Best Electric Bikes Under $1000

Checking out the Best Electric Bikes Under $1000

Are you looking for something to go to work in? Thinking of taking on some mountain trails? The best example we can think of is the question of what kind of ride you’re looking for. Specifically: are you looking for a bike that you can use as more of a traditional bicycle or would you like to do as little pedaling as possible?

Finding the best electric bikes under 1000 dollars is all about knowing what YOU want.

Electric Bike Review: Our List of the Best Electric Bikes Under 1000 Dollars

NAKTO Sporting Shimano – Best Value Electric Bike

When it comes to buying electronics with budgeting on the mind, it’s common for consumers to be asked to sacrifice quality. That concept is no different when it comes to electric bikes. Fortunately, brands like NAKTO make sure that isn’t always the case.

The Sporting Shimano has priced in the lower end of the best electric bikes under 1000 dollars. And yet, the features are plenty. The frame is in a durable carbon steel construction. It also comes with impressive shock absorption qualities.

Beefing up its safety features, this model also comes with a front V-brake expansion on its rear wheel. Stopping power meets ultimate control.

NAKTO’s policy of selling directly to consumers – with no middleman – is exactly why a model such as the Sporting Shimano could cost you under 650 dollars. Combined with its sound technical features, this is our pick for the best value electric bike in this category.

Tomasar Power – Best Budget Electric Bike

This is another one that is quite a ways under 1000 dollars. Tomasar’s Power Electric Bike has an emphasis on compact design. In this effort, it sports an aluminum alloy frame. This isn’t quite as durable or as strong as the carbon steel, but this lightweight build is completely foldable and easy to take around with you even when you can ride around.

Though electric bikes are commonly used to simply aid pedaling, this model gives you a bit of a cruise-mode option. The 2 working modes on this electric bike are the e bike mode and the PAS or Pedal Assist. The former allows the motor to do more of the work and take control, allowing you to cruise along for longer journeys without pedaling. In contrast, the PAS selection allows you to ride around in a more traditional setting, emphasizing more pedaling.

Traditionally, using the motor on the electric bike to take pedaling away entirely is less than recommended as it takes away the exercise. Still, to have the option between those two different modes makes this a great option for anyone.

X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser – Perfect For Those Beachside Rides

The Malibu Beach Cruiser actually comes to us from X-Treme Scooters. Nonetheless, this is an example of some of the best from their electric bikes category. This model sports seven specialized speed gears, a speedy and intuitive shifter system and a 100% aluminum alloy frame.

Again, the durability of aluminum alloy builds often comes under question. But, it’s one of the natural sacrifices that riders have to make so that they can enjoy a lighter and more compact bike.

Some of the more notable features here include the tires. The Kenda Balloon Beach Street design comes with an easy changing process and quick adjustment. A helpful addition is that of the attached basket feature that can be placed on either the front handlebars of the back or along its side.

It’s a smooth ride with plenty of helpful features and a lightweight frame. The pop of color certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike – Pedaling with Power

One of our favorites in the mountain biking category, this electric bike provides plenty of assisting power on those hilly terrains. It’s no secret that managing to get your bike on the top of a steep climb is no easy task. Often times, fighting the gravity that comes with that incline can be an exhausting process.

It’s for precisely that reason we rank this model highly on our list of the best electric bikes under 1000 dollars. Though it’s another example of the lower end of the pricing range, this e bike is flush with advanced features.

The gear setup comes with 21-speed capabilities. This wealth of speed settings gives you all sorts of control on just about any terrain – incredibly important on a mountain bike. As with other models, we also see the option to switch from a PAS mode to cruiser-friendly e bike setting.

Shaofu Folding Electric Bicycle – Ultimate Compact Design

If you haven’t noticed, some of the best electric bikes under 1000 dollars put a focus on mobility. The bikes themselves are relatively lightweight to carry around, to be sure. Still, it’s equally important that you can quickly shift from riding your electric bike to carrying it around without much fuss.

This Shaofu model presents a design with just that sort of thinking. The aluminum alloy frame is completely collapsible. The broken down version of this frame makes it very easy to carry around on public transport or just on narrow sidewalks where riding around wouldn’t be possible.

One of the handier features here involves the bike’s battery. The removable Lithium Ion battery can be charged while both on the actual frame as well as removed from it. Essentially, you could collapse the frame and have it charging with the battery still attached. It’s all about getting on with your day with this Shaofu model!

Fast88 Electric Mountain Bike – Double Layered and Solid

Fast88 focuses on bringing properties of durability and comfort on this compact electric mountain bike. The rider themselves seems to be the inspiration behind many of these features. That isn’t to disparage the works of other brands, it’s just a credit to how plain Fast88’s consumer-first design ethos is.

The aluminum alloy frame is double layered here for a noticeable amplification of both the build’s durability and overall quality. The front fork carries a carbon steel build, further emphasizing the strength profile of this Fast88 electric bike.

The frame also comes with a strong profile of shock absorption, making for a remarkably comfortable ride over longer periods of time.

The disc-style brakes are a great design choice, offering all-weather stopping power. When it comes to bikes, the notion of brake quality often gets lost in the fray of decision making. And yet, it’s still incredibly important that your electric bike has durable and dynamic brakes.

Moki Bike O1Z – The Ultimate Starter Electric Bike?

When looking for the best electric bikes under 1000 dollars, this is our best place to start. In fact, it may be the best starting point for anyone who is a bit new to riding around town on an electric bike.

The features are quite standard here. A 36-volt lithium ion battery provides up to 10 hours on a full charge. A Shimano gear gives you six speed options as well as a Tourney-style setting.

The tires are quite high in quality as well. These Kenda 20″ models will give you plenty of staying power and a stable ride.

The specifications won’t necessarily blow anyone’s socks off, but that’s hardly the point with this bike. It is packed with pretty much everything you’ll need, without forcing you to go deep into your wallet to spend on features you might not even need. Thanks to a balanced frame built with quality construction, this is one of the absolute best electric bikes under 1000 dollars for beginners.

The Best E Bike Under 1000 Dollars: Know what you’re looking for

Though we’ve detailed what an electric bike is, how to spot the differences in categories, and how to figure out what you’re being sold, none of those is most important.

The single most critical element in finding the electric bike that is right for you is to know what it is you’re looking for in the first place. This piece of advice may sound a bit unnecessary and obvious, but we’d beg to differ!

As we explained above, the two most common categories of mountain bikes are the flat-bar hybrids and mountain bikes. Knowing them – and their differences – isn’t just about being able to read bike descriptions when you’re shopping. It’s about knowing yourself before you shop as well.

After taking a look at the best electric bikes under $1000, it might be worth our time to get a few things straightened out. The concept of an electric bike may be a vexing one for some. Even more of us will likely think of something closer to a scooter or mini-motorcycle.

This is why it’s likely worth explaining what an e bike is and how it works. An electric bike is, for all intents and purposes, almost exactly like your average bicycle.

The frame, wheels, and gears all come with the same set of standard designs. The mechanics of the steering and pedals are identical as well. To clarify what the differences are, they essentially boil down to the inclusion of a motor.

An electric bike doesn’t work like a scooter. On the contrary, you’re still pedaling to move forward. The difference with an e bike is that there is a motor installed to assist in the pedaling.

For most standard electric bikes, this works by adding some of the engine’s torque capabilities to each pedal. The result is a bike that moves faster and with more power as you pedal. The engine’s role isn’t in deciding how fast you go, it simply amplifies your own natural applied force.

The result, as you would expect, is an amplification of essentially every aspect of bike riding. The additional power, though not quite that of a scooter, helps make riding your bike around town much easier.

For example, if you find yourself pedaling up a relatively steep hill, it can be handy to have a small motor-aided boost. Likewise, you may find yourself quite fatigued from enduring a work day or a tough workout. An electric bike helps you get the benefits of riding around while also compensating for any fatigue issues you may have.

Selecting the Best Electric Bike Under 1000 Dollars

One of the issues that quickly come up when looking to buy an electric bike involves pricing. There are so many different classes of electric bikes out there. Each and every one of those categories comes with a set of distinct advantages and disadvantages. They all also come with their own unique price points. Some of the more popular e bikes run up as high as 6000 dollars and over!

In light of that, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Though this article will be focusing in on more budget-friendly options (sub the 1000 dollar price point) you could very well decide that you need something in a more elite category. No matter where your head is at, it’s critical to know how you go about the process of shopping around.

Breaking Down the Common Categories

There are two main kinds of electric bikes you’re bound to see: hybrids (or flat-bar hybrids) and mountain bikes. The most popular category you’ll stumble across is the flat-bar hybrid. They are much less specialized and offer something for everyone, hence their prevalence as some of the best electric bikes under 1000 dollars.

These hybrid designs come with some familiar design notes. They often incorporate the use of large wheels and traditional frames. If you’re wandering around town and happen to spot an electric bike or two, chances are that they’re all going to be of the flat-bar hybrid variety.

Now, that doesn’t quite mean that the more specialized mountain bikes are nowhere to be found. Retailers are noticing an upward trend of interest in this style of electric bikes. The main draw for this design is, of course, on mountainous or hilly landscapes. Riders often cite their need for something to give them that extra bit of boost when trying to get up a steep incline.