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Top 6 Best Baseball Cleats

Best Baseball Cleats

What to know before buying the best baseball cleats

Wasting a second and finding yourself one inch off the mark could mean that your competitor wins in baseball. That’s why you must get the best baseball cleats in the market. They are not only suitable for comfort, but they also give you stability, they help you with your breaks, and they will put you in the game.

But what are the best baseball cleats? Well, we’ll get to that in a minute. Right now, we’d like to mention how vital technology has been to the creation of men’s baseball cleats. Because of technology, you can now get cleats in baseball that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Think of buying molded cleats or gold baseball cleats, or choosing between the best brands, from Adidas to Mizuno baseball cleats.  If you are strapped for cash, you can also get some cheap men’s baseball cleats.

Whatever type of cleats you choose, remember that they should keep you grounded: you will be running and sprinting a lot after all. If you find all these confusing, our buying guide will tell you how to find the right cleats in baseball.

For now, what are the best baseball cleats you ask? Here is a list of our top choices.

Best Baseball Cleats For Speed In the Market

New Balance 3000v4 Metal Cleats

If cheap men’s baseball cleats are not in your think book, then this baseball cleat pair is the option for you. The New Balance 3000v4 are the most comfortable cleats in baseball. Its perfect design includes a REVlite cushioning that will keep you comfortable throughout your game.

The shoe also has a customer insole that adds to your heels cushioning. You will get added support from the color design when you are standing or sprinting. The upper part of the New Balance 3000v4 is made from synthetic fiber.

The midsole is dual-density, which means the shoe has a laser-etched and highly polished palate. This shoe has an added toe protector, an upper mesh, and a synthetic unbuckle. If you are a pitcher, the cleat will fit you because of its light metal spikes.

You will find it easy to use the shoe on soft ground and natural turf since they have excellent traction and support. Regarding style, you can get yourself the new balance gold baseball cleats with a mid-top for the collar.

Get these shoes if you want support, durability, and stability.

New Balance 4040V4

Are you looking for new balance gold baseball cleats? These perfectly fitting shoes are your best bet. This shoe has exceptional branding details, a padded color, a very protective toe overlay, and it is laced-up. The pair offers generous support, and the cleats come in various colors.

The midsole on New Balance 4040v is fitted with a full-length Revlight lightweight foam. The outer and top sole is made of synthetic material, and the metal spikes on the shoes make it ideal for gaming on the grass.

Their stability fits well with the style, gold baseball cleats anyone? Besides, maximum support is provided by the cleat’s collar, which is mid-top of the ankle. The pair is lightweight because the upper part has no sewed phantom, adding to the shoes’ support.

Mizuno 9-Spike ADV

If you are looking for the best Mizuno baseball cleats, then the 9-spike Franchise 8 is the answer for you. This pair of cleat was designed to give you the most extraordinary stability, comfort, and ultra-responsive traction.

Besides, moving around with the shoe is not a problem since they are incredibly lightweight. These men’s baseball cleats have a premium suede upper cover that will give you excellent performance and feel.

The outsole is parallel, and it is fitted with a padded tongue, meaning you will have excellent cushioning and comfort. Trust Mizuno’s experience to give you the best baseball cleats in the market.

Their cleats offer a relaxing feel in any weather condition since they are made from suede that is synthetic fabric on the upper side. The metal spikes on the shoes are very lightweight, making it easy to run.

The ankle is mid-top to offer space for maximum ankle manipulation. The shoes also have a Proflex feature that will let your foot navigate through the field seamlessly. This makes this the best cleat for running.

Adidas Icon V

This is another pair of the men’s baseball cleats that comes from a well-known brand. Adidas is known for putting the player’s needs in mind when designing their shoes. But this particular brand of molded cleat stands out for a reason.

Apart from being comfortable, lightweight, and supportive, they are also breathable. The upper side has an air mesh reinforced with durable overlays that will allow air into the shoes while you play. You will also have more support on the ground from the molded heel.

The synthetic fiber used to make the shoes is also breathable, and its quality doesn’t change after you’ve worn the shoes for some time. Unlike other shoes, the Adidas Icon V has plastic rubber spikes ideal for playing on the turf.

They are also excellent for any other type of field, and they especially provide support on concrete. The midsole is EVA, and its material is lighter than usual. The heel has a clip that gives the player more support.

These shoes also have a seamless toe cap that will ensure your toe-dragging area has super abrasive resistance. The best part, you can get the style in the form of their new balance gold baseball cleats.

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Mizuno Dominant IC

These Mizuno baseball cleats are the perfect choice for comfort. The superior cushioning on the cleats is soft and comfortable. It also carried the most natural fitting because of its anatomical shape. The materials that make the pair are synthetic and textile.

The outsole is built for maximum traction and flexibility, and the fit is very secure as well. This is because of its supportive 3-layer. The metal spikes on the shoe add to its traction capabilities, making it a perfect fit for grass and muddy fields.

The superior fitting will also improve your acceleration and minimize your power loss at the same time. This comes from the U4icX material used on the midsole, making it exceptionally resilient and responsive.

Hence, the Mizuno IC will give you luxurious cushioning, and its outsole will offer you flexibility and traction that is unmatched.

Adidas Adizero Cleats

The second option to the best gold baseball cleats and their design is a game-changer. This, you will see the first time you lay your eyes on them. Talk about its bold-colored looks and very lightweight material.

One common aspect of the Adidas Adizero is that the entire line of cleats is multi-colored. Durable rubber makes the outer sole, ensuring that your baseball cleats will live a long life if you maintain them well.

Apart from the rubber, the inner and outer soles are made of synthetic material. These men’s baseball cleats have rubber spikes that make it easy for you to play in any field. They offer excellent traction. The ankle is also low cut, and it has a low cut collar.

Moreover, the shoes’ upper part is covered with sprint skin; hence, the multi-colored graphics. If you were looking for the best baseball cleats for running, this Adidas line is your answer.

Your Buying Guide To The Best Baseball Cleats

By now, if asked, what the best baseball cleats are, you should have a ready answer. But you might still need to learn the things to look out for when buying your cleats. Sure, you can go for the cheap men’s baseball cleats or the first one you find in the store.

But buying the best baseball cleats has more to do with fit, comfort, and preference than it does convenience. Remember, you will be playing a high-stakes game, and you need a pair of shoes that will give you an advantage on the field.

Therefore, look for the things that will make a difference, something that will improve your stability and traction. For instance, did you know you could buy a cleat based on your position? The only way you can get it right is if you know what factors you are looking for. These factors include:

The Material

You will find baseball cleats made of different materials in the market. Most are made from synthetic textile and leather, but others are made from genuine leather. If you want a more durable, stable, and breathable pair, go with the genuine leather.

But if you choose the leather, be prepared to dig dipper into your pockets. But you will enjoy the quality the material offers. Otherwise, select the synthetic leather and enjoy the extra support the material offers at the front and middle of the ankle and foot. Don’t sacrifice your comfort, however.

Type Of Spike

Three primary categories of baseball cleats exist. These include turf, metal, and molded cleats.

Turf/Trainer Shoes

These are the shoes you get when in training or practicing because they are comfortable and do not wear the training grounds. Only use them in artificial turf surfaces to get the most out of their grip.

The turf cleats will also ensure you are protected from injury and have the required traction during training. Please stay away from the plastic turf cleats when training because their grip might cause injury.

Metal Cleats

Metal provides the best traction among all spike types. Their nature can dig into any dirt and grass, making them perfect for grip and take off. They are also excellent when slowing down because they keep you planted on the ground.

This makes them perfect for the baseball batter because they can dig a toehold in preparation for hitting the ball with no slip. But these shoes are known to cause injury to players that change their direction suddenly because of their firm grip.

If you mostly play on grass and dirt, expect the metal spikes to wear off fast. One other thing to consider is the rule of the game you are playing since some leagues prohibit the use of these spikes.

Molded Plastic Cleats

Molded cleats are made of plastic or rubber, and the material is put on the outer sole. You can use them on most of the playing surfaces because they are stable and sturdy. They also have an advantage over metal concerning durability.

Another advantage the molded cleats have over the metal ones is that they are more affordable. However, their grip is less firm. Nevertheless, they are perfect for muddy and soft fields because they bounce off the ground.

Interchangeable Cleats

These blend mold and metal; thus, they will allow you to play in different leagues. The screws that attach the cleats to the shoe will also allow you to remove and change the cleats. However, the shoes are more massive than their counterparts.

The Style

Like the spikes, three primary categories exist in the world of baseball cleat style. These include the mid baseball cleats, the high top baseball cleats, and the low baseball cleat options. If you want stability and speed, go for the low tops.

Their minimalistic style construction will give you quick lateral movements, fast splints across the field, and utmost speed across the base path. If you want more feet support when moving laterally, choose the high tops.

While their ankle extension might restrict your movement, they will prevent you from injury. The mid cleats are perfect for comfort and ankle reinforcement during movements.

The Players Position

We’ve already mentioned that you can choose cleats based on your position. Are you an infielder, outfielder, or pitcher? Metal cleats are best for infielders that play on dense and compact ground. These are also perfect for outfielders because they dig in and out of the ground quickly.

The metal-studded cleat is also suitable for a pitcher playing on the dense ground. Pitchers should also consider buying the low-top design since they need foot power. Get a flexible cleat if you are a base stealer that moves from base to base and get a shoe you can move with quickly in any direction if you are a defensive player.

Best Baseball Cleats Comparison: The FAQs

Are Adidas baseball cleats good?

As one of the top-rated sporting brands in the world, Adidas is known for making some of the best cleats you’ll find in the market. Within a wide range of price points, you are sure of finding some affordable models that will fit into your current budget. Below are some Adidas baseball cleats you may want to consider.

  1. Adidas Afterburner 6 Mens Metal Baseball Cleats (White)

  2. Adidas Men’s Icon V Bounce TPU Cleats

  3. Adidas Men’s Icon Bounce Hybrid Metal Baseball Cleats

  4. Adidas Icon V Cleat

  5. adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat

Are metal baseball cleats better?

When you have better traction in mind, metal cleats might be your best option. Based on the experiences of pro and average players alike, this type of baseball cleats often perform better than their rubber counterparts. However, you may end up spending more money because of the metal stud used in making most of these cleats.

How much is baseball cleat for pitchers?

Baseball cleats come in different shapes and sizes. As a matter of fact, price is one key factor that often differentiates one cleat from the other. Even when you looking into the best baseball cleat comparison from the same brand, you are bound to find some differences. In terms of price, expect to spend $40 – $100 for a durable cleat.

Where can I buy a baseball cleat under $100?

There are different places where you can buy an affordable baseball cleat. But if you want to buy a baseball cleat online, you can check Amazon to compare the cleats from different brands. Besides the baseball cleat comparison, you can also compare the price of baseball cleats on the same pages. Moreover, you can get some affordable cleats from your local retailer.

Are metal cleats allowed in 13U baseball?

The answer is yes. Metal cleats are worn in 13U baseball and older. Regardless of your budget, you can find some of the best metal cleats for juniors from leading brands like Adidas, Nike, New Balance, and Under Armour.

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