in your mind is, “where is the best place to buy soccer cleats”, or “what is the best brand for soccer cleats”. Before we get there, however, we need to understand why we should even wear these boots.

    Check out this review covering soccer shoes.

    Here are a few reasons why any soccer player, whether amateur or pro should invest in the best soccer cleats.

    Pros Wearing Soccer Cleats

    1. They Protect Your Feet

    When you’re playing hard or training, for a long time, you need to protect your feet so that you can keep your feet in good shape for the next game. Wearing cleats provides the right kind of protection for your feet when you’re running around for a long time or kicking a ball.

    2. Weather

    If you’re wondering, “what are the best cleats for soccer”, one of the criteria you should use to choose them is whether they will protect you well from unfavorable weather. If the cleats you use can grip the ground when it’s raining hard, then you’ve got yourself a good pair.

    3. Ankle and Joint Support

    Just like other sports shoes, soccer cleats are designed with extra padding that cushions your ankle, feet, and knees.  Soccer shoes will protect you against injuries.

    Ensure that your cleats are a reasonable distance from the ground to reduce chances of injuries.

    4. Traction

    Cleats are designed with studs which allow you to grip the ground you’re on firmly. Cleats that are made of leather can give you much more friction as opposed to those made from other materials.

    When the studs grip the surface you’re on, you’ll be able to start/stop moving better, which will also reduce chances of injuries.

    What to Look For in the Best Cleats for Soccer?

    By now, you already have a clue about what the best cleats for soccer are, and the pros of wearing soccer boots. Let’s dig in some more and discover some elements that determine what the best cleats for soccer are.

    1. Cleat Outsole

    The outsole of a cleat is found at the bottom of the boot. When making an outsole, the first thing manufacturers consider is the surface the soccer boot is designed for. Outsoles are mostly made of synthetic material or rubber.

    The outsole will determine the traction and grip of the boot while in use. It is, therefore, essential to find a soccer shoe that is made of a material which caters to your personal needs.

    2. Upper

    Soccer cleat uppers generally work to help with ball control and touch, and they are made from many different materials. For example, some are made from leather, and others from mesh. Before you make a purchase, try a few different materials and find one that is perfect for you.

    3. Heel

    Heel support is critical when it comes to soccer boots. The kind of shoe you purchase should be able to reduce pressure to your heel and make you comfortable while you play.

    4. Midsole

    Midsoles of soccer cleats work to prevent you from sustaining injuries. They absorb shock and are carefully chosen to work best with other materials the shoe is made with. There are some midsoles which are fitted with extra cushioning material which gives you extra comfort and protection from ankle and foot injuries.

    5. Insole

    This is a significant part of the shoe. If you can, purchase a high-performance insole. It will help to reduce a lot of stress on your feet and maximize comfort. Soccer cleats come with their insoles which are the standard requirements. Buying a better insole will help to reduce foot pain during or after a game.

    6. Studs

    These are the raised knobs found on the bottom of your boots. There are three different types. These are hard grounded, round, and bladed. Some will be more raised than others, but it will be up to you to choose those that make you the most comfortable.

    Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Cleats

    Great soccer cleats are designed to give you maximum traction and grip regardless of the weather conditions you face. We have covered the pros of wearing cleats as well as how to determine the best cleats for soccer and what they are made of.

    When you are playing different positions, the cleats you decide to purchase will determine the outcome of your game.

    Let’s now look at factors you should consider before you can finally make a purchase.

    1. Material

    As discussed earlier, different types of material are used for making cleats. The material used to design your cleat must be lightweight, soft, durable and great at helping with ball control.

    There are materials which need a long time before they can finally be broken in. However, shoes made from Kangaroo leather can be used immediately without breaking them in. Shoes made out of other kinds of leather like cowhide are more durable than others. They are also extremely comfortable.

    It is vital to find a pair of cleats that is breathable or water-resistant. But, this all depends on your needs and preferences.

    2. Type of Cleat

    Cleat types you purchase ultimately depend on where you’re going to use them. More specifically, the type of surface you’ll be playing on. The different types of cleats you can choose from include:

    • Hard ground
    • Firm ground
    • Indoor
    • Soft ground
    • Turf

    Most soccer boots come with permanently attached cleats. But, if you prefer, you can purchase a pair with detachable ones.

    3. The fit of the Shoes

    Some cleats made of materials such as K-leather will expand after a few uses. It is, therefore, vital that you consider this aspect when purchasing a pair. The shoe you choose should not be loose and should fit like a glove.

    A snug fit will help you also to have a better sense of the ball while you are playing.



    Keep in mind that cleats are your number one weapon against your opponent. You, therefore, need to choose a pair that will not only reflect your skills but one that will help you to maximize every play you put forward in the game.

    The importance of choosing the right cleat for the type of ground you’ll be playing on and your style of play cannot be over-emphasized.


    Image Credit: Unsplash