Top 20 Best Soccer Balls

If you are considering playing the beautiful game or intend to buy the best soccer ball for kids, it is imperative to have the right information. You need to know which the best is and what best suits you or your kids.

The best soccer balls in the world currently include a number of well-known brands like Nike soccer balls, Adidas soccer balls, but they’re also other quality and select soccer balls available. Find out which ones are the best and that is worth your money.

Adidas Soccer Ball Performance Confederations Cup Glider

adidas Confederations Cup Glider Soccer Ball

This is arguably the best soccer ball in the market today and the best Adidas soccer ball overall. It flaunts some pretty amazing features that place it on top of the pile. Such guarantees it a place in top tournaments all over the world.

It comes in a variety of sizes and shades to suit your needs. It has a nylon-wound that makes it durable and a TPU construction for smoothness in a bid to optimize performance. Even better, you will not be worried about air and shape retention, the butyl blander takes care of that.


Nike Football Ball

Nike Premier League Pitch Soccer Ball

Nike’s Premier League Pitch Football Ball is also among the top soccer balls available. It is considered the best among top Nike soccer balls and is a common feature in the world’s top competitions.

It flaunts a 32-panel design that significantly contributes to its durability and a TPU casing that makes it one of the most consistent soccer balls. Moreover, it comes with a butyl blander that gives it speed and enhances its air retention capabilities. Its high-contrast graphics boost its visibility.

Performance Confederations Cup Glider Adidas Soccer Ball

This is another top Adidas soccer ball that is considered among the best. It boasts of a typical elegant Adidas look and comes in different sizes. Like other Adidas soccer balls, it comes with a nylon-wound that contributes to its durability.

It also flaunts a TPU construction that makes it smooth and playable. Even better, the unique butty blunder keeps it inflated for long and in perfect shape.

Ace Glider II Adidas Soccer Ball

This is arguably the most affordable of Adidas balls yet a top-quality one. It is one of the best soccer balls for daily practice and training. It comes with an abrasion-resistant TPU material as well as a nylon wound that not only boosts its performance but also gives it more life. It does not lose air or shape due to a reliable butyl blunder.

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Chastep Blue and Black Soccer Ball

If you are out for the best soccer ball for kids above three years, this is among the top choices available. It is also an excellent option for exercise and street training. It helps beginners gain coordination and endurance.

You will not have to worry about your kid’s safety since it is a soft form ball is made of eco-friendly Phthalate-free Polyurethane material.

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GOLME Superlative Match Football Ball

If you are looking for a perfect soccer ball to help you improve your skills, the

GOLME Superlative Match Football Ball would be a great choice. It flaunts a compression-balanced blander and aero-textured microfiber shell that makes it very playable. These features make it easy to handle and control even in mid-air.

Although this ball is hand-stitched, it is thermally bonded to increase its durability. It comes with a blood design that not only increases visibility but also gives it an elegant look.

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Nike Obsidian 5 Unisex Supporter’s Ball

This is another top-quality soccer ball that is purely US-made. It is made of a blend of EVA, polyester, polyurethane, and rubber making it very durable. Furthermore, these materials make it very playable and a perfect choice for daily use. The ball is machine-stitched to ensure it does not absorb excess water and has a rubber bladder to retain air and keep its shape.

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Under Armour Desafio 395 Football Soccer Ball

This is another top ball that flaunts an impressive UA TOUCHSKIN Technology that optimizes its playability. The tech makes it easy to handle and control. It further boasts of a PU exterior make that comes in handy to give it more power.

This ball also has an SBR form layer that contributes to its playability and a rubber bladder that optimizes control and ball touch. It comes in different sizes.

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Vizari USA Football Ball

The Vizari USA Football Ball is an excellent choice for young kids. It is not only very affordable but also a great training ball. It comes in different sizes and can be used on almost any surface during practice.

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Nike Tracer Training Football Ball

This is another option that is among the best Nike balls available in the market today. It boasts off a 32-panel design that boosts its flight. Moreover, it is machine–stitched to increase durability and comes with a TPU material that makes it playable.

The Nike Tracer Training Football Ball is an excellent choice for recreational soccer but can also be used in training.

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Bend-It Reverse-Curl-It Pro Soccer Ball

This is an all-round soccer ball option suitable to both the pros and the beginners. It comes with a water-resistant polyurethane material that not only offers high performance but is also very durable. It further flaunts a latex material that increases playability in terms of control and ball touch.

Furthermore, it has a butyl bladder that guarantees long air retention as well as the perfect shape. For visibility, it is adorned with Visual Response Color Technology. It is ideal for street soccer as well as youth soccer competitions.

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X Glider II Adidas Soccer Ball

The X Glider II Adidas Soccer Ball is an all-weather ball that is built for the harshest of conditions. It is made of a nylon wound material and a machine-stitched construction that optimizes its durability. Furthermore, it comes with a butyl bladder that guarantees long-term inflation and good ball shape.

The ball is perfect for training as well as harsh condition competitions. It comes in different sizes and shapes.

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Nike Club Team Soccer Ball

The Nike Club Team Soccer Ball is another excellent soccer ball selection for recreational purposes as well as for kids. It boasts of a sturdy feel and does not deflate with ease. Even better, it is very affordable and comes with an elegant look that your kids would love.

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Franklin Sports Pro Trainer Football Ball

The Franklin Sports Pro Trainer Football Ball is a size five updated classic soccer ball with a history. It comes with a 32-pannel machine-stitched design that is impressively elegant. It is a great choice for training and exercises purpose.

The ball comes with a very durable and beautiful outer cover and an air-retention bladder that enhances inflation. If you are looking for a perfect training ball, this is the ball to go for.

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Adidas Messi Soccer Ball

This is a Messi-branded soccer ball that any fan would fancy having. It is a high-quality choice that guarantees high performance and long service time. It further comes in different shades and sizes so you can choose what suits your needs.

It has a nylon wound material and a machine-stitched construction that adds significantly to its durability and good performance. A butyl bladder is also in place to boost inflation. The ball is appropriate for kids above 12 years old.

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MLS Glider Adidas Soccer Ball

This is a top-quality soccer ball that features in the MLS soccer collection. It comes in different shades and sizes, with each size suiting a specific age bracket. Size three is best suited to kids below eight years, size four for below 12 years, while the maximum size five is suited for above 12 years age bracket.

This ball has a TPU material that is both water and abrasion-resistant. It also comes with a butyl bladder that maintains its shape and retains air maximally. The ball is machine stitched and has a nylon wound material that contributes to its performance.

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Adidas Euro 16 Top Glider Soccer Ball

Adidas Euro 16 Top Glider Soccer Ball was the official ball for the 2016 European Championships games. It is a size 5 Adidas soccer ball that flaunts both class and quality and has, in the past, been the best ball in the market. It, however, does not come at a low price, but its top features make it worth the price.

The ball comes with a nylon wound carcass and a machine-stitched construction. Such features make it not only durable but also a top performer. It also has an outer TPU material that is abrasion-resistant and a butyl bladder that keeps it in shape and optimizes air retention.

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Tachikara SM4SC Dual Colored Soft PU Soccer Ball

This is a leather machine-stitched ball that has both great features and is quite pocket-friendly. Its leather makes it abrasion-resistant as well as very durable. It is the ideal choice for your recreational purposes, such as camps, PE classes, or warm-ups. This ball has a butyl bladder that guarantees long air retention time.

It is ideal for youth leagues and junior tournaments.

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Mikasa Sports Serious Football Ball

The Mikasa Sports Serious Football Ball comes in a variety of shades and sizes to your liking. You can get a purple, red, black, and green shade as well as size three, four, and five depending on your needs.

The ball has a synthetic leather and a deluxe cushion that make it durable and playable. It also comes with a butyl bladder for great shape and air retention.

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MacGregor Rubber Soccer Ball

The MacGregor Rubber Soccer Ball also makes it to the list of best soccer balls in the world. It is a size four rubber soccer ball that is also high quality. It is also only one of the best soccer balls for kids but also very affordable.

It flaunts an extended-life molded construction that makes it a great choice for kid’s competitions. It guarantees a long service life and gives high performance.

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Best Soccer Ball Buying Guide

There are lots of soccer balls in the market today, but buying the best types can be quite a hustle. People make the mistake of buying without prior knowledge of what to look out for and consequently buy poor quality balls that do not last.

While buying, you need to know what type of ball you are looking for, is it a match ball or a training ball? Match balls are for game-play and adhere to official sizes, weight, and even shape. Training balls, on the other hand, are purely for practice or recreational purposes. Not every ball needs to be a world cup soccer ball.

When buying a soccer ball, you should pay attention to the following:


A soccer ball has two parts, the outer casing, and the inner bladder. The bladder holds the air while the casing is the protective cover. The two can be made of the following materials:


Soccer balls come in a variety of sizes, usually four. Each soccer ball size is suited to an individual’s needs:

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Other variations that you might encounter could include the following:

Best Soccer Balls For The Money: The FAQs

What kind of soccer ball do professionals use?

One of the soccer balls that professionals use is the Adidas Telstar 18 Official Match Ball. It is among the best match balls used by many professional teams and players around the world. Similar to this one, you’ll also find many other Adidas soccer balls with your budget. Nike, Puma, and some other popular sporting brands also make strong leather balls.

Are expensive soccer balls worth it?

For most professional teams and players, expensive soccer balls are worth it. The reason is that a good number of expensive soccer match balls are usually made with high-quality materials and advanced techniques. While the cheaper match balls will give you almost the same level of fun, high-quality soccer balls will always last longer. However, if you are just playing for the fun in the game, going for the highest quality and most expensive soccer match balls might not be your best option.

What are the best training soccer balls?

Though it is hard to pick a single match ball and call it the overall best. Some sporting brands are known to make the highest quality match balls in the market. Below are the major soccer ball brands you’ll find in the market. These brands had stood the test of time while delivering great value for money.

  1. Nike
  2. Adidas
  3. PUMA
  4. GoSports
  5. Champion Sports
  6. Franklin Sports
  7. Under Armour
  8. Western Star
  9. Runleaps
  10. American Challenge

From these match balls brands, you are sure of finding great and affordable models. Regardless of your current budget size, there is a great chance you’ll find a lot of high-quality soccer balls for the money.

How much is a professional soccer ball?

The mid-price point is usually between $100 and $1000. However, it is possible to find lots of match soccer balls on Amazon going for $20 – $100. Even from Adidas and Nike, you don’t need to do long time-consuming research to find a lot of affordable premium match balls. These brands are different types of soccer balls and training balls.

Are leather balls waterproof?

Fine leather material is even the reason why some people often go for expensive soccer balls. The interesting fact is that most of these professional soccer match balls are water-resistant. And that’s exactly what adds to the long lifespan you’ll get from league soccer balls made with quality materials.