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The Best Size 1 Soccer Ball

    The Best Size 1 Soccer Ball In 2021

    There are different soccer ball sizes, each preferable for a particular age group and league. These include sizes 1,2,3,4 and 5. But today, we want to target size 1 soccer ball by outlining the best size 1 soccer ball in 2021.

    The size 1 soccer ball is also commonly referred to as the mini or the skills soccer ball. They are the most miniature-sized soccer balls since they have a standard circumference of 18 to 20 inches. They are also very lightweight as they weigh less than 16 ounces.

    Now you might be wondering, what is a size 1 soccer ball used for? Or maybe you are questioning what age uses size 1 soccer ball. Most size 1 soccer balls are used by kids under the age of 3 years to practice soccer.

    Parents and professionals prefer these balls for kids because they don’t hurt kids during training or playtime as much as soccer balls in sizes 3 to 5. Nonetheless, children above this age and professional players can also use the size 1 soccer balls.

    For instance, professionals use these soccer balls to improve their passing, dribbling, and shooting. Besides, if you are looking for a soccer ball for your kids that will not cause too much damage in your home, this is the best fit for you.

    So, what is the best size 1 soccer ball in the market today? Let’s find out:

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    The Best Size 1 Soccer Ball

    One of the best Adidas size 1 soccer ball is the Euro 16 glider. As part of the Adidas Euro soccer ball collection, this ball is one that professional players use during training. However, it is also helpful for other purposes because it is designed to meet the professional soccer ball high standards.

    This ball uses the late Adidas technology that ensures the soccer ball can withstand massive pressure. It also has the standard TPU casing material that reduces water absorption and allows the soccer ball to be used on versatile surfaces.

    The ball maintains its strength and structure because of the machine stitches and nylon material. The air in the ball is kept still by the butyl bladder. Yet, the exterior is soft enough, so much so that you can play with the ball barefoot.

    You will get this Adidas size 1 soccer ball in various color combinations. The graphic design on the ball represents the tournament. All in all, this is an excellent option for anyone that wants to develop their soccer skills.

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    Barcelona Football

    This is the best size 1 soccer ball Nike version. It is made using a traditional 32-panel design that provides a very accurate ball flight. The soccer ball is machine stitched with durable rubber, polyurethane, EVA, and polyester material to increase its durability.

    It further has a butyl bladder on the inside to enhance and retain its shape. The rubber bladder also maintains the air pressure in the soccer ball. This Barcelona Nike soccer ball is mainly preferred for developing footwork and increasing soccer skills during practices.

    Also, the signature Barcelona graphics make the soccer ball that much easier to use. You also have the option of selecting one from the colors red or blue. However, you’ll need to inflate the soccer ball since it is purchased deflated.


    American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball

    If you are looking for the best size 1 soccer ball that adds a modern, attractive, yet striking look, then the American Challenge ball is the one for you. The ball is designed with excellent toughness, scratch resistance, and performance capabilities.

    The rough exterior of the soccer ball makes it perfect for use on any ground surface. Nevertheless, it is specially designed for grass surfaces. Additionally, the ball’s exterior is made from TPU, which is excellent at enhancing performance and strength.

    The American soccer ball is also made to resists significant water absorption. Therefore, if you were worried about your ball wearing out fast, don’t. It is made to last. Speaking of durability, this ball is very durable for its price since it is hand-made.

    Unlike machine-made soccer balls, this hand-made ball is stitched with high tensile polyester, four layers of cotton, and a butyl bladder. Besides, this is a soccer ball that looks very good because of its bold, striking, and colorful design. You’ll also have access to variety since the ball comes in five different colors.

    The Adidas Performance Conext15 Glider

    This is another Adidas size 1 soccer ball that falls under the list of the best in the market because of its build. The soccer ball was explicitly designed for the world stage, with the version created in 2014 taking two years to refine and test before it was released into the market.

    Players like Zidane, Messi, and Alves gave their opinions about the ball’s design. Therefore, the refined product is fine-tuned to reflect nature’s elements, including fire, wind, and earth. You will find the representation of these elements in the exterior graphics of the ball in colors red, green, and black.

    Nonetheless, what is impressive about this soccer ball is its interior. The soccer ball is made of six x shaped polyurethane panels, naturally premium, and bonded thermally to create a seamless surface.

    This design makes the ball perfect if you want to have a dependable trajectory and better aerodynamics. The design also ensures that the ball does not absorb a lot of water. Adidas improves the touch and grip of the ball’s surface through the use of a beaded texture.

    This Adidas size 1 soccer ball complies with all the governing regulations concerning the weight, circumference, and other aspects of soccer balls. As a result, it is an official FIFA tournament ball. Besides, it has a latex bladder in the interior that gives the ball strong rebound support.

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    Umbro Neo Trainer Soccer Ball

    The Umbro Neo Trainer Soccer Ball is a perfect fit for players of any age. It is designed for youth players. It is also excellent for enhancing soccer skills on the field. Besides, this Umbro soccer ball is made from durable casing.

    As a result, it can withstand the impact of intense games, meaning it retains its shape and trajectory accurately. In fact, this Umbro soccer ball excellently combines feel and touch to ensure any person that uses the ball gets consistent delivery plays.

    One thing that Umbro believes in is creating products that meet the needs of its diverse consumers. Therefore, the brand strives to create thoughtful products. Therefore, this soccer ball is made to connect with the players allowing them to celebrate their authenticity as they feel the power of soccer.

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    Best Size 1 Soccer Ball Buying Guide 

    Before you go to the market to buy your size 1 soccer ball, these are the things you should consider:

    The Soccer Ball Cover

    This is the part of the soccer ball that you will feel. It is also responsible for making sure the soccer ball is usable and durable. Besides, many people will buy the ball depending on how appealing it is on the cover.

    By and large, the materials used to make the balls will determine the cover as well. So, what materials should you be looking for when buying your size 1 soccer ball? If what you want is the highest quality soccer ball, ensure it is made of synthetic leather.

    They are expensive, but they feel soft and splendid. This material also gives the ball excellent control. However, it is not as water-resistant as other materials, which also makes it less durable. If you want a soccer ball for a competitive match, then go for the polyurethane material.

    Nevertheless, if you want the most durable soccer ball, choose the polyvinyl Carbonate material. But this material is not as flexible as its counterparts.

    Your Budget

    How much are you willing to spend on your soccer ball? Usually, the price of the soccer ball will depend on the quality, type, material, and other features. This means that the cost of a professional ball will be different from one for kids.

    Therefore, consider how much you are willing to spend on the soccer ball before making a purchase.

    The Soccer Ball Bladder

    The heart of the ball is in the bladder since it gives the ball its movement and shape. Therefore, select one of the two primary soccer ball bladders: latex and butyl. Butyl bladders retain air for more extended periods but are not very responsive.

    On the other hand, latex bladders have a higher quality. Therefore, they give a better bounce and response, and they feel better too. However, latex material does not hold the air for too long. Hence, you will need to refill the air more regularly.


    Many people believe that soccer originated from South America or the European countries. In truth, soccer originated in China more than 2200 years ago. And while a lot has changed about the game, one thing has remained true: the soccer ball.