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Asics Vs Nike Tennis Shoes

asics vs. nike tennis shoes

Getting the best tennis shoes can be a tricky endeavor, and if you are not careful, you might buy fast and regret later. As such, it is imperative to have some background information or clear expectations based on research. Among the best type of tennis shoe selections, you will always find yourself spoilt for choice in a worthy battle, Asics vs Nike tennis shoes.

Let’s compare Asics and Nike tennis shoes so you can effortlessly choose what is best for you. But before we make any direct comparisons, let’s find out the best types of tennis shoes of the two brands: Asics vs Nike tennis shoes.

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Best Asics Tennis Shoes


Asics Gel-Court Speed Men’s Tennis Shoes

The Asics Gel-Court Speed Men’s Tennis Shoe is arguably the best type of tennis shoes by this brand. They are built to withstand the toughest tennis courts, making them one of the best hard court tennis shoes available in the market today. Their design makes them best fitted for intense landings and takeoffs.

These tennis shoes for men flaunt a flexible mesh upper and an impressively stabilizing heeled outsole. Even better, the comfortable sock-like innards are graced with Trusstic and Duomax systems that prevent unwarranted twists or rolls.

The Asics Gel-Court Speed Men’s Tennis Shoe further boasts of a dynamic Impact Guidance System that optimizes stability on the court. Moreover, they come with an outsole that is not only abrasion-resistant but also provides the best traction.


  • Comfortable mesh design
  • Duomax support system
  • Aharphus-patched outsole
  • Trusstic system for optimized stability


  • Rather uncomfortably tight toe box

Asics Gel-Solution 6 Women’s Tennis Shoes

These are the best tennis shoes for women by this brand. These are also hard court tennis shoes worth selecting owing to their optimized features. They flaunt a mesh upper graced with Asics Flexion Fit Construction Technology for maximum comfort and stabilizing hard heel counters for the midsole.

The midsoles feature proprietary FluidRide that provides optimized bouncebacks and recoveries, and they also offer support. The PGuard toe protectors further protect your toes.


  • Comfortable mesh uppers
  • Effective toe protection
  • Optimized outsoles
  • Effective Gel Cushioning system


  • Narrow sizes

Asics Men’s Gel-Resolution Speed 3

These are among Asic’s best type of tennis shoes for men. They are also the most comfortable of all and  further boast of patented Asics Gel-Solution technology.

Speed 3 flaunts a PU upper that makes them comfortably lightweight and an abrasion-resistant rubber outsole. A patented toe protector also comes in handy for toe protection. These are among the most stable type of tennis shoes available today.


  • Comfortable PU uppers
  • Stable Solyte midsoles
  • Effective toe protector
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber outsoles


  • They are discontinued

Best Nike Tennis Shoes


Nike Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes

The Nike Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes are the epitome of class and comfort. They flaunt a stylish appeal and are also graced with a comfortable and lightweight build. They come with a leather upper, phylon midsole, and stabilizing rubber outsoles.

Their build is perfectly fitted for the roughest of courts, making them the perfect hard court tennis shoes. They flaunt an extra layer around the toe area that comes in handy to prevent abrasion, while the rigid GDR outsole is traction-resistant. These shoes are also very breathable, providing good internal conditions for your feet.


  • Made of durable material
  • Optimized comfort
  • Traction resistant
  • Optimized stability


  • Relatively narrow
  • Heavier than others of its type

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vapor X Tennis Shoes

The Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vapor X Tennis Shoes are arguably the best of Nike’s tennis shoes for women available in the market today. They are graced with Zoom Vapor Air Technology, which optimizes shock absorption as well as provide a cushioning effect. This way, it reduces impact and abrasion.

These shoes further have a durable upper material, a phylon midsole, and a sturdy rubber outsole. The midsole prevents traction while the rigid outsole offers support and stability. Their entire build also provides for a dynamic fit system that ensures it fits perfectly.


  • Incredible Zoom Vapor Air Technology
  • Durable materials
  • Perfectly fitting
  • Traction-resistant


  • Not the best for wide feet

Nike Air Zoom Zero Men’s Tennis Shoes

These tennis shoes for men are not only high quality but also aesthetically appealing. Their defining feature is the Air Zoom Technology that most top Nike tennis shoes adopt. However, they also flaunt an impressive Flywire Technology that maximizes support while reducing the weight of the shoes.

The midsole contains an Air Zoom unit and is made of pure form for an optimized cushioning effect. Moreover, their rubber outsoles are adjoined with flexor groves that provide stability as well as tackle traction.  The Nike Air Zoom Zero Men’s Tennis Shoes upper is made of durable material as well.


  • Outstanding Flywire technology
  • Zoom Air Technology
  • Very durable


  • Not the best fit for wide fit
  • Inadequate ventilation

Asics Vs Nike Tennis Shoes, Direct Comparison

Asics and Nike tennis shoes are outrightly amazing selections for your gaming experience. Whether you are a starter or a professional player, choosing Asics or Nike tennis shoes will reflect positively on your game. However, these two types of tennis shoes differ significantly not only in design but also in features.

If you compare Asics and Nike tennis shoes you will find clear distinctions in the following features:


Upper Construction

The upper builds of the two types of tennis shoes differ significantly. While Nike uses FlyKnit and Flywire technologies, Asics employs EVA form technology for their product’s uppers. Whether you opt for Asics or Nike tennis shoes, their designs are technologically enhanced to optimize performance.

The Midsole

Choosing Asics or Nike tennis shoes puts great midsole features at your disposal. However, these two brands use two different technologies for their midsoles. While Asics employs Gel technology, Nike uses Air Zoom Technology. In the Asics vs. Nike tennis shoe battle, it is hard to tell which of the two technologies is better since both works incredibly well.

The Outsole

If you compare Asics and Nike tennis shoes, you will establish little difference in their outsoles. The design might differ, but they are both made of rubber.

Shoe Design

In the Asics vs. Nike tennis shoe comparison, the design of both shoes stands out. However, Asics is a more conservative brand that pays little attention to style, while Nike is known to send class statements from their products. Asics stresses more on performance than style, while Nike does both.


The Asics vs. Nike tennis shoe battle is an intense one. However, both types are a guarantee of quality and high performance. Nike is nevertheless, the better and more prominent brand of the two. Moreover, if you are more of a stylish player, Nike is your best shot. Asics is made for performance.


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