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12 Best Basketball Shoes for Big Man

    best basketball shoes for big man

    If you are looking at this article, then it already suggests that you have size and height. Big men need big shoes. Therefore, whether you want the latest best basketball shoes for big man to add to your collection or you are buying your first pair, there are certain factors you should keep in mind.

    For instance, you need adequate support and solid impact protection for your knees, joints, and ankles. Your playing style will also determine the type of shoes you buy. There are many other factors to consider, but don’t fret about it. Our guide will tell you exactly what to look for when purchasing the best shoes for big men in basketball. We also have a list of nine that you can consider.

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    Top Best Basketball Shoes For Big Guys

    Whether you like to dominate the post like Shaquille O’neal, or run the show and shoot threes like Nikola Jokic, or defend the paint tenaciously like Rudy Gobert, you can be sure you’ll get something from this collection of the best basketball shoes for heavy players. Here is a list that you should consider.

    Under Armour Curry 3Zero

    Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

    This signature shoe makes the best shoes for big men in basketball because of its support, protection, stability, and balance. These are provided by the shoes’ small TPU piece, internal heel counter, midsole at the heel, and wide base.

    Perfect for shooting, the Under Armour Curry has a Micro G foam compound that adds impact protection and bounce to your movements. The materials used to make the shoes are also durable even though the mesh and fuse do not feel premium. But the herringbone pattern is suitable for traction.

    Nike Lebron Witness 3 PRM

    Nike Men’s Lebron Witness III Basketball Shoe

    These Lebron signature basketball shoes are the best Nike basketball shoes for big guys. The shoes offer a full-length encapsulated Air-sole for cushioning, which also absorbs any jumping impact and provides excellent bounce. The pair also presents a fit snug and ankle protection from the high cut.

    The wide base offers added balance and stability. Lebron Witness is made from a comfortable material on the feet, and the traction is excellently made from the herringbone pattern. This budget-friendly shoe will fulfill your basketball shoe needs.

    Adidas Mad Bounce

    adidas Men’s Mad Bounce Basketball Shoe

    The Adidas bounce technology used for these shoes makes them the best basketball shoes for big men due to their excellent cushioning. Its stretchy but soft mesh upper offers a supportive fit, the neoprene tongue and tech fit booty give the feet a secure lockdown, and the raised midsole sections provide lateral support.

    The technology also offers a bouncy feel and impact protection, which, together with the internal heel counter with the energy plate, ensures the feet remain steady. The chromosome pattern also provides you have traction when playing.

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    Jordan Air XX9

    Jordan Air XX9

    Jordan XX9 is arguably the best-performing basketball shoe in the market. But is it the best basketball shoes for big man?

    The Unlocked zoom, performance woven upper, and flight plate system used to construct the shoe make it one of the most technically advanced shoes in the market. Also, the woven upper does not compromise on the support the shoe offers.

    Instead, the upper is woven strategically so that you can get support in the places where you need it most. The zoom additionally offers a bouncy and responsive cushioning with added impact protection.

    The shoe has perfect traction since its large grooves grip the court in different weather. But the shoe might not be the best fit for dusty environments. Nevertheless, no big man will go wrong with this shoe.

    Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro VI

    Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro VI

    Besides offering superb style, these shoes have a symmetrical foam collar that will fit your ankle perfectly, thus giving you maximum support and comfort. The heel has an air unit that helps with impact cushioning.

    The forefoot has perforations that increase breathability, the leather upper is durable, and the rubber outsole offers excellent traction. These are the best Nike basketball shoes for big guys to reduce injury. However, be attentive when choosing the size of the shoes because they are a little narrow.

    Under Armour Lockdown 4

    Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe

    This is the best basketball shoes for big man because it will keep up with you on the court and still handle your size. The pair has a molded synthetic upper that gives a fit responsive to your feet.

    You will feel comfortable and lightweight in the breathable sockliner that also adds an extra layer of support. Your ankle will be secure in the mid-top design, and the traction on the shoe will keep you grounded on the court.

    Adidas Pro Next 2019

    adidas Men’s Pro Next 2019 Basketball Shoe

    The platform on this shoe measures between 0 to three inches. This makes it perfect for foundational support, especially since the pair has a lace closure that will secure your foot in place.

    Adidas pro is also the best basketball shoes for centers because it has a versatile textile upper: it is durable, very comfortable, it fits regularly, and it adds to the style of the shoe. Don’t worry about heavy impact because the synthetic sole will take care of that for you while simultaneously absorbing the shock.

    Nike Men’s Air Precision NBK

    Nike Men’s Air Precision High-Top Mesh Basketball

    This Nike shoe has made it to the best basketball shoes for big man list because of its versatility. For instance, the mid-top silhouette style on the shoe has an added padded ankle collar that increases comfort and versatility while protecting your ankle from friction.

    The Air Unit in the shoe will protect you from hard landings. It also features the herringbone traction pattern that helps with grip on the court. The mesh on the shoe is breathable, and the tough outsole makes the shoe durable.

    Adidas Men’s Vs Hoops Mid 2.0

    adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 Mid Track Shoe

    Are you looking for the best basketball shoes for a big man that are durable and still comfortable? Then go no further than the Adidas Vs Hoop. The cushioned collar and tongue provide maximum support, while the soft fabric used to construct the shoe is comfortable and adds some ventilation to the shoe. You will also get a secure fit from the lace-up closure, which adds durability to the shoes’ outsole.

    Buying Guide For The Best Basketball Shoes For Big Man

    As mentioned above, there are many things to consider when looking for the best shoes for big men in basketball. They need more comfort and support because of their size; thus, every shoe you buy should have excellent ventilation, cushion, and lock-in of the heel without compromising style. Hence, these are some of the features you should not ignore when buying the best basketball shoes for big man.

    Type of Player

    We already mentioned that choosing the best basketball shoes for big man will depend on the type of player they are:

    • If the big man is a point guard, go for lightweight shoes that have excellent traction. Go for mid or low top shoes that will offer excellent ankle flexibility. Get a pair with a lace-up closure to help keep your foot in place when making quick movements.
    • The best basketball shoes for big man are those that have massive padding as well as durable outsole. Protecting the basket means jumping and landing a lot, so you need something to absorb the shock. Check the padding along the collar, tongue, and inner sole of the shoe. Also, go for shoes with a mid or high top.
    • For a power forward, you need maximum ankle support because you’ll be moving and guarding. So get the best Nike basketball shoes for big guys with mid-top or high-top shoes. Ensure that the pair also has a durable toebox, padded tongue, and cushioned midsole. This will increase your comfort and protection.

    Your Fit

    The only way to be comfortable in the best basketball shoes for big man is to get a pair that fits properly. Do not pick a small or big size: spread your toes and feel for a centimeter of space from the back of the shoe to your heel. You can also check for shoes with lace closures because they lock and secure your foot to give you maximum fit and comfort.

    Traction and Grip

    While traction and grip are essential for any basketball player, they are especially crucial for big guys. The force a big man produces when they run and change direction quickly is massive. It requires an excellent shoe to prevent the person from slipping. This is why the best basketball shoes for big a man should have excellent traction. Therefore, check the shoe’s patter at the bottom: you should find deep grooves or the herringbone pattern designed to have an excellent grip.

    Affordability and Durability

    Don’t forget to consider your budget. The best basketball shoes are not cheap; therefore, a budget will ensure you stick to the essentials. Nevertheless, don’t compromise on durability. Find a shoe that will sustain you by making sure it is sturdy. Do this by checking how the shoe was constructed.


    When looking for the best basketball shoes for big man, ensure that you look at the features provided above. If this is overwhelming, you can always look at user reviews from other heavy guys and see what has worked for them. But remember, the shoes you buy should work for you.

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