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5 Traits Of the Best Baseball Catchers in MLB

best baseball catcher

In the game of baseball, there are nine positions, and the catcher is one of the most crucial positions. Baseball catchers play a valuable role in a baseball game by building a strong relationship with all the pitchers. They are responsible for calling the pitches, handling the pitchers, catching the balls hit by the batter, and throwing them back to the pitcher.

There are many different skills that the best baseball catcher must master to be successful at the Major League level. Read on to find out the qualities of a good baseball catcher.

Traits of the Best Baseball Catcher

A catcher is one of the most important players on a baseball team. They play a critical role in-game strategy and are responsible for the well-being of the pitchers. The catcher’s position is behind the batter. 

The best baseball catchers have common traits;

1. Good Communicators

A good baseball catcher can communicate well with the pitchers and the other infielders. A catcher must quickly relay information about the batter and the game situation to the pitchers. A good catcher communicates with the team on the field verbally and non-verbally in a way they can understand and act.

A catcher can make quick decisions on fly balls based on what the pitchers are doing. Additionally, a good catcher can work well with the other infielders, letting them know where they need to be positioned and what they need to do in different situations.

2. Mentally and physically fit

A good baseball catcher is someone who is both mentally and physically fit. They must be able to handle the toil of long seasons mentally and physically. They have to handle the pressure of being the last line of defense and ensuring the pitcher has the best chance to succeed.

3. Can handle pressure

The most important trait of a good catcher is the ability to handle pressure. The catcher is often the target of the opposing team’s offense, and they must be able to keep their composure under pressure. 

They must also be able to block the home plate and prevent runners from scoring. Having strong arms comes in handy for a catcher. They need to make quick, accurate throws to prevent runners from advancing. They might also need to throw out runners who attempt to steal bases. 

4. A good leader

A good baseball catcher is a leader on the field. They are responsible for calling the shots and ensuring the pitchers and infielders do their jobs. That way, the team succeeds in the baseball game

A good catcher can think quickly on their feet and make decisions in an instant. They can handle the pressure of being in charge and keeping everyone calm during a game. Best baseball catchers can give instructions to their teams, something coaches cannot do.

5. Always well prepared

A good baseball catcher is someone who is always well-prepared for the game. They know the strengths and weaknesses of each batter, check to make sure the baseball bats are in good condition, and they are always ready to make a play.

Baseball Positions

There are nine baseball positions: 

They are catcher, pitcher, shortstop, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, left fielder, center fielder, and right fielder. You might think that all you have to do is hit the ball and run, but there is much more to it. 

Each position has different responsibilities, and each player has a different skill set. 


The catcher position is considered one of the most difficult in all baseball, as catchers must constantly be alert and ready to react quickly. 


A pitcher throws the ball to the batter and has to be very accurate. A pitcher must have good control over their pitches to keep the batter guessing.

There are different types of pitches that a pitcher can throw. The most common are fastball, curveball, slider, and changeup. Each pitch has its purpose and can be used to get batters out in different ways.

First baseman

The first baseman is one of the three infielders in baseball and is considered the most important defensive position on the field. The first baseman’s job is to catch any balls hit to the infield and prevent runners from stealing bases. First basemen must have quick reflexes and good footwork.

Second baseman

The second baseman position is vital in baseball. The position often has the most versatile players on the baseball team. They play both defense and offense in the baseball game.


The shortstop is the captain of the infielders and is responsible for leading the defense. A good shortstop has good fielding skills, great range, and a strong arm. The shortstop position is also one of the most demanding on the field, as they are often required to make split-second decisions.

Third baseman

Third basemen are the most athletic players on the field. They need a strong arm to make the long throws and be quick on their feet to field hard-hit balls. If you’re playing third base, you need to be able to do a little bit of everything. 


In baseball, the outfield is the area of the field beyond the infield. The outfield comprises three positions: left, center, and right. Outfielders are responsible for catching fly balls and preventing runners from scoring. The best outfielders are those who can play all three positions well.

Designated hitter

The designated hitter is a baseball position reserved to hit. Unlike other positions in the batting order, the designated hitter does not play defense. The hitter allows the team to have another player who specializes in hitting and can provide a spark to the offense.


There is no perfect way to be the best baseball catcher, but there are certain traits that all good catchers share. Best baseball catchers understand the game, and the role of each baseball position, block balls in the dirt, and have good hand and eye coordination to help them call pitches. They also understand the game well and work well with their pitchers. To be a successful catcher, start developing these key traits.

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