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Top 10 Best EDC Backpacks

    best edc backpack

    The Best EDC Backpacks:

    The idea behind a tactical backpack is protection and durability. In general, backpacks have evolved far beyond the sole purpose of lugging things around. What we’re seeing more and more of is a need for the EDC backpack that can help keep the elements out of your important gear.

    I, like many people, often travel with my laptop and other pieces of tech sitting in my bag. As a result, being able to keep these things protected is a priority. From the rain-soaked tendencies of London to the excruciating heat of Dubai, these are some of the best packs and best edc bags to keep your gear safe and secure.

    Best Seller:

    Maxpedition Falcon II Backpack EDC

    Maxpedition’s design ethos reminds that tactical backpacks are not to be considered for function alone. Sure, you need to be able to protect your gear. But, a tactical EDC backpack also needs to be fairly easy to wear. It may come across as an obvious preference, but it’s easy to sacrifice the feel of a pack for some added functionality.

    Maxpedition makes it clear that this doesn’t always have to be the case. The Falcon II has to be the best Maxpedition backpack out there. It is designed to be as ergonomic as you need it to be. The shoulder straps are loaded with foam and formed in a comforting style. They also conform to your shoulders and chest so that you never quite feel like the bag is weighing you down.

    Maxpedition Backpack EDC Essentials:

    Having said all of that, no sacrifices are made here when it comes to protective function. This sturdy model is constructed with a 1050 Denier nylon. This high-grade frame is abrasion and water resistant.

    There are also inner compartments that layered with even more protective materials. There, you’ll find additional pockets and pouches which feature in a noticeably greater amount here than most backpacks in this size category. Dual-direction YKK zippers bring it all together to keep everything cozy and protected.

    An interesting extra bit here is the inclusion of a high-capacity water reservoir. You can hold up to 3L (or 100oz) comfortably. Once you’ve packed everything in the way you prefer, it’s easy to compress it down via the included side-straps. And off you go!

    What separates it from other backpacks?

    Maxpedition has been a leader in the ergonomic design of durable packs for quite some time. The notion of a tactical EDC backpack has been evolving over the years primarily thanks to names like Maxpedition. As a result, this high-capacity durable carry-all is a preference not just for hikers, but for military and law enforcement officials as well.

    5.11 Tactical Military Backpack

    5.11 brings customization to the forefront of each of their products. The durability and protection profile are in top form, but the added wow-factor comes from just personalized these packs are. The conditions their materials can take on make them some of the best EDC backpacks on the market for all purposes.

    The best of military design meets mountaineering ergonomics, as the bran suggests. Essentially, this goes to suggest that the FAST pack is built for most all outdoor conditions, whether you’re adventuring nearby or on a grueling trek far away. Interestingly, it isn’t all advanced features here. Some of the more familiar details are considered standards in all EDC backpacks. This 5.11 is for sure among the top EDC backpacks.

    5.11 EDC Essentials

    Loaded with features, the Rush 12 model is teeming with functionality. The outer shell is in a 1000 and 500 Denier Invista Cordura Fabric. It protects all of your gear from water and abrasion while keeping everything securely fastened. Speaking of water resistance, the Dri-Lex Aerospacer Moisture Management Mesh helps to further that aspect. The separate protective layers make it even harder to damage items such as your phone or laptop in the rain.

    Coming in at about 72 oz (2 KG), you’re looking at one of the sturdier choices for a tactical EDC backpack. It comes together with a clamshell closure, held firmly by details such as YKK and nylon coil reverse zippers. The zippers even come with a paracord for a more practical closure.

    What separates it from other backpacks?

    For one, this one of the rare entrants in any product line that’s made in the USA. Even beyond EDC backpacks, that’s a rare sighting. Outside of that, there’s a lot to love here. The FAST pack is the definition of a tactical EDC. It’s functional elements are, at this point, an expectation. But, the modular capabilities are a nice bonus.

    Smaller details like the zipper and closure system are quite effective in aiding this goal. However, the more evident details are noteworthy as well. The pockets are divided up into two in the front, two external, and two internal. Each comes with a solid mesh or nylon construction that works surprisingly well in protecting your gear.

    From anchor points to Ladderloc buckles, it’s all about being able to adjust this protective design to your needs at any given time or place.

    Reebow Gear EDC Backpack

    Reebow Gear brings us the Molle tactical backpack. It has molle system, Molle webbing throughout for attaching additional tactical pouches or gear as 3 day assault pack backpack combat molle backpack. Amongst outdoors enthusiasts and enforcement professions, the brand’s offerings are lauded for a clear sense of aesthetics. Within those subtle builds is a whole suite of protective features.

    Reebow Gear even has regular events where they get to showcase their wears in a more interactive format. Here, fans from all over get to see the latest in what the label is cooking up. The Reebow Gear challenges across people of all outdoors experience, and even some former and current military members. The Molle Bag is, per the brand, consistently the most popular option every time.

    Reebow Gear Backpack EDC Essentials

    What’s a tactical EDC backpack without some serious features? Luckily, the Molle is fully loaded in this regard. Let’s start with the most eye-catching quality on the specifications sheet. Knowing that, it may come as no surprise to you that it is double-stitched and it includes heavy duty zippers and utility-style cord pulls.

    There is also a side and front load compression system, ventilated mesh padded back area & shoulder strap, breathable and comfortable. For the water you’d like to keep in, a hydration port is just under the top handle.

    I keep coming back to zippers on this list, and for good reason. Tactical backpacks – and bags in general – need to be able to close and open in intuitive ways. Otherwise, the practicality and protectiveness take a hit. In that regard, this backpack is impressive. The YKK zip system here comes with glove-friendly zipper pulls with a parachute cord.

    What separates it from other backpacks?

    The protective features are pretty impressive. The bombproof laptop section is definitely going to be the main outlier here. How many EDC backpacks, tactical or otherwise, can really boast that. It’s another USA-made design that’s earning it widespread accolades.

    Personally, the lowkey design is a big plus. Tactical EDC Backpacks seem to be especially useful when they don’t look like you’re carrying your entire home with you. This one looks like a lot of rucksacks you’d see on your daily commutes. This makes its protective features something only you – and other fans you might bump into – are aware of.

    That’s an important piece of subtle design. It may not look like it, but that toned down visual really shows how much attention was paid to the overall look and feel of this bag. It’s also a great way to feel like you’re part of a select group of backpackers who know quality when they see it. And if that’s not enough to convince you, I’d like to repeat: bombproof laptop compartment! This one is a strong contender to be the best EDC bag.

    Direct Action EDC Backpack

    Brand mission can be a make or break call in just about any consumer-oriented industry. That story is no different with regards to backpack providers. Companies often spend immense amounts of money just to get that section of the marketing efforts right. For Direct Action, it was fortunate that the brand mission was relatively simple but managed to carry the intended weight of its vision.

    Direct Action is known for their great product, which aspires to focus on quality of products rather that quantity. No mass productions or clearance sales. They even strive to fix backpacks at every angle before deciding to replace them.

    Dragon Egg Backpack EDC Essentials

    This is one of those tactical EDC backpack options that is pretty subtle. It doesn’t come with the overt punching power of some of the others already mentioned. Still, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with a host of its own worthy features.

    It’s in a solid build, boasting a 210D Nylon oxford shell. The inner laptop sleeve is equipped just about any size computer. It’s also a very lightweight option as far as tactical bags go, coming in at just under 1 kg. The front panel comes with an organizer pocket, leading into more internal features.

    A document sleeve and separate attachment clips for keys and an LED light add utility. A sternum strap with emergency whistle rounds off this model, while reflective graphics give it a combination of visual intrigue and nighttime visibility.

    What separates it from other backpacks?

    Not every tactical backpack has to be this monolithic, war-ready beast. Sure, the point of Backpack with a 25 liter capacity backpack is to be super protective and get the job done. But, and this is worth nothing, they don’t always have to be absolute beasts.

    It’s the perfect all-purpose tactical option. It comes with all of the standard features you’d expect from one of the best EDC backpacks out there. The outer shell comes in protective materials. There are plenty of pickets and compartments for serious storage capabilities. It’s the perfect choice for a daily work grind or a trip to school. Meanwhile, it’ll come in handy on weekend hikes or camping trips as well.

    It may not quite be bombproof or anything, but the best designs often do enough to get the job done while making sure your money was well spent.

    The Best Backpacks for One Bag Travel and EDC

    The whole purpose of doing this much research before you a buy a backpack is so that you get the right one. Doing this work before you purchase means you’re less likely to spend on multiple purchases in the future. So, ideally, you’re looking to make this a one-time purchase for the foreseeable future. Whether you’re at a hot location and in need of some freshness, or perhaps you’re at another hemisphere and you need to combine it with a nice windbreaker.

    As such, it’s always been the case for me that the best EDC backpacks are those that condense my carrying needs. When I’m picking a new backpack, I look for which one I can use that ticks the most boxes – work, camping trips, mountain biking, travel, conferences, etc. You get the picture. So, in light of that, here are our picks for the best in the one-bag-travel EDC category.

    Maxpedition Backpack EDC

    Another minimalist gem, the Pygmy Falcon-II is about making sure you’re packed and on the move to tackle your day ASAP. Its design is specifically compliant with both European and US airline carry-on limits, which is super handy! This is the sort of design approach you’d expect from a company like Maxpedition. They are pretty much the emblem of backpacks in the most mobile generation ever.

    Pygmy Falcon II Backpack EDC Essentials

    Coming in at about 1.98 lbs, the outer shell is made from an industry-leading nylon fabric. As with the other options we mentioned it comes with protective qualities such as water resistance. That trait, in particular, is possible thanks to a seam-sealed rain cover. The additional layer acts as a sort of backup/ failsafe should pour-downs get strong enough to pose a threat to your tech.

    What separates it from other backpacks?

    The practicality of this option cannot be overstated. Some of the best EDC backpacks in the world present a bit of an incomplete profile. Particularly when you talk about the one-bag-travel category, traditional powerhouse names can fall short. You can fit every one of your items in just the right spot and have it all sit snug…only to be told that you’re going to have to pay extra to check the bag in as it doesn’t meet carry-on luggage requirements.

    The protective shell is impressively durable. Even beyond that, the decision to go with an extra waterproof layer is sure to lend a sense of security. The Pygmy Falcon comes with more than enough supportive features. What really pushes it over the edge of being worth the time – and money – is the chance to actually make trips to the airport a lot easier.

    As an added bonus, you don’t even have to constantly carry this bag via shoulder straps. In the spirit of a dynamic travel backpack, it can be carried around via the top-handle, briefcase style.

    NOMATIC 30L Travel Backpack

    Nomatic is another brand that operates with the needs of the traveling consumer in mind. Much like with Minaal, the central ethos of each pack includes a dynamism and versatility that keeps up with you no matter what you’re up to. Ultimately, the goal of each Nomatic design is to be a comfortable go-to when you need every advanced and standard feature in one place.

    Of course, there’s more to their products than that. Every option on this list has a solid candidacy for being considered one of the best on the market. And yet, each comes with a unique selling point that separates it from the rest. For Nomatic, that seems to be keying in on organization and clean design.

    Nearly everything Nomatic offers up has a crisp, understated finish to it. Most of the backpacks in their catalog are even finished in a stealthy Black. More importantly, each comes with a clearly laid out set of pockets and features. It’s almost like the purpose here was to bring about a cathartic sense of arranging – a place for everything and everything in its place.

    Nomatic Backpack EDC Essentials

    You read that right. 30L. That’s 30 whole liters of volume storage in this beast of an EDC backpack. What’s more, it’s arranged beautifully so that all the compartments and sections are easy to get to. They’re also, as we mentioned above, really easy on the eyes. For those of you who are into neat, flowing lines in your bags, this Nomatic model is for you!

    This EDC option comes with a combination sternum and shoulder strap. This way, you can fill that immense volume to its capacity without focusing the load squarely on your back. One of the more remarkable features here is the dedicated set of compartments. There are pockets for things like your cell phone, wallet, passports, laptop, underwear, and socks. You even get a specific section for your shoes!

    The wallet and passport pockets are specifically intriguing as they come with RFID blocking properties. This is a welcome addition for most people as it only adds to the backpack’s overall security profile. If you’re one of those people who are concerned about an RFID reader being used to scan or hack your cards, this would be a pretty appropriate option.

    What separates it from other backpacks?

    The Nomatic is, for all intents and purposes, a weighty and sturdy beast of an EDC. It’s built with the needs of travelers as its designers’ first and primary mandate. What almost immediately comes through as a unique note is the massive and beautifully arranged storage capacity of this bag. 30L is no joke, folks.

    More backpack storage designs would do well to imitate this scheme. It’s easy to open up and access. Of course, it also compartmentalizes everything so that it’s all visually accessible as well. The fact it unfolds the way it does is a huge bonus – reminiscent of a folder or a magazine, with different sections in page-like design.

    If you’re constantly on the go and need to make sure you can take as many items with you as possible, this is the one for you. Nomatic takes versatility and convenience very seriously, and it shows in their design work. It’s also the sort of thing that would come in hand for, as an example, journalists!

    I, personally, have a good buddy of mine who works as a freelance journalist in dangerous places all over the world. He has to have what he calls a “go bag.” This is the bag you have ready at all times so that you can get going to another country at a moment’s notice. For him, the Nomatic 30L Travel Backpack would make life a whole lot easier.

    Best EDC Backpack Under 100 Bucks

    So, now that you have some options in the more elite category, it’s time we think about some of the more budget-friendly models. Now, it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean we’re sacrificing any quality. The models featured below have less to do with compromise and more to do with being a bit of a savvy shopper.

    Some of the best EDC backpacks are hidden amongst the lower-tier choices in terms of pricing. Another benefit of doing this research and knowing what you want is that it makes your search for these backpacks much easier. Specifically, you’re much more likely to find the perfect bag at a surprising price. In short, the research makes you more discerning.

    So, with that in mind, here’s our pick for the best EDC backpack under $100.

    SwissGear Travel Gear Laptop Backpack

    When I say Swiss what do you think? Chocolate? Alright, that’s fair enough. But, does the term Swish Army Knife also come to mind by chance? Well, if it does, there’s a good reason for that. Swiss Gear has spent the overwhelming majority of its years as one of the leading proponents in functional design. Their contributions to the EDC backpack category are proof enough of this.

    Their designs focus on a combination of utility and compact construction. Much like with some other top tier brands, there’s also an added emphasis placed upon convenience for the wearer. Admittedly, Swiss Gear does a good job of bringing all the necessary functional elements together in a smooth and fluent manner. In fact, it’s quite underrated in this regard.

    And yet, it’s worth keeping in mind that this backpack won’t quite measure up to some of the more advanced choices mentioned above. With that being said, let’s see what we’re dealing with here.

    SwissGear Travel Backpack EDC Essentials

    This backpack is a study in all of the standard features of the urban bag. The main large pocket comes with a set of unsurprising partitions for different items. It’s designed to be capable of holding – and protecting – binders, paper, and tech accessories. Of course, there also a separate compartment for your laptop. One handy feature that often goes underappreciated is the protective pouch meant to secure your MP3 player.

    A removable key fob is also included in this design. As someone who is constantly losing track of his keys, that’s a huge plus for me. The pocket organizer along the interior also comes with smaller pocket sections for a cellphone, pencils, and pens. The dual pockets along the outer shell are constructed from a stretchy and durable mesh.

    Speaking of which, the build on this backpack’s outer shell is fairly impressive as well. It comes in a versatile ballistic weave fabric that boasts quite the long-term durability profile.

    As if that wasn’t enough, this budget-friendly bag comes with convenience features for frequent travelers as well. The laptop compartment is designed to smooth your tech through the security checking process while also keeping safe and secure in your backpack. For different laptop sizes, the compartment also has an adjustable strap that sports some extra cushy padding.

    What separates it from other backpacks?

    In the budget-friendly EDC backpack category, it’s tough to find enough quality that makes it worth stepping sp far down the price tier. That balance between high quality and price-mindedness can prove tricky enough to lead to a bad decision. It’s easy to go for the cheapest option you can find. It’s an entirely different story to manage to get the most bang for your buck.

    With that in mind, Swiss Gear will likely always be a safe option regardless what your price range is. No matter what it is you consider the best EDC backpack, you’ll need the model you choose to tick a few boxes. Otherwise, there’s really not much of a point to the effort. Swiss Gear helps with this by keeping the prices reasonable while still refusing to compromise on overall quality.

    Again, this model won’t compare to the likes of the tactical and one-bag-travel options we went over. But, if you’re looking for a happy middle between saving a bunch of money and getting a very good product for your efforts, the middle ground is called being a savvy shopper. As far as EDC bags go, Swiss Gear will usually be among your best options.

    Honorable Mention


    We couldn’t put together this list without mentioning one of the most popular EDC backpack brands out there. In fact, it’s more than a brand that is focused on the backpack sector. It’s a more holistic enterprise, turning its attention to all things outdoor – from apparel/ clothing to equipment. As a Swedish purveyor, they’re focused on an ethical approach to design that doesn’t encroach on nature. It also doesn’t skimp on the quality.

    Highlights include pieces such as the Kanken mini, a smaller version of their signature product. Laptop-carrying versions of this design come with a top capacity of 15” screens. For the less EDC-prone, a Totepack option is available as well, with a few notable features such as an additional zipper and leather detailing.

    Fjallraven has been using their constantly growing popularity – you’ll recognize their logo on backpacks all over the world – to make a positive contribution. They go beyond refusing to disturb nature by also advocating for its preservation. This sort of mission statement resonates with a purchasing base that is putting an increasing amount of emphasis on brand ethics.

    For our purposes, however, Fjallraven is worthy of honorable mention due to their balancing of this ethical mission with an uncompromising stance on their products’ quality.

    Picking out the best EDC Backpack:

    Picking out the best EDC backpack can be quite tricky. This process involves a lot of technical jargon. Some of it focuses on knowing the brands you’re going to be dealing with. As far as the brands and product choices are concerned, our following list has got you covered. But, before all of that, we need to cover something equally as important – if not more so!

    We need to talk a little about how to select the best EDC backpack for your individual needs. At this point, you might be wondering why that would even be necessary. Well, it’s quite simple, really.

    In general, backpacks are getting more and more sophisticated. It seems like every other new design or modification brings something unforeseen to the table. And it all moves at a dizzying pace. Often, consumers spend a ton of money on a collection of features they really don’t need. Preventing that is precisely why it’s important to get down to how to pick the best EDC backpack.

    Best EDC Tactical Backpacks: What are you looking for?

    First thing is first, what exactly are you looking for? To answer that question in this context, you need to determine what it is you’ll be carrying. After all, EDC does stand for Every Day Carry. So, it’s important to think about the essential items you’ll be lugging around on an everyday basis.

    For lots of people, the things that come to mind are smaller items. Wallet, keys, and cell phones are the top culprits. The common mistake here is forgetting that at least two of those things will be carried in your pants pockets.

    So, you might want to delve a bit deeper into this question. Consider your environment and commute. What are the sorts of items that you carry with you as a reaction to them? This list would include, but is never limited to:

    -water bottle
    -extra headphones/ earphones

    Selecting the best EDC backpack for your needs is about determining how much of this applies to you. Sure, it may come across as a bit tedious to start with. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if you’re clamoring to hear about the brands already. But, trust me, it’s worth taking some time to understand your exact needs before shopping.

    Take it slow

    In my own experience, this sort of research would have been helpful. A few years back, starting a new job meant a new – and longer – commute. It also meant more exposure to the outdoors and all of its often unpredictable conditions. The idea I had was to find out what the top brands were and limit my shopping to them. It’s the equivalent of realizing you don’t have enough button-down shirts and heading straight to luxury brands.

    Much like with fashion – or just about anything else – having a top-tier backpack is a great feeling. You have the brand reputation to show off and it can be a bit of a status symbol. Yet, the fundamental reason you spend money on a backpack is so that it’ll help make your life easier.

    Whether this means you’re trekking through long journeys to get to work or facing a hectic commute as a student, your time is better spent focusing on what backpack helps meet your personal needs.

    Best EDC Backpack Buying Guide: The FAQs

    What is the best backpack on the market?

    It is hard to find one product and call it the overall best backpack 2021. What we have done in this post is this. We looked at some of the best EDC backpacks reviews, their ratings, and customer testimonials. From there, we selected the bestselling backpacks and compiled them in this post. However, you may want to start by looking at some of the top-rated backpack brands on the market.

    1. Under Armour
    2. Matein
    3. JanSport
    4. Mancio
    5. Trail Maker
    6. Everest
    7. The North Face
    8. Adidas
    9. High Siera
    10. Modoka


    What should I carry in my EDC bag?

    There is no standard list of things you should carry in your backpack. Depending on your preferences, you can carry the following itemes in your EDC backpack.

    • First-aid item
    • GPS
    • Clothes
    • Shoes
    • Knife
    • Phone
    • Keys
    • Books
    • Glasses
    • Toiletries


    Where can I buy the best EDC backpacks online?

    Without spending much time on research, you can find some of the best EDC backpacks on Amazon. That is if you want to buy a backpack bag online. You may want to check some other online retailers like eBay and BestBuy.

    How much is a backpack for outdoor use?

    With $40 – $100, you can buy some of the best backpacks for outdoor use. Regardless of the brand, this is the backpack price range you’ll find in the market. Beyond the price, try to consider some other factors like durability, size, and lifespan before you place your order.

    What is the most popular backpack brand?

    Scroll above this section and you’ll see some of the most popular backpack brands in the market. However, it is important to note that brand popularity is not a guarantee for quality or a long lifespan.

    Check out also our favorite boots for all weather conditions.



    Image Credit (Featured): Maxpedition