Your friend has been posting snorkeling pictures on Instagram and it tickles your fancy. So you start browsing through their feed, you do a little research, and you finally make the decision to buy the experience. Buy now you are wondering, what is the best snorkel gear, what is the best snorkel gear set, who makes the best snorkel gear?

Well, we have the answer.

The best snorkel gear in the market is the Cressi Palau Snorkel Gear Set. However, there are other gears in the market that might fit your preference better.

Best Snorkel Gear in the Market


The Cressi Palau Set

Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Snorkeling Gear Bag

Cressi is known as one of the best snorkeling gear brands. It offers affordable equipment without compromising on the quality. The Cressi snorkel gear bag has everything that you will need. The package also comes with a durable mesh bag for storing all of your equipment.

The mesh will also allow you to put your gear in the bag without waiting for it to dry. The Cressi design is ergonomic. It has a built-in curve with a completely dry snorkel that has a unique anti-splash guard.

The snorkel also has a seal valve and a floating purge. Hence, you can snorkel with the confidence that no saltwater will get in your mouth no matter how deep you go. This feature makes the Cressi the best snorkel gear for beginners and children.

This silicone mask is frameless, but it provides a secure and watertight seal for your face. You will also enjoy excellent visibility as a result of its two window design. To make the mask more comfortable, adjust the buckles on the straps.

The fins on the gear are easy to walk in whether you are in a boat or on the beach. The fins are thin enough to allow you to swim without any difficulty. They are also stiff. This will enable you to create a forceful thrust.

Additionally, the fins are open heeled, they have a large foot pocket, and they are comfortable. You can adjust the fins from three to four foot sizes. Taking off the fins is also easy since it requires a push of a button only.

If you were wondering what the best snorkel gear set was, you need to wonder no more.

The U.S. Divers Platinum Set

U.S. Divers Lux Mask Fins Snorkel Set Compatible with GoPro

Apart from Cressi, what is the next best snorkel gear in the market? The U.S Platinum Divers. They offer premium quality snorkeling gear starting with the mask that is made using a medical grade silicone skirt.

This already goes to show that the mask will provide you with an excellent seal. Also, the mask offers excellent visibility because of its 2-pane design. The side windows will give you an additional peripheral vision to boost your experience.

If you need the mask to be tighter, all you have to do is adjust the strap. Moreover, water will not enter your mouth through the snorkel. The fins also come with an open heel design. This means that you can secure the fins on your feet with the straps.

You can choose from the two fin sizes. Each has a wide range of adjustability. Hence, you can get a good fit. The fin buckles will also adjust and release quickly and easily.

The expensive Platinum version is one of the best snorkel gears because it comes with an Action camera mount for a GoPro. A similar camera will also fit on the mount correctly. The mount is on the snorkel instead of the mask.

You will also get a travel bag to pack your gear. The bag has an extra pocket for your other accessories, such as keys and phones. It is hard to find something you dislike about this gear. That is why it is the next best snorkel gear in the market.

The Seavenger Adult and Junior Set

Seavenger Aviator Snorkeling Set with Gear Bag

So, who makes the best snorkel gear for prolonged use? Seavenger does. This makes it the best snorkel gear for adults. Besides, the mask is made from complete high-grade silicone. It has a watertight seal and a single lens made from heavy-duty tempered glass.

This snorkeling gear uses a teardrop shape for the lens, making it easy for you to place your eyes close to the lens. The snorkel has a protective splash guard, a purge valve, a flexible barrel, and an angled mouthpiece.

The fins are easy to walk in, they will give you maximum thrust, and their open heel design makes it easy to adjust them to fit your feet. Seavenger makes the best snorkel gear because of how comfortable and convenient it is. It also comes with a plastic mesh bag for packing your gear.

The Phantom Aquatics Set

Phantom Aquatics Adult Speed Sport Mask Fin Snorkel Set

If what you want is a fantastic experience in the water, the Phantom Aquatics snorkeling gear is the option for you. First, the equipment makes the best snorkel gear list because of its affordability. Second, the set makes the best snorkel gear for adults because of its essentials.

It comes with open heel fins that are easily adjusted and released with a rapid button. The fins also have thrust, and power from their jet vented design. You will enjoy your swim without getting tired.

Liquid injected silicone makes the mask skirt. Hence, the mask is watertight and comfortable. It has adjustable straps. The crystal clear tempered glass on the mask is double layered. Therefore, you will have clear visibility.

The snorkel is semi-dry with a one-way purge valve. Saltwater will not enter your mouth. The set also comes with a mesh fabric bag for storage. Still wondering what the best snorkel gear set is? You will not go wrong with the Phantom collection.

The U.S. Divers Cozumel Set

U.S. Divers Adult Cozumel Mask/Seabreeze II Snorkel/Proflex Fins/Gearbag

The U.S. Divers are some of the best snorkeling gear brands in the market. You will get good visibility from this snorkel gear due to the two-pane mask design. Additionally, the glass is crystal clear and tempered. But you might need an anti-fog solution before you get in the water.

Unlike other sets in the list, the Cozumel set has a closed foot fin design. This design will give you a more significant thrust advantage when you kick. Hence, you will use less energy when kicking and experience less fatigue in the process.

Even though the design makes the best snorkel gear list, it has some disadvantages. You must be precise with your feet size since the fins are not adjustable. For your feet to fit inside the foot pocket perfectly, you will require a very thin foot sock.

Additionally, the snorkel will prevent you from swallowing saltwater, but it does not seal well when you dive deeper into the sea. Nevertheless, the compact set comes with a mesh bag for storage.


Your Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Snorkel Gear

Now you know the best snorkeling gear brands. But how do you choose the right one? Your needs are different from the needs of others. That is also why there is some best snorkel gear for adults and others for children.

Whichever gear you choose, it has to be top quality. Your travel company might offer free gear, but this does not mean it will be the best fit for you.  The best snorkel gear is the one you buy for yourself.

So, before you spend your money, how do you ensure that you have the right gear for your trip?

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Finding the Best Mask

Start with the mask. The two things you should consider when buying your snorkel mask include the fit on your face and the lens visibility and quality.

Mask fit

The mask usually has a lining called the skirt. When you try it on, the skirt should be airtight. Its suction should ensure that you have no leaks around your face. When buying your mask, place it against your face gently.

Hold your breath while you wear the mask, do not put on the strap. Take a slight inhale through your nose and let the mask go. Does it cling to your face? If the answer is yes, then you have your perfect fit.

Also, check the material used to make the mask skirt. Plastic skirts are more prone to leaks and tears when compared to silicone skirts.

Mask lens

Your mask should give you maximum visibility when you are under water. Most mask lenses either have a glass or plastic design. Glass is not only impact-resistant, but it also has a higher quality than plastic.

You will also find old masks that have one lens for both eyes. Modern masks have a separation between the eyes and nose. However, the mask still uses one lens. You can also get a two-lens mask that entirely separates the nose and the eyes.

The split lens mask has the highest quality since it allows for a better seal of the skirt against your face. You can also get the three or four lens mask that will give you even greater visibility. The only disadvantage of using the one lens mask, however, is that you cannot use it with your prescription lenses.

Other things that you should consider when buying your mask include:


Finding the Best Snorkel

Your snorkel should help you breathe easily while you admire the beautiful land under the sea. You do not want to breathe saltwater instead of oxygen. Therefore, choose from the three types of snorkels that include classic, dry snorkel, and semi-dry snorkels by considering the following factors:

Classic snorkel

This type has a complete oval or circular opening at the top. It is the default snorkel in the market. This makes it the cheapest and the one with the lowest quality. Therefore, it is not the best snorkel to use for beginners or children.

Dry snorkel

This type has a float valve that will close completely when you are in the water. Therefore, it will restrict water from reaching your mouth. However, it can still limit your breathing if you are not used to snorkeling.

Semi-dry snorkel

This type has a slanted top that is partially closed with different vents and slits. This stops water from entering the hole. Therefore, this is the best snorkel since it prevents most of the water from reaching your mouth, and it does not obstruct your breathing.

Snorkel Barrel

Different designs and shapes make the snorkel tube. The tubes are also made of plastic and silicone. The best barrel is about fifteen to seventeen inches. On the other hand, you can rely on your preference to determine the size, shape, and style of the barrel that works for you.

A flexible snorkel will allow you to look around easily. Also, choose one that has a splash guard and a mouthpiece that fits in your jaw comfortably. Your snorkel should be securely attached to your mask.

Finding the Best Fins

When you have a good pair of fins, you can increase your speed and reduce fatigue in significant proportions. Therefore, do not be in a hurry to buy fins. Rather, choose the type that fits you properly and feels comfortable. This will maximize your experience.

The available fin styles in the market are the closed and open heel fin types. With an open heel fin, you can adjust the size. This means that your fin will fit you better. However, your heels will lack protection. With a closed heel fin, your feet will be safe.

But, you will not have the luxury of adjusting your fin to get the perfect fit. Therefore, select either of the choices based on your preference and comfort. Also, remember that your feet will shrink slightly once you are under water.

Therefore, buy fins that feel snug on your feet but not too tight to make you uncomfortable. Go for a smaller fit if you are unsure about the sizes. A tight fin is better than one that is falling off when you are under water.