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Top Baseball Fun Facts: The Ultimate List

baseball fun facts

Every sport flaunts its fair share of unusual events, some of which can be quite exciting, and baseball is no exception. This game is impressively exciting, with a rich history hovering above it. There are lots of game-defining fun facts behind it, some of which you might not know. Some of the most exciting baseball fun facts include the following:

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Checking out the Top 20 Baseball Fun Facts

1. The First Professional Baseball Game

It might be impossible to trace the first baseball game ever, but there are reports that the game was first played as a recreational sport in ancient England. However, the first recorded World Series baseball game was played in 1903 between Pittsburgh and Boston.

This game was also the first professional baseball game ever recorded. It was a competitive nine-game sporting endeavor that saw Boston carry the day. They beat their rivals 5-3.

2. Game Invention Myth

There exists an immovable uncertainty on who invented the baseball game. However, most people are stuck on the idea that Abner Doubleday invented baseball. This belief is a myth considering the game was played long before him in England.

Abner Doubleday actually lived in New York and later became a civil war general, making the claims that he invented baseball entirely false. The general used the game as a way to motivate and psyche up his soldiers by giving them baseballs and bats but was never the game’s inventor. We can, however, conclude that the general only contributed to the popularization of this beautiful game.

3. World War II Grenades Baseball Designs

World War II was an intense engagement with each warring party devising means to beat their enemies. At about the same time, baseball was a popular game in the United States, with every growing kid sucked into its inviting embers.

The US army maximized on this fact, designing grenades with not only the same weight but also the same size as baseballs. This tact was aimed at making it easy for American soldiers to effectively handle the grenades since most had grown up playing baseball and were well-versed with the balls. I mean, throw it just like a baseball!

4. Negro Baseball League Memorabilia

There will always be ardent sports fans, some of whom show their love for their sports by collecting memorabilia of the games they support. In baseball, another fun fact you should know is that Geddy Lee, a Canadian singer, and bassist, had one of the most extensive Negro Baseball League memorabilia. He, however, out of goodwill, donated the entire collection to the Negro Baseball League Museum in Kansas City back in 2008.

This information might be a baseball trivia, but a fact worth knowing. It is not just a mere fun fact but also a significant feat that goes a long way to preserve the history of the game.

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5. Jim Abbot Baseball Trivia

Jim abbot
Image Credit: Baseball America

Some facts are not mere fun facts but can be a source of inspiration. Like many other sports, baseball is an all-inclusive game that confirms that disability is not inability. There are lots of disabled players worldwide, professional or not that have conquered the game.

However, one notable case cannot go unnoticed. Among the thousands of baseball trivia available, the fact that Jim Abbot established a successful 11-year career without a right hand is worth noting. He played for the New York Yankees, and in one outstanding game against Cleveland Indians in 1993, he threw an impressive no-hitter that not many players, disabled or not, can pull off.

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6. Identical Odds Baseball Facts

It is not every other day that recognized sports icons bag-related statistical achievements. However, within baseball ranks, there have been several cases worth noting.

Among the most extraordinary fun facts about baseball is the fact that several legends of the game achieved similar statistical feats. Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth bagged the same number of career runs. Precisely each hit 2174: impressive!

Other legends such as Aaron, Willie Mays, and Mickey Mantle scored close career percentages, .555, .558, .557, respectively. These players were phenomenal outfielders of their baseball heydays.

7. The Longest Games Baseball Fun Facts

Each sport flaunts a recorded game that took longer than usual. Maybe the teams were at par in terms of abilities or other unavoidable external conditions influenced the game.

Among the most mind-blowing baseball facts recorded in baseball, the longest major league game was between Boston Braves and Brooklyn Dodgers. The game was played back in 1920 and lasted 26 innings. Even more impressive, the game ended in a stalemate on account of unavoidable circumstances. The field was poorly lit, and it was getting too dark to play on, hence, no time to determine the winner.

8. Baseball Curse

What more exciting fun fact about baseball than a curse in the game? In an unusual case in Japan, it is alleged that KFC founder Colonel Sanders cursed the Japanese Hanshin Tigers, baseball team.

According to multiple sources, the team’s fans tossed Sanders storefront statue into a river in 1985 when celebrating a famous win. This act provoked the anger of the KFC owner prompting him to proclaim a curse upon them. Believe it or not, the curse worked, and the team went on an 18 year losing streak, and up to date, they have never won the Japanese Series despite appearing severally.

9. The MLB is the Oldest Sports League in the World

There are thousands of sports leagues in the world, with some dating from way back in time. However, MLB preceded all the games that are still running. This league not only boasts of holding the first professional baseball game but is also considered the world’s oldest professional league that is still in existence. You might think the popular Football League of England is older, but you are wrong. The MLB was started in 1876, 12 years earlier than the Football League of England, which was launched in 1888.

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10. Ted Williams Baseball Facts

ted williams
Image Credit: Wikimedia

Different games have individuals who are extraordinary in unique ways, and baseball is no exception. There have been players who have done exploits in diverse capacities.

In this regard, there might be lots of thrilling fun facts about baseball, but you should not miss the fact that Ted Williams missed five full baseball seasons while out in service. Even more impressive, the hero still managed to bag a whopping 521 home runs in his career. He is both a war hero and a baseball legend.

11. Barry Bonds Baseball Fun Facts for Kids

Just like in any other competition engagement, there will always emerge outstanding individuals. In baseball, Barry Bonds is the perfect example. He is a good inspiration for kids with aspirations and dreams to carve a successful career in the MLB.

This legend managed to bag seven MVPs, the most by a single player in the National League history. No other player has been able to replicate his achievements. He bagged the accolades while playing for two different sides, two with the Pittsburgh Pirates and five with the Francisco Giants.

12. Charlie Sheen Tickets Escapades

Among the many baseball fun facts for kids is the fact that Charlie Sheen bought 2615 tickets to a Los Angeles Angels game. The purchase was a move aimed at improving his chances of catching a ball. In his youth, the actor had been offered a baseball scholarship to play for the University of Kansas. Charlie outrightly turned it down to pursue a career in acting.

While he might have made it in acting, it would appear he still harbored regrets, mistakes kids should not make. It is imperative to follow one’s passion rather than success. It is mind-blowing the extent to which one can go to satisfy their desire.

13. Peter Rose Ultimate Sin

Integrity is a critical aspect of baseball, and the Peter Rose case is among the most outstanding baseball fun facts for kids that stress on this. Rose boasts of not only the most hits in the history of MLB but also the most games played in, 4,256 and 3,562 respectively. Such feats guarantee him a place in the game’s hall of fame, but he was banned from the competition.

He is alleged to have been a victim of betting, which is considered cheating. He staked on games, which he managed going way off from the set rules. His downfall is a straightforward lesson that this game is more than abilities and talents. Character is a critical aspect of the game that will always have attached repercussions.

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14. Alexander Cartwright, Father of Modern Baseball

Alexander Cartwright
Image Credit: Baseball Hall

In baseball, several individuals stepped up to shape the future of the game. Alexander Cartwright deserves a place in the list of such individuals whose efforts positively influenced this game.

This fact might not be among the most modern baseball fun facts, but it is only right to acknowledge Alexander Cartwright as the father of modern baseball. This legend established the Knickerbocker Rules that focus on the ball and the bat way back in 1845. These rules apply up to date.

15. Take Me Out to the Ballgame” Song

Another interesting baseball fun fact which you probably had no idea about is that the “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” Song was composed by Jack Norworth and Albert von Tilzer back in 1908. The song is the unofficial anthem of the American baseball team and is traditionally sung in the middle of the 7th inning. Unfortunately, it is a pity that the duo had never made it to a baseball game to see their creativity at work.

16. Edward Carl Gaedel, Best Among Midget Baseball Players

There is no limitation to prevent anyone from participating in a game of baseball, neither height nor weight. The extraordinary exploits of Edward Gaedel support this fact. This player is arguably among the best midget baseball players ever to grace the MLB. Also the shortest ever player, Gaedel, featured for St. Louis Browns in 1951. He weighed 65 pounds and stood at 3 feet and 7 inches but still considerably had a good career.

17. Mario Cuomo Career

Baseball attracts individuals from all walks of life and different backgrounds, from politicians and government officials to ordinary citizens. This fact might not feature among the modern baseball fun facts, but it is worth noting that Mario Cuomo, a former New York governor, had a brief baseball career.

The late governor signed for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1952, intending to carve a successful career in the game. However, his bid was sabotaged by an unwarranted injury. He took a hit from a ball leading to a concussion. The accident abruptly ended his career.

18. Deion “Neon” Sanders World Series and Super Bowl Appearance

There are jacks of all trades in baseball, too, players who excel in more than one sporting endeavor. However, most end up being successful in one sport.

Among the myriads of baseball facts, this is a peculiar case. Deion Sanders holds the record of being the only player to feature in both baseball’s World Series and NFL’s Super Bowl. He excelled in both and is the only player to hit an MLB home run and an NFL touchdown in the same week.

19. Jon Erich Rauch, Tallest MLB Player Ever!

It is not only in basketball that you will encounter tall players; baseball has its fair share of such players. In the list of modern baseball fun facts, you will find Jon Rauch feat as the tallest player in the history of the MLB. The player stood at 6 feet and 11 inches.

Jon featured for several teams until his retirement in 2014, and his best achievement is an Olympic gold medal.

20. No Woman Ever in the MLB

This one might be unappealing and a heart breaker, but it is a fact that not a single woman has featured in the Major League Baseball league since its formation. Furthermore, Effa Louise Manley (1897-1981), an American sports executive, is the only woman ever to be indicted in the game’s hall of fame.

Baseball Facts And Frequently Asked Questions

What state is baseball most popular?

Popular baseball players can come from anywhere. But when it comes to the most popular states regarding baseball activities in the United States, most states are not equal. Based on the baseball player population alone, lots of differences can be found among the states. Here is a brief ranking for people interested in major league baseball fun facts.

Most Popular Baseball States In The US

  1. California
  2. New York
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Ohia
  5. Texas
  6. Illinois
  7. Florida
  8. Missouri
  9. Alabama
  10. Michigan

What equipment do you need to play baseball?

The essential baseball equipment needed to get into the game includes a baseball bat, baseball gloves, socks, and baseball cleats. For major league baseball players, you may need batting weights and gloves. With this collection of baseball equipment, you’ll be ready to start having fun like the hall of fame players you know.

Can I use a baseball bat for self-defense?

In the absence of a licensed gun, a simple baseball bat can be used for self-defense when an unusual event starts happening. However, it is important to check the laws guiding the use of a bat in major leagues within the US or anywhere else for that matter.

Where can I buy a baseball net online?

You can buy some of the best baseball nets on Amazon. Whether you want to play in the major leagues or a minor league, it’s easy to find some affordable baseball nets online. You just have to be very clear about the exact size of the baseball net you want. Here are some of the bestselling baseball nets.

Best Baseball Nets To Buy

  • Aoneky Polyester Baseball Net
  • Zupata 7X& Baseball net
  • GoSports 7X& Baseball Net With Bow Frame
  • Keenstone 7X& Baseball Pitching Net
  • ZENY Baseball Practice Net
  • Franklin Sports Pitch Back Rebounder
  • McHom Baseball And Softball Net
  • PowerNet Baseball And Softball Practice Net
  • Wiseek Baseball Backstop Net
  • Gonex Baseball Net With Batting Tee

How much is a baseball net?

Depending on the offered bundle, sports brand, and where you choose to buy a net, the price is rarely the same. The price of a baseball net stands between the range of $30 and $100. Do you need a bow frame as well as a batting tee? These are some of the things you should consider when shopping for the best baseball nets online.

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