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The journey to keeping fit starts way long before even hitting the gym. First of all, you need to have the best equipment to make the adventure as seamless as possible. Getting the best gym backpack for carrying your gym essentials is among the initial critical things you have to sort out even before making your way to the gym.

There are lots of impressive gym bags available in the market today, but getting the best can be quite a hustle. You are bound to make the mistake of buying a backpack that might not suit your needs. Nevertheless, with the right guidance, you can acquire a gym bag that will suit not only your needs but also one that you will fancy walking around with.

You might be wondering, which is the best backpack for the gym? How do I get the best gym bag? What do I have to put into consideration when buying a gym bag? Well, there is no need for worry; here are the answers to all your concerns.

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8 Best Gym Backpacks

Best Overall: Under Armor SC30 Undeniable Backpack

The under Armor SC30 Undeniable Backpack is arguably the best gym backpack you can ever purchase today. The bag is an epitome of convenience and comfort with a touch of elegance and class. The backpack is Stephen Curry-branded and comes in several designs; black and white or a blend of both.

It flaunts a 12 by 19.5-inch dimension, which is enough space to carry your other gym essentials. The bag is aesthetically appealing, giving you the confidence to take it with you wherever you please, including your office. Even better, it is made of nylon, which is water-resistant and comes with a hard underside making it fit for even the toughest of environments.

Armor SC30 Undeniable Backpack comes with multiple pockets so you can organize your items as you like. Even better, it has side mesh pockets that allow you to carry along lots of water for your work out. You can even carry an extra pair of shoes on its front-loading zipper pocket.

This backpack also comes with fortified UA HeatGear straps to support as much weight as possible while maximizing comfort.

Available on Amazon.

Most Affordable: Outlander Ultra Lightweight Backpack

Outlander Ultra Lightweight Backpack is arguably the most pocket-friendly yet quality backpack in the market today. Not only is this gym bag cheap, but it also flaunts some fantastic features that you will undoubtedly enjoy. First of all, it is very light in weight, weighing only half a pound.

The bag also comes with sizable mesh side pockets to hold your water bottles and a spacious inner pocket, which can accommodate as many items as possible. It also comes with several other pockets making it easy to organize your items.

The bag is made of nylon; hence it is water-resistant. It comes in several colors, making it suitable for all genders.

Available on Amazon.

Most Versatile: Adidas Rival XL Backpack

The Adidas Rival XL Backpack is a jack of all trades; it can be used for almost every other function. It not only comes with a spacious main pocket but also with lots of smaller pockets and measures about 14.5 by 13 by 20.5 inches. Its versatility makes it one of the best backpacks for gym and work.

Its features include a laptop sleeve, two mesh water bottle pockets, a pair of sturdy straps, and several outer pockets. It is made of a long-lasting Polyester material hence guarantees a long service life.

Available on Amazon.

Best for Ladies: MZ Wallace Metro Backpack

MZ Wallace Metro Backpack is the best gym backpack for ladies. Not only does it come with enough space, but it also boasts of a sleek and beautiful look just like the ladies love it. Even better, the bag comes in a variety of colors, making it a perfect match for almost every other attire.

This gym bag also comes with an extractable pouch and a phone pocket big enough to hold a 15-inch laptop. Its material is purely nylon, meaning it is not only waterproof but also easy to clean.

Available on Amazon.

Best for Work: Nile Vapor Heathered Training Backpack

If you need a backpack that you can carry with you to work before or after the gym, the Nile Vapor Heathered Training Backpack is the best backpack for gym and work. It comes in three colors; black, grey, and blue. Its appealing appearance makes it blend in at your workplace; hence you do not have to worry about it compromising the aesthetics of your office.

Nile Vapor Heathered Training Backpack is considered the best backpack gym bag for work due to its spacious laptop sleeve. It further flaunts sturdy Curve Max Air straps, water bottle holder pockets, and several other smaller pockets to house your smaller items.

Available on Amazon.

Best with Shoe Compartment: Nike Sport III Golf Backpack

The Nike Sport III Golf Backpack is the best backpack with a shoe compartment. Furthermore, it is among the top Nike gym bags in the market today. While there are other bags with shoe compartments, this bag’s compartment is like no other in terms of storage size.

The bag further has a classy look that can match most outfits. The shoe compartment is separated from the main pocket, ensuring your dirty gym shoes do not mix up with your other attires. This compartment is also large enough to carry your largest sneakers.

The Nike Sport III Golf Backpack is about 13 by 27 by 7 inches but is impressively light. It is made of polyester material.

Available on Amazon.

Best for Laptop: Under Armor Recruit 2.0 Backpack

If your job entails carrying a laptop most of the time, yet you need to drop by the gym before or after work, this is the best option. It comes with a safe internal laptop pocket for your machine. Furthermore, it is water-resistant and protects your laptop from rain.

Although the stress is on the safety of your laptop, it also has some other added amazing features. It has two mesh water bottle pockets, smaller pockets, and an abrasion-proof hard bottom.

Available on Amazon.

Best for Basketball: MIER Large Sports Backpack

If you intend to hit the basketball courts before or after your gym sessions, MIER Large Sports Backpack is the best backpack for you. The spacious bag is not only pocket-friendly but also comes with ample space for your basketball as well as gym wear. You can even comfortably fit in your basketball sneakers.

This bag also comes with several other features that you would undoubtedly enjoy. It has a laptop sleeve, a mesh water bottle side pocket, and even a key hook. MIER Large Sports Backpack is built to hold about 40 liters of storage space.

Available on Amazon.


Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Buying Gym Bags

While buying a gym bag can be quite a hustle, if you consider the following factors, you will be home and dry flaunting a gym bag of your dreams:


This is a health aspect that you should put into consideration when buying a gym bag. Get a bag that has two shoulder straps if you will be carrying lots of gym equipment. This comes in handy to ensure that the weight is distributed equally without putting a strain on your neck or one shoulder. Going to the gym might not make a difference if you arrive more unfit with a hurting back or stiff neck on account of poor ergonomics.

Getting a comfortable two-strapped gym bag is a worthy investment in your fitness engagement.


The best gym backpack should come with lots of pockets. Remember, you will be carrying different items, some of which should not be mixed up. I mean, it is unappealing trying to dig into your dirty and smelly gym attire while looking for your headphones.

Most Nike gym bags, for instance, are considered the best since they flaunt multiple pockets. As such, you can organize your items appropriately, placing each where best suited.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Everyone would fancy some beautiful looking gym backpack. A gym bag is something you will be carrying around in the open in front of other people. As such, you should consider buying the best backpack that you can even use for other purposes other than the gym.

Furthermore, carrying an aesthetically appealing gym bag is bound to give you more psyche and confidence and encourage you to work out even harder.

Material Quality

Material quality should also be on your mind as you buy a gym bag. You do not want to buy a bag that will get torn soon; you need one that will serve you longest. Most long-lasting gym bags are made of a nylon cover with a poly liner for the insides, while the straps are fortified with extra padding.

Ability to Clean

Ensure you buy a backpack that you can clean with ease. I mean, you do not want a pack that retains the dirty-socks smell even after washing.


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