Have you heard of Asics? If you haven’t, it is a Japanese shoe manufacturer. Founded in 1949, today, the company is one of the best-selling global athletic shoe firms. This is not a surprise since the company is founded on the desire to understand the needs of players.

That is why the company has paid attention to creating tennis shoes that are innovative and comfortable for athletes. Playing tennis requires more than choosing the best tennis racquet or learning how to serve like a pro.

It calls for confidence, comfort, speed, and stability. Asics ensures that every tennis player has a chance to experience all these qualities with just one pair of shoes. So, what are the best Asics tennis shoes in the market? Let’s find out!

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ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoe

Top 5 Best Asics Tennis Shoes


Asics Gel Resolution 6 Women’s

ASICS Gel Resolution 6 Women’s Tennis Shoes

Women play tennis differently from men: Women rally more than men. For this reason, women need to get around the court quicker than men. As a result, women’s feet endure more punishment during three-setter tennis games.

To cater to the needs of women, the Asics brand came up with the Asics tennis shoes for women’s shoe line. These shoes host several features such as rubber soles that increase traction on the court. The Asics Gel Resolution 6 is one of the best Asics women’s tennis shoes.

Designed using the FlexionFit system, these Asics tennis shoes offer extreme heel counter. As a result, any women playing tennis in the shoes will experience more support, stability, and comfort. The shoe shaft also measures 2.75 inches from the arch to provide more foot support.

To protect your feet from injury, the shoe has a Pguard toe protector. The rearfoot and forefoot have a gel cushioning system to protect your feet from shock. The collar and tongue are also padded, offering you more foot protection, comfort, and support.

Besides, the shoes are very durable because of the non-marking outsole, high abrasion, and FluidRide construction used on the shoes. The overall shoe is stylish and beautiful due to its material uppers.

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Asics Gel Resolution 6 Men’s

ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoe

If you do not wish to compromise on style when you are on the tennis court, then go for the Gel Resolution 6 Asics shoes. You will not only look great, but the shoes will also increase your performance.

This is what makes the shoe one of the best Asics men tennis shoes in the market. It perfectly fits the high-quality tennis shoe mode of the Asics brand. When it comes to quality and comfort, no other Asics men’s tennis shoes can compare.

The emphasis that has been placed on the design of these Asics tennis shoes is on traction and comfort. The rubber sole on the shoe will also work exceptionally well on any court. When you bounce around the court, your feet will feel as though they are playing in shock absorbers.

However, these Asics men’s tennis shoes run a size bigger. Therefore, confirm the size of the shoes before you take them home, especially if you prefer a tight fit. When buying the shoes, you can select from any of the wide variety of colors available. You are sure to find a pair that fits your style.

Asics Gel Resolution 7 Clay Men’s

ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 Clay Court Tennis Shoe

The Resolution 7 clay Asics men’s tennis shoes are made for lateral support and stability. Narrower than the Resolution 5, the shoes might need insoles if you have arches.

Nevertheless, they have an excellent curved shape that ensures your big toe will not get squeezed. This shoe also offers better support than most of the Asics tennis shoes. It also has better flexibility than most.

However, be aware of the size of the shoe when buying the Resolution 7 clay shoe.  The shoe is also very comfortable. The Gel technology used also ensures that you will enjoy sufficient traction when playing tennis.

Asics Gel Court Speed Men’s

ASICS Gel-Court Speed Men’s Tennis Shoes

This footwear option is designed to stand the heated pressures of the court. The Asics men Gel-Court tennis shoes start by boasting a flexible mesh upper that also has a custom fit heel. The shoe will provide you with comfort that is similar to wearing socks.

This results from the use of the Trusstic and the Duomax systems. When combined, the systems ensure that your feet are protected from twisting or rolling inward. Additionally, Asics engineers provide that the shoe will handle your landings and takeoffs when you play tennis.

The tennis shoe even has a dynamic Impact Guidance System. The IGS system is made up of an external heel counter and a guidance plane that will increase your stability during your propulsions.

Also, the base of the shoe has an Aharplus patched outsole. Its work is to enhance cushioning and abrasion resistance. Therefore, this show has exceptional stability and durability level.

Asics Solution Speed FF Women’s

ASICS Women’s Solution Speed FF Tennis Shoes

These Asics women’s tennis shoes combine the best qualities of the Asics Solution 3 and the Gel Court FF. The result is a state of the art shoe that is also very lightweight. This shoe is one of the lightest in the market, weighing only 12.9 ounces. The minimalistic upper and the flytefoam midsole provide both substantial cushioning and light features. As a result, the shoe will give you adequate return energy.

The Speed FF Asics tennis shoes for women have excellent protection for your feet, speed, and explosiveness. Besides, the shoe is very breathable and soft. The shoes will also dry quickly if you play in the heat for a couple of hours.

The tongue has extra padding to ensure that your feet do not experience rubbing and hotspots. The extra padding also adds comfort to the overall feel of the shoe. Regardless of its lightweight feature, the Asics shoe is very stable. The shoe will also give you sufficient speed and flexibility when you are playing.

3 Additional Asics Tennis Options:

Asics Court FF 2

ASICS Men’s Court FF 2 Tennis Shoes

These Asics tennis shoes are slightly heavier than their previous version, but they still feel right in the feet. The shoe is not too heavy or too light. Also, the weight distribution is even throughout these tennis shoes.

The Court FF 2 tennis shoes are very durable. You can use the shoes on the hardcourt, and the outsoles and toes of the shoes will not tear. Additionally, the shoe has been designed to provide you with maximum comfort.

The shoes even get more comfortable the more you wear them since the uppers, and the chassis flex well with your feet. The shoes are responsive just as much as they are comfortable. When buying, you can either choose your shoe size or a tighter fit depending on your preference.

The construction of the shoe and the upper combine to add stability and support to the shoes. If you are an aggressive mover, you will not have to worry about experiencing any instability. Also, the grip of the shoe will provide you with sufficient traction.

The Court FF 2 will fit your feet entirely, making it easy for you to be flexible with your movements. However, the lace on the shoes is a bit thin.

Asics Gel Resolution 7 Men’s

ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe

The Asics Gel Resolution tennis shoes are specifically designed for men’s feet. Asics accounts for the different male and female anatomy when creating their shoes. Therefore, this men’s shoe is fitted with an AKAR material on the outsole that is resistant to wear, yet it remains durable.

The rubber sole on the shoe will offer you exceptional traction when you are on any of the courts. Hence, you can stop, push off, or turn in a few seconds when using the shoe. You will also experience added support from the external lower heel counter.

The FlexionFit upper system is used on the shoe to give you support when you are on or off the court. The Gel cushioning system is on the rear and forefront of the shoe to aid in shock absorption and protection of your midsole and heels.

Your toes will be taken care of by the PGuard protector. This men’s shoe is made to offer you support, comfort, stability, and protection as you play tennis. You will also enjoy a six month outside warranty when you buy the shoes.

Asics Gel Dedicate 5 Men’s

ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoe

This model adds to the list of the quality sports shoes that Asics creates. These shoes are made with a hundred percent textile. They are also designed to be durable, lightweight, and comfortable.

When you buy the shoes, you will have a one year warranty for any encountered defects. This only goes to show how Asics is confident about the quality of the products they make. The Gel Dedicate shoes are perfect for any man that has recreational activities on a tennis court.

The shoes are also exceptional for a tennis pro. The snug fit of the shoes around your feet, combined with the excellent support and grip, is sure to make your playtime an enjoyable experience. Also, if you have narrow feet, the shoe’s design will be perfect for you.

On the other hand, the toe box is slightly wide to ensure you do not injure your toes. However, the shoe lacks ventilation. The thick mesh used on the shoe will make it difficult for your feet to breathe well on hot days.

What Makes Asics Unique

I bet you are now wondering where you can buy your Asics tennis shoes. But before outlining the things that you should consider when purchasing your Asics tennis shoes, it is essential to understand why this brand is unique.

So what sets the Asics shoes apart from other manufacturers?

They are designed for speed

Asics brand has a variety of Asics men’s tennis shoes specially made for speed. Therefore, if you are an aggressive player, you can take advantage of these shoes to help improve your serve and movements.

To aid in speedy movements, the company designs the shoes with minimalistic designs, lightweight features, breathable uppers, reinforced toe guards, cushioning, and durable outsoles.

They are designed for stability and durability

The Asics Company uses innovative specs to develop uppers, midsoles, and outsoles that focus on providing stability, balance, and strength. Therefore, this line of shoes is best for you if you are into baseline action.

The company has made the Asics tennis shoes stable by providing supportive overlays, midfoot support, low to the ground profiles, flat and wide outsoles, and responsive midsole technologies.

Asics has also been coming up with features that prevent tough wearing of your outsoles for your tennis shoes.

They are designed for comfort

Most of the tennis trainers manufactured by the company are cushioned with their pioneering Gel technology. This feature provides the shoes with impact absorption. It also offers responsive energy return making your landings softer and your toe-offs smoother.

The shoes also have traction since the outsoles are designed to provide the right amount of grip. Your Asics women’s tennis shoes will also offer you comfort because of their ventilation features.

They are designed for foot support

Whether you are a pro tennis player or a beginner, mastering your movements on the court is essential. When you twist your foot excessively, you can experience unstable movement.

The Asics shoes are well-engineered to suppress any unwanted foot rotation. Hence, these shoes will offer you the confidence you need to take shots from different angles with a balanced and steady foot.

Your Buying Guide To Choosing The Best Asics Tennis Shoes 

Many online stores like Amazon and the Asics website are places where you can buy your Asics tennis shoes. Nevertheless, there are certain things that you should consider before buying your perfect Asics tennis shoes.

Type of court

The first thing that you should consider is the type of court setup you will use to play your games. Three kinds of courts exist:

Hard courts offer a higher consistency of bounce than other courts. Even though the court is ideal for different playing styles, it can still prove harsh and rigid. Thus, it places a high demand on your Asics men’s tennis shoes.

Therefore, to play on this court, buy a very durable shoe, like the Asics Solution Speed FF. Select the shoes that are made of high strength outsoles, long-wearing uppers, modified herringbone patterns, and significant amounts of cushioning.

Clay courts tend to produce a high bounce. They also slow down the ball. Therefore, to play on this court, you require a significant amount of power and big serves.

Shoes with stability and lateral support like the Asics Gel Resolution 7 Clay are perfect for this court. Such shoes are made of grippy outsoles, close fit uppers, and non-marking outsoles.

Beginners and recreational players usually use All-courts. If this is you, buy the Asics Court FF 2 shoes. They are made of lateral support and hybrid herringbone tread patterns that are suitable for all types of courts.


For the uppers, Asics uses the Flexion fit and the Personal Heel Fit (PHF) systems. These are designed to reinforce support around the upper and to mold the shoe to the shape of your heel, respectively.


There are two things that you should consider when looking at the midsoles for your tennis shoes: the cushioning and the support.

Asics uses Gel technology, EVA material, Solyte, and Flytefoam to enhance the cushioning features of your tennis midsoles. These designs are perfect for Asics tennis shoes for women and men.

For support, the Asics midsoles are made using the trusstic system, the twisstrust system, and the duomax system. The three work to reduce twisting during movement, bending, and stress, respectively.

Asics also uses the IGS label on their shoes. If you see the label, it means that the tennis shoe has an Impact Guidance System that will minimize your impact when you strike. The system enhances cushioning and support.


You should also consider the outsoles of the tennis shoes that you want to buy. There are two main types of outsoles used for Asics tennis shoes.

The Asics High Abrasion Resistance (AHAR) outsoles are perfect for you if you play on abrasive court surfaces.

The AHAR+ outsoles are more advanced than their AHAR counterparts. Therefore, they are mostly worn by pro tennis players because of their enhanced durability, stability, and strength.


There is a lot of movement and stability that is needed when playing tennis. Not all the shoes in the market are engineered to handle this type of pressure. The Asics line of tennis shoes is made specifically to meet any of your tennis needs.

You can rely on their shoe technology to give you comfort, speed, and stability. Besides, each of their shoes is designed to fit an absolute need. Therefore, whether you are a man or a woman, you can trust Asics to provide you with a tennis shoe that is perfectly you.

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