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5 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes For Wide Feet

    best indoor soccer shoes

    Getting to know the best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet and the best indoor soccer cleats

    Getting the right indoor soccer shoes for your wide feet can be quite a hustle, but with proper guidance, you can always get it right. The buying endeavor is more than hitting the store and picking any kind of wide indoor soccer shoes. For optimized play and maximum comfort, you need the right shoes, especially if you have wide feet.

    You might be asking, “What are the best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet?” Well, here is the ultimate list of the best wide indoor soccer shoes that you should consider:


    Adidas Performance Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoes

    The Adidas Performance Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoes is arguably the best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet in the market today. The boots are a guarantee of quality and durability with the ability to offer you a long service life. If you want to optimize ball control as well as enjoy your game, these are the shoes to buy.

    The Adidas performance Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoes come with a die-cut EVA inner sole and a pivot-point rubber outsole that maximizes grip on the playing turf hence optimizing stability. The upper cover is sleek, aesthetically appealing suede leather.

    This shoe is among the best Adidas wide shoes ever made, and even better, its price is quite affordable.

    Puma Invicto Sala Soccer Shoes

    The Puma Invicto Sala Soccer Shoes are another worthy choice if you are looking for the top indoor soccer shoes for wide feet. They are a blend of class and fashion yet offering top services on the ball. These wide width indoor soccer shoes are made from leather with a touch of natural suede to complete the sleek look.

    The Puma Invicto Sala Soccer Shoes are featherweight and flaunt a soft feel to give you complete control over the ball. They further feature a tonal-stitched toe box for maximum comfort. The sole is a synthetic rubber and low profile to maximize stability while the midsole is supported with a toe bumper for protection.

    These shoes come in angel, peacoat, and white colors that are aesthetically attractive.

    Adidas Soccer Mundial

    The Adidas Soccer Mundial shoes are also among men’s indoor soccer shoes wide width options. They are not only among the most durable indoor soccer shoes for wide feet but are also impressively comfortable to play in. These shoes’ upper parts are made of long-lasting leather.

    Their dual-density outsole comes in handy to increase comfort while optimizing stability by offering an enhanced grip on the playing turf. The die-cut EVA insoles are not only very light in weight but also significantly contribute to the comfort of your feet. Their tongues are extended to softly hug the upper parts of your feet while adding to your ball control.

    These shoes offer durability and enhanced performance on the field. They are among the Adidas wide shoes in the market today.

    Adidas F10 Indoor Soccer Shoes

    The Adidas F10 Indoor Soccer Shoes are other great wide feet shoe options for your indoor plays. They are built to offer maximum playability while giving you a classy look. They are among the best Adidas wide shoes that you should try out.

    Adidas F10 Indoor Soccer Shoes are considered one of the most comfortable indoor soccer shoes for wide feet due to their impressive features. They flaunt a unique side lacing system that optimizes comfort while giving your feet more breathing space. Even better, the enhanced designs give your feet enough space to bend as you make those shots.

    The Adidas F10 Indoor Soccer Shoes are impressively light in weight, giving you all the control you need on the ball. The outsole is made of synthetic rubber to improve traction and grip on the playing field while the midsole and insoles are enhanced with soft materials to optimize comfort. These shoes are all-weather and can even be used for outdoor plays.

    Nike Legend 7

    The Nike Legend 7 Soccer Shoes are the best Nike indoor soccer shoes for wide feet. They flaunt not only quality features but are among the most affordable good indoor soccer shoes for wide feet in the market today. Their classy look also makes them the most preferred men’s indoor soccer shoes wide width option.

    These Nike indoor soccer shoes come with a calfskin leather upper material that comfortably hugs your feet will optimizing ball control. Their interior is made of soft fabric that keeps your feet in the right stature. They also have a mesh tongue that helps to keep your feet in place while significantly contributing to ball control.

    The Nike Legend also boasts of cushioning foam midsoles while the non-marking outsole is enhanced for maximum traction and grip. These shoes are considered the best Nike indoor soccer shoes for wide feet further due to their versatility. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor plays without compromising on their playability.

    Top Indoor Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet Buying Guide

    Buying the right indoor shoes calls for the proper guidance and having the best knowledge as you hit the store. However, there are some factors that you should have in mind. Such could include the following:


    Indoor soccer shoes come in two types of material, leather and synthetic. Synthetic material is relatively cheaper than leather but comes with a collection of undesirable downsides.

    Synthetic material is not elastic enough; hence may deny you the comfort needed for an excellent performance. Even worse, their rigidity may cause blisters and unwarranted injuries.

    The leather, on the other hand, is a preferred material for good indoor soccer shoes due to proper elasticity. It fits according to the shape of your feet, optimizing comfort and performance while preventing injuries. Leather is furthermore durable and resistant to harsh conditions than synthetic.

    Speed, Control and Touch

    When purchasing what you want to be the most comfortable indoor soccer shoes, you should have speed, control, and touch in mind and go for shoes that offer such. Most leather shoes like the Adidas wide shoes are built to optimize these crucial aspects.

    Ensure you get the shoes that fit you well firmly but also offer enough breathing space. Lightweight shoes are also perfect in providing these qualities.

    Shoe Brand

    When going for indoor comfortable indoor soccer shoes, it is advisable to go for the recognized brands. Adidas and Nike are among the most recognizable sports shoemakers in the world who offer good indoor soccer shoes.

    However, Adidas’ shoes are not as elastic as Nike’s and are significantly narrower. Nike products, on the other hand, are not as comfortable; they stress more on classy designs. Adidas shoes are furthermore durable than any other men’s indoor soccer shoes wide width options available.

    Comfort and Right Fit

    Comfort determines performance while a rightly fitting shoe will optimize this performance. Wearing toe-biting is bound to not only hurt your performance but will also cause injuries. When shopping, consider buying leather shoes, they fit best, and their elasticity allows them to adjust to the size of your feet if there are a little tight.

    Return policy

    The return policy of the manufacturer or store should be in your mind as you make your purchase. The return policy can be in the following forms;

    • Store credit; the seller offers you credit on purchased shoes
    • Exchange only; you can get a replacement if you don’t like the pair you bought.
    • Complete refund; the seller can refund your money if you are no longer interested in buying a pair of shoes.
    • All sales final; no refunds, once off-self, you cannot return it.

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