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10 Best Golf GPS

best golf GPS

Top 10 Best Golf GPS

Being an expert golfer requires you to come up with every possible way of correctly analyzing your golf game. That’s the first step in making improvements that’ll push you ahead of the competition. However, conventional methods take anyone a lot of time and expensive equipment. The good thing is there are many tools in the market today that make things more straightforward.

One of the tools that have made golfing easy is the adoption of modern sports technology. For instance, the best golf GPS devices, such as the best golf GPS and the GPS golf watch, in the form of wearable tech, have already found their way into the golf world. With these devices, you can see the distance the ball travels, determine the right club to use, and analyze the swing.

These GPS watches have GPS receivers that you wear as a single unit on the wrist like a bracelet. The best thing about GPS golf is that it has a lot of courses where you can read through the course maps from your preferred golf destination. The golf courses also show the distance between shots, among other features.

Golf is changing rapidly, so what is the best golf GPS to buy? The Garmin Approach S20 GPS Golf Watch. With more than 2000 ratings on Amazon it is stylish, sleek and lightweight.

You need to check if the available options are the latest in the market. Then focus on the best golf GPS devices. The many tools in the market present you with hazardous information, and you don’t want to choose a watch that’s not worth your money.

Instead, invest in quick and accurate devices that provide you with the highest confidence level. We’ve analyzed the best golf GPS to try, their features, benefits, and the guide on choosing the best handheld golf GPS. If you’ve been wondering, what is the best golf GPS to buy, the list provides you with the GPS golfing devices that are worth investment.

1.      Garmin Approach S20 GPS Golf Watch

This device is among the best GPS golf watches from Garmin. Its unique design qualifies it as the most beautiful watch that golfers prefer. The GPS watch has a display that resembles Apple device creativity, with its strap featuring tiny holes to make it breathable.

There are numerous Garmin devices on the list, but this one prides itself on its distinctive and impressive list of defining features.  Regarding golf tech, the GPS golf device has the Greenview features and Garmin’s Autoshot. It also has a precision GPS tech to allow you to drop pins on the GPS maps and avoid layovers and doglegs.

The golf GPS is also compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones, allowing you to receive notifications and all activity tracking characteristics of other products from Garmin. If you love spending time outdoors, this could be among the best golf GPS you can try.

The device has large display sizes to allow you to view it in comfort. Its picture resolution is of high quality, and its comfortable fitting strap enables you to play in comfort. It’s also lightweight, weighing about 15.5 ounces.

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2.      Bushnell Phantom GPS

This device is a convenient golf GPS that comes with the latest Bite Magnetic Mount Tech. It’s one of the few best handheld golf GPS that you can use in more than 30 countries. The device features 36,000-course data.

This golf GPS device allows you to see 360 degrees. It has an easy-to-read display that shows numerous details such as the distance from the various points; the front, middle, and back of the GPS course. Bushnell Phantom GPS also exhibits up to four hazards for all individual holes.

Wrapping the golf GPS watch is simple and straightforward. The device has the Phantom GPS, which you use to attach it to your belt or bag.  It’s also possible to sync the device with smart devices using Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connection makes it easy for you to receive course updates.

The best feature that makes this device emerge in the list of the best golf GPS devices is its power-saving nature. It has a top-quality battery that lasts at least two rounds before calling for a recharge.  In all series, the device’s Phantom offers you a clear perspective of the green due to the GPS Auto Hole Advance and Auto Course Recognition features.

Bushnell Phantom GPS comes with a free Bushnell Golf App featured in the Phantom. This golf GPS device also sticks to all metal surfaces, and you can hold it using its Integrated BITE Magnetic Mount.

3.      Garmin Approach G80

If you’re looking for an all-in-one premium golf GPS, Garmin Approach G80 could be what you want. This device is the most high-tech and highest advanced GPS piece. The device has also been featured in other lists of the best golf GPS. Its highly advanced features make it more than a mere rangefinder.

This GPS golf watch features a 3.5 inches touch screen which is sunlight-readable. The high screen resolution provides you with highly detailed images. It also displays flyovers of up to 41,000 golf global courses.

The Garmin Approach G80 does not only calculate the ball travel distance to every hazard and part of the green, but it also features exclusive touch technology. With this high-tech technology, you can measure the distance to any part of the GPS course. This feature makes the golf GPS ideal for when you may want to play or layup with a few more tactics.

The GPS device has a PlaysLike feature, meaning that it accounts for downhill and uphill lies. This feature provides you with the most accurate yardages. Its PinPointer technology enables it to locate pins when playing blind shots.

The device’s warm-up mode provides you with feedback on various things such as tempo, launch monitor, functioning, estimated distance, ball speed, and clubhead speed. By taking the device out into your yard or range, you can check all the crucial stats of a golf swing.

Connecting the G80 to a Smartphone is easy and straightforward. This crucial connection will allow you to receive course updates as you’re able to connect with other golfers. Connecting with other golfers requires you to sync your device to the free Garmin app. After connecting with them, you can make a comparison of your stats and scores.

4.      GolfBuddy GB9 WTX Golf GPS Smartwatch

If you’re looking for a simple GPS golf watch with a fast touch screen, this one could be the perfect one. The device’s super-fast touch screen gives it a sensitive wrapper interface that makes it double as a golf watch and a regular user watch.

The golf watch has over 38,000 preloaded golf courses with global dynamic green views and ball distance readings regarding the player’s immediate position. The smartwatch can recognize both the golf hole and the course.

It’s able to automatically show the distances from various points; the front, mid, and the back of the golf green. Among its best features are hazard distance and the attributes measured with perfect yardages.

Regarding the device usability, it has a bright screen that’s user-friendly even under extremely bright lights. The battery power is excellent, offering a complete round without requiring you to recharge. The device is lightweight, attractive, and slim, making it comfortable to put on.

5.      Garmin Approach G10

Golfers looking for the best handheld golf GPS may consider this to be the perfect choice for them. The device features a compact and sleek style that makes it fit the best golf technology on the golf GPS devices market.

Garmin Approach G10 shares the features of the best rangefinders in that it estimates distances to all green points. The G10 also locates the exact location of water hazards and each hole’s sand.

Garmin devices are unique, with this device featuring high-sensitivity GPS trackers. This feature makes one of the simplest loading rangefinders. The GPS trackers also qualify the G10 as the most reliable distance judge, even under the most challenging coverage.

The device has a built-in stat tracker. This feature lets you keep watching all the significant numbers surrounding you, including Putts per Round, Greens Regulation, and Fairways hit.

It also comes with an excellent price and hazard detection technology.

6.      Bushnell Neo Ion 2

Although the model is a bit old, its design and functionality make it one of the best golf GPS that’s a must-have for every golfer. The device has an exclusive design that’ll remind you of the digital watches that ruled the market in the 2000s.

The golf GPS design makes it look more like a regular watch than an Apple or Fitbit watch. The design is convenient and hardwearing.

The device features 36,000 worldwide courses and can offer you accurate distance details and at least four hazards for each hole. Its step counter is integrated, allowing you to pride in the great exercises you’ve been doing.

Its battery life is superb, lasting up to 12 hours without the need for a recharge. The device is compatible with Bluetooth devices, thus, keeping you up-to-date with relevant course information. It also features hazard detection technology, and its lightweight of 4.8 ounces allows you to wrap it in comfort.

7.      GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS

The model is the second-generation GPS golf offering slightly sleeker styled rangefinder. The device enhanced battery life is excellent and can serve you for at least 12 hours, just like that of the original GPS watch model.

The Voice 2 has secured its place in the GPS golf device market due to its unique audio output.  Having it is like taking notes from your caddy on the accurate yardage for each pin. Fitting the device is easy, as you only need to clip it to your bag or belt. You can even clip it to your hat, especially if you want to have a practical personal address. This GolfBuddy will provide you with the most significant distances.

The GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS features 38,000 courses. The number of courses is slightly higher than that of most devices in the list. The device is also multilingual, making it a perfect option for most global golfers.

Voice 2 comes with a wrist strap; thus, you can wrap it as a regular watch. It’s also compatible with several courses.

8.      Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch

Whenever you hear of the word “Callaway,” the first thing you think about is golf. Callaway is a reputable company that has been making quality golfing equipment since the 80s. It currently supplies the equipment to over 70 countries.

GPSy Golf GPS Watch features vital golfing technology such as hazard warnings, scorecards, shot measurements, and exact distances. The device is cheaper than many of its competitors. Although it lacks activity tracking and smartwatch features, it’s one of the best golf GPS in the market, selling below $1000.

The device’s sleek design makes it attractive to clip on your bag or belt. It also features Auto course recognition features and displays over 30,000 global courses. It’s lightweight, weighing 2.08 ounces.

9.      Bushnell Neo XS Golf GPS, Black

Are you wondering, what is the best golf GPS to buy today? Bushnell Neo XS is a lightweight golf GPS device that’s simple and comfortable to use. This watch is ready for use, and you can utilize it immediately you take it out of the box.

The GPS watch battery life is long enough to last two rounds before you can recharge.  Its power lasts up to 12 hours. The best thing about this watch is that you can use it anywhere.

The device has preloaded 32,500 courses from thirty countries. It provides you with free automatic course updates. You only need to plug it to a computer via USB, whereby you’ll be charging it alongside fetching updates.

This GPS watch is stylish, making it ideal for modern golfing days. It features a thin sports band and its best for an 18-holes golfing game. Its water-resistant materials protect it from water damages, and the strap offers maximum comfort.

The watch has holes detector, and it automatically detects holes in the green.  Its round odometer provides you with an accurate traveled distance. Its calculator for shot distance helps you measure your shots.

Reading the watch readings is easy. The watch provides traveled distance to the front, middle, and back of the GPS course. It will give you hazard distances for at least four holes.

This golf GPS is waterproof and comes with a 1-year warranty.  Its sleek style and usage simplicity make it one of the best handheld golf GPS in the market.

10.  Garmin Approach S60

If you wish to operate on a higher budget on a high-quality GPS golf device, considering this Garmin Approach S60 will be a good idea. The item might be expensive, possibly double the price of most of the products on the list, but rest assured you’ll be investing in one of the best golf GPS watches in the market.

The primary feature to mention here is its look. The device comes with a stylish white band, with its mesmerizing display being 1.2 inches, which makes it manage excellently in the sunlight.

Garmin Approach S60 has Autoshot, and Greenview features to provide you with shot and distance information. It also features PinPointer. This tool is a high-tech compass that helps you line the shots. The device’s Swing Analysis gives you the data you need to boot your swing, while the Touch Targeting allows you to measure the travel distance to specific parts on the green. The GPS golf device provides you with everything you need to improve your golf game.

Best Golf GPS Buying Guide

In traditional golf, getting the exact distance for the pin was a challenging task. The golf GPS watches have brought a lot of advancement, and accessing crucial information has become more comfortable.

How to Choose the Best Golf GPS

If you’re looking to buy a golf GPS watch, these tips will help you make the best choice.

1.      Price

If you wish to get a top-quality product, you’ll need to invest a little more. Cheap GPS watches are often substandard.

2.      Check for product reviews.

Before making any purchase, go through the product reviews to weigh the good products against the bad ones.

3.      Brand

When looking for quality GPS watches, consider looking for the brand with the highest reputation. These brands are not only keen on performance but also know what to expect if the quality falls.

4.      Simplicity

Today, ease of use and product convenience is the crucial consideration to consider before making any item purchase. Always consider settling for a golf GPS device that’s easy to use.

5.      Battery Life

A golf GPS with a low battery life will not only ruin the game but will also get damaged easily.  Be sure to settle for the option with the most extended battery life.

Best Golf GPS Reviews: The FAQs

Is a golf GPS worth it?

Whether you are Pro golf player or not, the performance of people using a GPS and those who do not use them are rarely the same. In case you are just starting out, buying a golf GPS will improve your playing skills. When you get one, it will help you reduce your overall score while hitting more accurate iron shots.

Can Pro golfers use GPS watches?

Since 2006, Pro golf players are now allowed to use GPS devices in any game. This is supported by the United States Golf Associations. However, local tournament committees may ban the use of golf GPS rangefinders.  Your best bet is to consult the local golf associations within your area.

Is the Garmin S62 waterproof?

If you are looking for the best waterproof golf watches to buy, the Garmin S62 is a great model worth considering. Besides being waterproof, this pro golfing device has some other interesting features. Below are some other Garmin S62 features you may want to consider when looking into the best handheld GPS watch comparison.

  • Water rating – 5 ATM

  • Memory capacity – 1 GB

  • Battery life – Smartwatch mode: up to 14 days GPS mode: up to 20 hours

  • Weight  – 2.2 oz (61 g)

  • Display resolution – 260 x 260 pixels

  • Display size – 1.3” (33.02 mm) diameter

  • Advanced sleep mode

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • iPhone and Android compatibility

  • Reloaded with 42,000 golf courses

  • Handicap scoring

Does Garmin S62 track heart rate?

Like some other advanced smartwatches from Garmin, the S62 model has a wrist-based heart rate monitor. Based on the experiences of other users, the GPS watch is compatible with a chest heart rate monitor. However, you have the buy the chest-based heart rate monitor separately. Check Garmin’s online store or your local retailer to find out the current price.

Which Garmin watches have golf?

  1. Garmin Approach S20

  2. Garmin Fenix 6 GPS Watch

  3. Garmin MARQ Golfer

  4. Garmin Approach S42

  5. Garmin Approach S40


Golf GPS is just like a car GPS. It provides you with accurate navigation to the ball destination. However, getting the best golf GPS can turn out to be challenging, and you need to be careful about the crucial factors to ensure that the product you pick is functional and straightforward.00