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Finding the best basketball hoops available right now

best basketball hoops

Does a particular hoop have a stronger frame than most? Does it weight significantly less or more than some others? Is there some sort of impressive warranty? We research all of that and more for you as part of our comprehensive list!

Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops

In-ground basketball hoops are some of the most popular types of recreational purchases out there. They are quite straightforward to put together and offer some serious convenience. Imagine having a pro-style hoop right outside your front door, whenever you feel like working on your game. Basketball in the driveway has long been considered one of the most popular parent-children bonding activities.

For me, it was my mom who got me into basketball. She insisted we get a hoop in our driveway so we would have a way to practice our skills every day we felt like it. She played in high school and knew that this sport was important for fitness, stress-relief, and just good old-fashioned fun outdoors.

Goalrilla CV72 Adjustable-Height Basketball Hoop

If we’re going to even think about doing this list, we may as well kick it off with some of the best of the best. Goalrilla is among the names you’ll hear often when you get to shopping or research. They’ve been providing pro-style quality basketball hoops for long enough to be known as a leader in the market.

The CV72 comes with a 72” backboard that is made from tempered glass. Aside from its notable resistance to tapping and the like, the sheer size of the backboard means you can very easily work on your bank shots. You may not be as tall or as a strong as Tim Duncan, but you can work the glass as he did in the NBA!

Being that this is an in-ground basketball hoop, it does take a bit of work to get it positioned and set. However, the instructions included are clear and present a concise step-by-step process. Additionally, once this thing is all set, it presents an impressive stability profile. You might be wondering if this would make the hoop too cumbersome to move. But, it turns out that isn’t necessarily the case.

Yes, you’ll have to go through the process of digging up a spot and filling it with some cement to hold the hoop in place. However, this Goalrilla model comes with an anchor bolt system allows you to more easily move the goal from place to place. This is of particularly good use to those of us who expect to move homes sometime in the future.

Going back to the glass, the backboard is another high point in this model. It’s lined and constructed to resemble the hoops you’re more familiar with in indoor gyms. This hoop also comes with a set of foam pads for the bottom corners of the backboard. These are not spots that players think about very often, but they should. When you’re leaping towards the goal, the last thing you need is a sharp corner threatening to injure you!

Pulls its Own Weight

The CV72 is mostly what you can expect to see at this price range. All of the best basketball hoops have this sort of set of standard features. Sure, some of the extra safety aspects are pretty impressive. Plus, the specific anchor and bolt system can be quite handy. But, this option is special for another reason as well. It takes quite the beating.

The brand claims that this hoop can comfortably take on weights of over 1000 pounds. This may not seem like such a big deal. But, trust me, it is. Think of that weight as a telling indicator of how much force this hoop can take. 1000 pounds is going to match up with just about dunk (if you got hops like that).

Even if you’re like me – meaning the highest you can jump would be just at the bottom of the backboard – the weight is crucial. It means that you can tap the backboard fairly hard without rocking the foundation too much.

Pro Dunk Gold Driveway Basketball Hoop

Don’t let the name fool you, this hoop is good for way more than your home driveway. Consider it one of the best basketball hoops available as a catch-all answer to you hoop needs. One of the more impressive options from the Pro Dunk line, this model offers up the quality of an indoor hoop – and all of its safety features – at a more convenient location.

One of the top reasons anyone gets their own basketball goal setup is so that they can have more control over when and how they play. This offering certainly meets that need.

So, let’s get into the important features here. Once again, we can start with the backboard. It’s similar to the Goalrilla model, which is a good thing in this case. Tempered glass construction comes together with a 0.5-inch thick frame. This results in a high-performance design that presents durability. That measurement represents a relatively thick backboard, meaning it’s good to go for your bank shots and after-lay-up taps.

This in-ground model also comes with a slightly easier setup. With most standard hoops, you can expect a two-pole process. Though it isn’t the most difficult thing to put together, that still means two parts to consider. In contrast, this Pro Dunk model comes with a single pole system.

The sole 6×6 inch piece is sturdy and much simpler to get into the ground than one might expect. With that being said, I wouldn’t recommend taking the setup on by yourself. It’s still much smarter to have at least one other person there with you to avoid any serious injury.

Going back to the durability profile here, this model is also fitted with some interesting material choices. The entirety of the hoop’s frame is covered in a rust armor package. This includes a stainless steel coating on the hardware as well as a galvanized zinc. When it’s put together, this frame looks to be able to fight off any serious erosion for quite some time.

Of course, it isn’t all about strength and sturdiness here. The safety features included here are also quite standard. The first involves that 60-inch glass backboard. The package comes with a complete padding set. These sections of rubber cover both the gusset and the pole itself. This combo of features goes beyond making sure that the bottom corners of the backboard itself don’t hurt you. Wrapping the pole in some softer material is something hoopers will be familiar with.

Plenty of us have experienced that fear that comes with possibly hitting a steel pole straight on while playing. Both indoor and outdoor basketball courts have tried to fix this by increasing the padding on walls and on the poles. As a result, it’s become standard to have padding included for the poles of the best basketball hoops on the market. Safety is more and more of a critical feature with these designs as more and more children get into basketball as their sport of choice.

Set Up with Ease

For me, the most notable quality on this hoop will be the ease of setup. Sure, it still comes with a good amount of work and some accurate measurements. However, that one-piece pole frame is a big plus. Other models in this category bring slight complications with the two-pole system.

Normally, you’ll need to slam the two poles together so that the fit is tight and secure. Though it’s an intuitive setup, it’s still worth noting the difference between that and having just one pole to worry about.

After all, anything that makes this process any easier is going to register as a huge plus.

Lifetime 71525 In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Lifetime has a reputation within recreational basketball that precedes it. This is, of course, in the best way possible. Their designs are rigorously tested against professional hoop standards for all sorts of conditions. The materials they go with are more than just durable and safe. They’re elite in terms of their individual properties. Lifetime’s crew puts their hoop systems together like an engineer might put together a plane. Every detail is meticulously examined.

Now, you wouldn’t be blames for reading that and thinking, “well, yeah…every basketball hoop should be tested like that..” and I agree! Unfortunately, not every option available out there is put through a rigurous enough process. I can’t speak to the reasons for this lack of steadfastness in safety or materials testing. But, I can safely say that Lifetime’s products have been up there in terms of protective features for quite some time now. The 71525 model does well in exemplifying this. This in-ground system, top to bottom, is designed for some intense basketball sessions.

The breakaway rim here is in a special Slam-it Pro design, particular to this Lifetime model. The system uses a specific set of compression rings to make sure that the rim and net stay solidly in place, regardless of your applied dunking force. So, if you’re catching lobs and finishing with ferocity, rest assured that your strong finishes wont wreck your basketball hoop.

Speaking of the net, it’s in a pretty impressive build itself. The nylon-coating makes it as all-weather resistant as it gets. We wouldn’t reccomend hooping in the rain, but if you do, this net wont be affected by it the downpour!

The backboard measures in at about 54 inches and sports your standard professional look. Though that comes in at just a bit smaller than you’d like for your backboard, there are serious advantages. The glass itself goes a bit beyond your usual backboard design. It’s constructed from a resistant Makrolon polycarbonate layer. What this means is that it is thoroughly shatter proof. This detail goes noticeably beyond the tempered glass designs we’ve discussed earlier.

Finally, the adjustable pole comes with a smooth height system. The Power Lift Height Adjustment Mechanism goes from a regulation 10 feet all the way down to 7.5 in a fluid – and safe – motion. The whole adjustment process can even be done using one hand! Coming with a five-year warranty, all of these features come together to make for a long-lasting edition to our list of the best basketball hoops available.

Sturdy and Then Some

For basketball hoops, a sturdy pole and durable goal are kind of a plus. No one should be on the market for a basketball hoop and blown away by standard safety features. This will make it easier to over-spend on too little and under-spend where it counts. With that being said, it’s great to be able to recognize when a certain brand – or brands – pays a special amount of attention to safety. It’s names like Lifetime that will take this design ethos more than one step further.

For this model, what will stand out is the set of advanced features that make this basketball hoop both safe and easy to use. In particular, the backboard’s Makrolon polycarbonate construction is remarkable. Glass backboards are no long as prone to shattering anymore thanks to advances in teck and tempering techniques. In fact, very few users of in-ground basketball hoops ever claim to have this issue with their purchases.

And yet, it’s the fact that Lifetime even thought to add some sturdiness to this aspect that helps this product stand out. Additionally, the basketball goal height adjustment is as smooth and intuitive as you like. Safety and ease of use are always going to be top of the list for any product you’re on the hunt for.

Goalsetter 72-inch MVP In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Goalsetter is a brand best known for some of the boldest statements in the industry. The company has some loudly stated confidence that their products are the very best that you’ll find on the market. Of course, that’s often a problem for brands as there are plenty that can’t quite back up their claims sufficiently. Fortunately for all of us, the Goalsetter 72 inch model is far away from that characterization.

The massive backboard on this model is among the largest and most durable you’re likely to find on the market. It also comes with the option of purchasing either a glass version or one made from an acrylic. What’s interesting is that neither of these options is all that much more suitable than the other. Both come with the same sort of durability profiles.

The one notable exception might be that acrylic would be a bit more towards the shatterproof side of things. Yet, the glass option is reinforced enough to make it so that isn’t really an issue either way. I’d recommend going for the glass option as the acrylic is a bit pricier.

The 6 inch x 6 inch pole is finished with a corrosion resistant primer and is fit for all-weather outdoor use. Inside, there’s a a height adjustment system that helps to easily set the goal from a regulation 10 feet to 6 feet for the younger hoopers. The off-set construction of the pole helps to minimize factors such as shake and vibration, adding to the stability profile.

The steel used to make the pole is quite thicker, more so than a good number of competing brands out there. One of the most crucial traits of the best basketball hoops is the strength and endurance of their base materials. A reinforced, off-set steel really does do the trick.

Good Basketball Goals Have Unseen Benefits

The inner workings of any top-tier basketball hoops are usually about the seemingly minor details. Things like safety, stability, and durability are all more internal. In contrast, think of the aspects you might notice more readily – glass quality, height, color, brand name, NBA affiliation. These are all characteristics that are worth keeping in mind. However, less visible features also make up an important element in top-rated basketball hoops.

For this Goalsetter 72 inch model, that comes in the form of the internal height-adjustment system. This method is ideal as most of the smaller moving parts are invisible to those of just trying to get a game going. The most immediate benefit is that these mechanisms don’t have to be such an eye-sore or intimidating if we can’t see them.

More subtly, though, is the advantage of protection. Being surrounded by this pole’s reinforced steel means there’s less of a liklihood that the smaller parts of this adjustment system get damaged due to corrosion.

Best Basketball Hoop For Six Year Old Children

For some of you, a whole different set of concerns will be on the front of your mind. You might be looking for a basketball hoop that would be well suited for your kids. And, frankly, why not? As we’ve pointed out, the health benefits of basketball for children are widely recognized. In fact, we’ve gotten to a point now where it’s a huge benefit to get kids started on basketball early.

They can learn the value of competition, hard work, and have tons of fun doing it. Also, if you’re kid is going to be the next great NBA superstar, you might as well get them started early!

Below are some of our favorite options for the best basketball hoops in this specific category.

Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

The Spalding line of basketball hoops comes with the brand recognition and history in the sport this name brings. Buying a hoop from Spalding is a lot like buying sneakers from Nike – you know what you’re getting and have an expectation level based on the name alone.

The most familiar name in the industry also provides some of the best basketball hoops out there. Mostly, what the brand excels at is fitting out a range of competitive courts. From the highest levels of competition to grade school tournaments, a Spalding hoop is sure to be easy to see around.

However, for their part in this section of our list, consider this a scaled down version of all of the brand’s historic quality. This over-the-door model is perfect for children as it has a sturdy and safe build. Meanwhile, it’s also perfect for keeping your kid working hard on his jumper. It’ll be harder to get sucked into video games or TV if you’ve got a basketball hoop hanging on the door!

It sets up easily via a door mount that offers noticeable stability. The included door hooks are also padded so as to make sure your door isn’t damaged by the setup. There are plenty of hoop systems that go for this sort of convenience and design but fall just a tad bit short.

One of the most common complaints via reviews is about the damage. Over-the-door hoops can, due to the nature of their design and placement, end up scuffing doors they’re placed on. This Spalding model avoids that entirely thanks to its extra padding.

The aesthetics of this option certainly don’t hurt its cause either. The backboard and rim are designed as a ¼ inch scale replica of the ones you’d find in the NBA. There’s even the NBA branding on the backboard, adding an extra touch of authenticity. This way, even when the kids are stuck in their room due to weather conditions, they can still work on their shot or have some friendly games.

In that effort, Spalding took it a step further when putting this together. The package also includes a game ball to get you started. This 4 inch ball is also, you guessed it, made to a replica scale of the official NBA basketball. This includes the iconic official graphic logo of the league.

Bringing the Game To Kids, Regardless of Weather

Spalding’s top-quality designs often speak for themselves. The hoop world has gotten too familiar with the brand name to not assume its place on any list of the best basketball hoops. However, they deserve some additional credit on this particular product.

No matter where you live, chances are that weather conditions aren’t always going to allow for a friendly game on the driveway. So, in light of this, this model serves as a great way to keep kids engaged with the game when they can’t get outside for whatever reason.

Moreover, it’s a helpful hoop because it makes it a lot easier to unglue kids from their phones or other technological distractions. There are children growing up now who, through no doing of their own, will never have known a life without a cell phone that connects them to the world.

As such, a high quality in-house hoop is crucial in keeping them engaged in something a bit more conducive to good health. Providing a ball with this product was, for these reasons, especially useful, along with the NBA authenticity.

Top Portable Basketball Hoop

Portability is going to be among the top concerns on your list. This is especially true if you’re looking for anything other than an in-ground hoop.

Spalding 54-inch Pro Slam Hoop

We round off our list with this elite example of the standard portable basketball hoop. Again, Spalding’s reputation in the industry goes without much explanation. An association with the world’s best basketball league sure doesn’t hurt either!

This Spalding 54 inch model brings a lot of that superior design work to the forefront, scaling things down for a portable mechanism. The backboard’s 54 inch x 32 inch frame is in a polycarbonate build and comes with an arena-style padding. The underside of the backboard comes with a few risks, as we mentioned above, but this model handles that resoundingly.

The steel pole is in a 3.5 inch measurement and stands at a 20-degree angle. This is an interesting note on the design side as it keeps you from slamming into the pole accidentally. This way, wrapping it in softer padding will just be even more safety, rather than a standard requirement. To keep it all stable and sturdy, the base is filled with either sand or water measuring at 34 gallons. This will usually be enough to keep it in place regardless of conditions.

Play the Weight By Ear

Simply put, you’ll want to just be careful with this model. Now, it’s important to note that this isn’t due to any specific fault with Spalding’s product. It actually has more to do with the concept of a portable basketball hoop itself. Though the weight of 34 gallons in sand or water can usually do the trick and hold things down, a note of caution is in order. Weather conditions do have a chance of knocking off balance.

In my own experience, the portable hoop I owned in my teenage years – also a Spalding – was perfectly stable. The one thing that would knock it over were strong winds. As a Floridian, hurricanes were almost always going to be strong enough to beat the weight of sand or water.

But, outside of that, you should be good to go!


Few recreational investments are as surprisingly time-consuming as that of finding the best basketball hoops. The task gets even more complex when you think about actually buying one for your home driveway or playground. There are several considerations to keep in mind all at once. However, it’s worth keeping in mind a simple, universal fact: basketball shoes and basketball in general is proving to be worth the investment.

Full disclosure: I was one of the lucky few in my neighborhood to have a basketball hoop in their driveway. As such, I am in a position that consists of more than a little bias. However, the science is there. Basketball helps you get the exercise you need on a regular basis. In particular, it’s easier to get kids to consistently exercise when they get to engage in an activity such as basketball.

So, the benefits are there and so are the incentives. But what about picking out the actual gear? Finding the best basketball hoops doesn’t have to be all that complicated. Sure, there’s a lot to keep in mind. But, we’re here to make that a bit easier on you!

Consider this your all-in-one guide to the best basketball hoops around. We’ve scoured around for the highest rated choice available – and even found some that are ideal for the smaller hooper in your life!

Basketball Hoop Reviews

In putting this list of basketball hoops together, we came across a number of brands and key details. From popular options such as Spalding, Lifetime, and Silverback to others, we’ve keyed in on what makes each unique. As a result, some patterns have come about during these reviews.

It seems as though there are some noteworthy patterns here. First of all, the installation processes of the majority of these options are pretty straightforward. Far from its infancy, the concept of a basketball hoop has evolved. Consequently, the installations are a lot more standardized.

But, one thing we thought was worth mentioning with each basketball hoop is its wow factor. Now, the degrees of difference between each one may be irrelevant in terms of things like weight or height, so they might come across as a bit irrelevant. But, trust us, you’ll want to know as much about each of their unique selling points as possible moving forward. One of the reasons for that is that it’ll help you more specifically figure out how to approach key purchases and decisions that may come afterward.




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