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5 Best Men’s Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

Best Men’s Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

Ranking of the Best Men’s Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet

If you want to enjoy your tennis game and maybe go pro, having the best tennis shoes is among the essential things you should have in mind. Furthermore, as a man, if you happen to have flat feet, it is imperative to acquire the best men’s tennis shoes for flat feet. There is no need for worry, though; there are lots of flat foot shoe options for you.

Some of the best tennis shoes for flat feet men’s options include the following:


ASICS Men’s Gel-Game 7

The ASICS Men’s Gel-Game 7 is an epitome of comfort and it’s specially designed to protect flat-footed players. Although it can be adopted for professional players, it is considered the best entry-level flat foot tennis shoe option.

It is among the top shoes with arch support memory form, which protects your feet accordingly. It flaunts durable leather upper and an inbuilt mesh panel that keeps your flat feet in the best conditions possible by preventing over sweating. It, additionally, has an air cushioning technology to optimize comfort and playability while its rubber sole provides enough traction.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 6

If you are looking for maximum excellent performance, the ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 6 is one of the best shoes for flat feet. It provides impressive stability, durability, and optimized comfort. It is also among the best flat foot shoes with arch support.

Its midsole comes with an extra gel cushioning for protection, while the innards contain an inbuilt mesh panel for ventilation. These shoes are suitable for competitive plays on hard courts.

BABOLAT Propulse 4 All Court

The BABOLAT Propulse 4 All Court is another high performing tennis shoe that deserves a place in the list of best men’s tennis shoes for flat wide feet. These shoes offer comfort as well as extended service life. Moreover, they are among the best shoes for flat feet with arch support.

The BABOLAT Propulse 4 All Court is built to withstand tough plays on hard courts. The extra-gel cushioning offers support and stability. Their look is also aesthetically appealing.

Prince Men’s T22

The Prince Men’s T22 is not only among the best men’s tennis shoes for flat feet but also arguably the most popular flat foot tennis shoes option available. It comes with a collection of impressive features that you would love. Aesthetic appeal, comfort, and stability are among its most defining characteristics.

The upper part flaunts a ventilation air mesh while the front has straps to keep your flat feet in shape and toecaps for protection. More impressively, there is plush cushioning to optimize comfort and stability.

LOTTO Tennis Shoes

This is among the best men’s tennis shoes for flat wide feet specially designed for professionals. It is an epitome of stability, comfort, and top performance.

Its most distinctive feature is the Reactive Arch Technology, which makes it the perfect flat foot shoe option.

If you intend to go pro, this is one of the best choices available.

Nike Air Max Cage

The Nike Air Max Cage Tennis Shoes is among the best men’s tennis shoes for flat wide feet if you intend to play in hard courts. It offers not only impressive arch support but also a good grip on the court.

Its upper part is composed of synthetic material and a ventilation air-mesh. It further flaunts an XDR outsole to maximize traction on hard courts.

Adidas Barricade Court-M

This is Adidas’ best shoes for flat feet. It is considered one of the best tennis shoes for flat feet and also one among the most comfortable options in the market. The upper part is purely synthetic, while the outsole is the durable ADIWEAR.

It offers optimized stability and balances with the outsole ensuring you do not slip on the court.

New Balance MC806

The New Balance MC806 is another flat foot shoe option worthy of a place in the best shoes for flat feet list. Its outstanding features include an ABZORB cushioning for enhanced comfort and a C-CAP midsole that provides support. This flat foot shoe option comes in grey, white, and black colors.


Enhanced stability, excellent traction, support, and an appealing design are among the key features that make this shoe find a place among the best men’s tennis shoes for flat feet.

Its upper is made of highly durable synthetic leather and a ventilation air-mesh while the outsole is solid rubber.

K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3

The K-Swiss Bigshot light 3 is one of the lightest flat feet tennis shoes with arch support. It flaunts a synthetic upper and fabric collar lining. It’s enhanced EVA midsole and the high-quality material build make it one of the best men’s tennis shoes for flat feet you can get in the market today.

Best Men’s Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Buying Guide

Getting the best tennis shoes for flat feet men’s options can be quite a hustle. However, having the best guidance comes in handy to ensure you acquire the best option available. When buying flat feet tennis shoes for men, you should consider the following factors:

Arch Support

When purchasing the best tennis shoes for flat feet men’s options, you should go for those with optimized arch support. The shoe’s design should be able to align naturally with your flat feet without any stress. This comes in handy to help you avoid injury as well as increase comfort.


One of the primary considerations when buying a flat feet tennis shoe is the safety of your arch. Arch cushioning technologies should be able to not only optimize comfort but also offer your arch enough protection. Consequently, most of the recommended best tennis shoes for flat feet men’s options have impressive cushioning technologies.


Among the features that pros go for is style. You need to look for shoes that offer a combination of comfort, playability, and style. It would feel nice looking good out in the court in your stylish flat feet tennis shoes.


The best men’s tennis shoes for flat wide feet are those that fit perfectly and comfortably. Playing in toe-biting uncomfortable shoes is bound to compromise your performance or even cause unwarranted injuries. While at the store, try out the available options and walk around in them to confirm if they fit well.

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