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10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

best indoor soccer shoes

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes available now:

Having the best indoor soccer shoes or futsal shoes comes in handy to ensure you have perfect gaming experience. Furthermore, due to the speed and intensity of this game, it not only optimizes comfort but also helps you avoid injuries. The comfort and the balance offered by futsal shoes are a significant determinant of performance.

When going out shopping for indoor soccer shoes, the main question will always be, what are the best indoor soccer shoes? You might also ask yourself what indoor soccer shoes give the best support or comfort. Well, the best indoor turf soccer shoes include the following:

Best Seller:

Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor

These Adidas indoor soccer shoes are arguably the best in the market today. Most Adidas products are always an epitome of great design and style, and this type is no exception. This type flaunts optimized comfort, stability, breathability, and is impressively durable.

The Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor is pure leather, both in the upper and lower outsole. The upper outsole features suede leather and the legendary 3-stripe Adidas logo. The construction is built to optimize ball control and give the best traction possible.

The outsole of these futsal shoes is designed to offer not only the best traction possible but give comfort. It is low-profile and made of gum rubber, ensuring that no matter how smooth the playing surface is, there is enough grip. To optimize playability, these shoes’ construction offers top flexibility.

The insole of these shoes maximizes comfort through the EVA cushioning and soft textile lining. The midsole is low-profile to boost stability and control.

When it comes to fitting, your feet will comfortably sit the Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor with no stress. These shoes come in different colors and styles. Even better, they are not only the best indoor turf soccer shoes but are also a great casual wear selection.

Nike Mercurial X Victory VI CR7 IC

Nike has a reputation for quality soccer boots from way back in time, and their products are a guarantee of reliability and dependability. The Nike Mercurial X Victory VI CR7 IC is arguably the best Nike indoor soccer shoes in the market today. The shoe is proudly branded after Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best players in the world.

These shoes flaunt a synthetic leather material that makes them aesthetically appealing and very durable. They also feature embossed ridges that come in handy for perfect ball control. The tongue is reduced in size to provide appropriate lockdown and stability.

The outsole is purely studded rubber, which provides an ideal grip on the playing surface. It’s also non-slip, keeping you secure from unwarranted dangerous falls during plays. Flexibility is another feature of the outsole that allows for multi-dimensional movements.

These shoes are the best Nike indoor shoes for a reason. The midsole, toe areas, and heels are cushioned appropriately for maximum support and comfort. The insole is also low-profile to optimize stability.

The fitting of these shoes places them among the best indoor turf soccer shoes available. They come with a dynamic fit collar that links the lower leg, foot, and ankle perfectly. This contributes not only to your ball control but also boosts the shooting power.

Puma Mens Invicto Sala

If you are a fun of Puma products, the Puma Men’s Invicto Sala feature in the list of best indoor turf soccer shoes. They are also the best Puma indoor soccer shoes available in the market today. These shoes flaunt a top technical brilliance that makes them a great casual wear option.

These shoes are purely made of suede leather with a mesh construction that contributes to their breathability. The innards are constructed to keep the feet cool and dry while also offering excellent ball touch and control.

The outsole is made of feather-weight non-marking rubber. It is also low profile and flexible to optimize movements. The outsole’s traction is also excellent for maximum grip on any type of surface.

The midsole is also low profile to maximize ball control while the insoles flaunt a sock liner that cushions the feet. These shoes also feature rubber toe reinforcement construction that protects the feet from external forces.

To perfectly fit you, the shoes have a lace closure system that allows them to hug your feet accordingly. The perfect fitting system makes them not only the best Puma indoor soccer shoes but also one of the comfortable futsal shoes available. They come in a variety of colors and can be used for casual wear.

Adidas Performance Mundial

The Adidas Performance Mundial is among the best Adidas indoor soccer shoes but also a worthy contender for a place in the list of the best futsal shoes. If you are asking, what are the best indoor soccer shoes; well, this is one of the answers.

These shoes feature leather split suede upper materials that are not only durable but also soft. The construction is designed to softly hug your feet yet, allowing for perfect ball touch and control.

The outsole is purely non-marking gum rubber that offers excellent traction and maximum grip. The insole is made of lightweight EVA, which is also impressively comfortable. They also feature a low profile midsole for stability.

Kelme Star Men’s Michelin

Michelin might be a tire company, but their coalition with Kelme gave birth to one of the best indoor shoes. These shoes are an epitome of style, durability, and breathability. Their performance is also quite impressive.

These shoes are made of a soft and leather construction that give them a great feel and optimize ball control. The leather material is also slightly padded to maximize comfort while the backside is made of mesh material for breathability. Their tongues are also full mesh with soft padding to boost comfort.

The outsole is impressively soft and flexible and is made of rubber to provide grip. The midsole and insole are cushioned with a soft material to boost comfort while the heels have soft padding to hold your feet in place.

Adidas Performance Kid’s Samba

You might be asking, what are the best indoor soccer shoes for kids, this is the answer. The Adidas Performance Kid’s Samba is arguably the best indoor shoes for kids and also the best Adidas indoor soccer shoes for kids. A kid’s indoor shoes choice is dictated by size, comfort, and durability, and these shoes are all about these qualities.

These shoes are made of pure leather, and if you are asking what indoor soccer shoes give the best support, this is the best choice for kids. They are an example of stability and comfort.

The outsole is made of gum rubber and flaunts little nobs that optimize traction. Indoor soccer is an intense game even for kids; hence the shoes should have an excellent grip on the playing surface. The insole and midsoles are made of lightweight EVA, which contributes to comfort and stability.

Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 16.3 TF

This Messi branded indoor soccer shoes are a guarantee of high quality and impressive design. They are built to offer top performance just like the player they are named after and are a great option if you are looking to improve your ball control.

The shoes’ textile and synthetic upper constructions are designed to offer extended service life. The construction is also intended to firmly but softly hug your feet for comfort and top ball control.

The outsole is made of non-marking rubber to maximize traction on any surface. A low-profile midsole also comes in handy to give you stability while the insole is lightly and softly padded for comfort and protection.

These shoes further feature a mono-tongue construction that provides you with a snug fit. Their great fit, excellent traction, and aesthetic appeal are among the things that place these shoes in the list of the best indoor soccer shoes in the market.

Puma Men’s 365 Ignite

This is one of the best Puma indoor soccer shoes available. They come with a collection of amazing features such as flexibility, durability, and stylish design. If you are wondering what indoor soccer shoes give the best support, this is among the best options.

These shoes flaunt a mesh construction that not only offers breathability but is also very durable. Their TPU skin support makes them one of the best indoor soccer shoes in the market today.

The shoe’s outsoles are made from non-marking gum rubber, which optimizes traction. It is also low-profile for stability. The midsole flaunts Puma’s IGNITE Form, which offers impressive energy-returning ability. Its insole is softly padded for utmost comfort while a firm formstrip keeps your feet locked in perfectly.

Puma Men’s 365 Ignite shoes come with a lace closure system that offers you a secure and snug fit.

Nike JR MercurialX

If you are looking for the best indoor soccer shoes for your kid, the Nike JR MercurialX VICTRY 6 CR7 IC Boys Soccer-Shoe 852488 is a great choice. This is the best Nike indoor soccer shoe option for kids. Cristiano Ronaldo also brands this type.

The shoes are made of textured leather with an embossed horizontal ridge that is designed to give your kid top ball control. It is an inspirational pair to provide you with kid morale and psyche to work hard.

The shoes feature a rubber outsole with little studs that provides traction and stability to ensure your kid will not slip while playing. These Nike indoor soccer shoes’ for kids come with a low-profile midsole for great feel and touch. The insole is also cushioned for maximum comfort.

These shoes will perfectly fit your kid; they have an anti-skid top cloth that prevents their feet from slipping off the shoes.

Nike Hypervenomx Phelon III

This is another top Nike indoor soccer shoe that deserves a place in the pinnacle of the best indoor soccer shoes available. It is an epitome of quality and fantastic design with guaranteed durability.

It is made of lightweight and durable materials that make optimize ball touch and control. Its flexible outsole is made of gum rubber for maximum traction while the insole comes with soft form pads for comfort. The midsole is a low profile to optimize stability and control.

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes Buying Guide

Buying an indoor soccer shoe is more than going to the store and purchasing any other footwear. There are things to look out for to ensure you get the best. Some of the things you have to consider when buying include the following:


There are lots of materials that are used to make indoor soccer shoes. However, most top brands adopt the use of pure leather. This might hike up the prices, but leather shoes are the most durable and comfortable options.

There are two types of leather, synthetic and pure leather. While the former is more expensive, it is a better water-resistant material. Pure leather is, however, more flexible than synthetic leather.


How a shoe fit determines its comfort and performance. Ill-fitting shoes are a recipe for injuries. To perform well, you need a perfectly fitting pair of shoes that allows enough toes room at the edge.


The indoor soccer shoes come with different soles such as the following:

  • Gum rubber soles; these are arguably the best. They offer the best traction.
  • Flat sole; these are most appropriate for hard surfaces or typical futsal surfaces.
  • Solid rubber; they are usually harder and stiffer than gum rubber ones. They also offer excellent traction.


The shoe design is a significant determinant of comfort and performance. Any shoe design should aim at maximizing on these factors. The shoe design should provide the following:

  • Breathability
  • Support
  • Cushioning
  • Comfort



Hard indoor surfaces and artificial turfs are bound to cause wear and tear on your shoes. To boost their lifespan, they have to be made of the best materials available. Leather soccer shoes are known to be very durable.



Your pocket will ultimately determine what kind of indoor soccer shoes you will get. You cannot get what you cannot afford. However, there are lots of cheap but quality shoes that will offer you excellent performance.


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